About Sarah

I’m Sarah. I love to read, clearly. I’m 29.  I live with my husband and a grey kitty named Gabby.

The honeyman and I

The honeyman and I



I started this book blog because I was bored back in 2009, and it’s turned into so much more since then. I read a whole bunch of everything; fiction, classics, YA, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, non-fiction, comics… the list goes on and on. If it’s about romance, zombies, cats, physics, humor, space, feminism, or social justice I am so here for it.
I try to review everything I read. I like participating in memes and such. And readathons! OMG, the readathons…
If you’d like to contact me, you can reach me at:
Pinterest: Sarah Says
Instagram: sarahsaysread
Litsy: SarahSaysRead
Email: sarahsaysread@gmail.com


  1. There’s a website with a ‘Printed Word’ pledge – you can choose your button to add to your blog. I took mine down when I bought a Kindle, but since I hated it with a passion I think I’m ready to reinstate my pledge now! 🙂 http://readtheprintedword.org/


  2. I know as a book blogger I’m supposed to leave something grand about how great it is that you’re working full-time AND finding time to read and write reviews but all I can think is ‘I want to hug that cute little kitty!’.


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