what I’ve been reading

It’s almost April and I’ve practically read nothing this year

Alright, that’s not true. I’ve read 7 books, 8 if I finish The Lowland tonight (which I totally plan to). But damn, that’s not many for being three months into the year. I miss the good old days of having the free time to read 10+ books a month.

I’ve been a terrible blogger this year. (Clearly, since I haven’t posted since March 1st.) With the exception of the #HamAlong posts (which were the BEST), I’ve pretty much been absent from my blog. That’s sad, because I love my blog. It’s my space, and it’s pretty, and I enjoy it. Maybe I need a better laptop at home to get excited about posting again?

Anyways, in an attempt to kind of catch myself up, here’s a quarterly wrap-up of sorts. Let’s start with the books I’ve read:

  • Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon – Yup, re-reading the series again. I finished Outlander within a week (on my honeymoon, actually) but for some reason I slogged through DiA.
  • Midnight Taxi Tango by Daniel Jose Older – This is the second book in the Bone Street Rumba series, which is a hella fun series. Older is now one of my auto-buy authors.
  • The Fishermen by Chigozi Obioma – After hearing lots of positive, glowing things about this on Book Riot – I was kind of disappointed. I remember liking the writing, and it was an okay book, but probably one I could have walked away from at some point and wouldn’t have cared to pick up again.
  • Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow – My favorite read of the year so far. No, seriously. And not just because of the readalong, though that was a blast. I think Chernow, being the Hamilton fanboy that he is, wrote a really compelling and interesting biography and that Hamilton was way more crazy and intriguing than you would think possible.
  • Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi – I was liking this book, until the end. This is my second Oyeyemi and I liked it a hell of a lot more than Mr. Fox. I’m looking forward to picking up What is Not Yours Is Not Yours, her new short story collection.
  • The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie – SO glad I finally read this! It was sad and hopeful and wonderful. My oldest nephew is 10, and I’m very excited that this should show up on some reading lists for him within the next few years. And if it doesn’t, I’ll be putting it in his hands anyways.

Alright, and then the books I’ve started but haven’t finished…

  • Headstrong by Rachel Swaby – 52 awesome women in science. The format of that is pretty cut and dry, which might be why I’ve only read the first few so far. I had a goal of trying to read one in the mornings at work before I start my day, which is why it’s sitting next to my printer at work, but that hasn’t panned out like I thought.
  • The Notorious RBG by Irin Carmon – I started listening to this on Scribd, which was probably a mistake. I need a nice hard copy for myself, because I feel like I’m missing something on audio. Also, my car’s exhaust was broken until just last weekend so it was REALLY loud and not conducive to audiobook listening on my commute.
  • An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir – I heard some pretty great things about this on the interwebs, so I bought it with one of my birthday gift cards. I got about 40 % into it and realized I still didn’t really care about what was happening. I flipped to the end, read pretty much how things turn out, and decided I didn’t need to read the middle of the book to get there. This will probably go in the donation pile at home.
  • Lafayette in the Somewhat United States by Sarah Vowell – I haven’t given up on this one. I started reading it in early March, but set it down for something else and just haven’t come back to it yet. But my love for Lafayette in the Hamilton musical still has me motivated to finish it, at some point.

Don’t even get me started on my comics reading. I’m SO BEHIND. I probably need to cull my pull list a little bit. I am really enjoying SO many of the current Marvel comics, so it’ll be hard to do. I love the All-New All-Different Avengers (except for that wordy title), The Ultimates is a blast, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is ridiculously cute.

I’m working my way through the Fables series, and I still really like it. I’m on volume 10 now, so almost halfway. Some of the plots I’m not a huge fan of because they happened a bit too quickly, but I still always look forward to the next volume.

I tried out the first volume of a manga called Magical Girl Apocalypse. Treland read the first half or so in the bookstore once and said it was about this girl who walks around looking like a Gothic doll, who explodes people’s heads and says “Magical” and it sounded kind of mysterious and fun and weird. I talked him into buying the first three volumes since he was interested in it and he NEVER buys comics or books, and I decided to try it out too. Ummmm yeah. So there was barely a plot in that first book, it was a vaguely zombie-like situation. But I really, really didn’t appreciate the random boob and panty shots of the female characters. Apparently this is called “fan service”, and it’s basically just thrown in there to appeal to horny teenage boys. Not a fan of this, especially when the female characters are HS students and I’m just not a fan of such blatant things put there to appeal to the male gaze. So, won’t be continuing on with that one.

And because this is basically a recap post anyways, here are my stats for the first quarter of 2016:


Books read: 8 (really, I’m almost done with The Lowland so it’ll count for March)

#Readmyowndamnbooks: 6 (75%) RIGHT ON TRACK!

Female authors: 4 (50 %)

Non-white authors: 5 (63%)

Format breakdown: 8, although some of these I did read both print and Kindle versions, thanks to Overdrive. Reading in bed is really important to me!


Issues read: 33

Female authors/illustrators: 8

Non-white author/illustrators: 8

Format breakdown: All print. I’ve really slowed done on my Scribd reading for comics.

I’m really going to try to get back into a groove here, hopefully by posting a review of The Lowland soon. It’s like I don’t even know how to review books anymore, it’s pathetic. But here’s to trying, right?



Stuff I’ve Read – The Reluctant Fundamentalist and You’re Never Weird on the Internet

Hey, I’ve read some stuff! And I’m actually blogging about it! It’s a miracle.

The Reluctant Fundementalist by Mohsin Hamid is one of those books I’d heard of in an abstract way but never really got around to seeking it out. I happened to grab it at the library when I was looking for some slimmer reads for the last readathon, but left it sitting on my table until I heard Book Riot mention it on their podcast. (Some idiot student objected to this book and others required for the Literature of 9/11 course offered at the University of South Carolina.)

I’m glad I finally read it. The main character is from Pakistan, a man named Changez. He tells his story to an American visitor as they eat in a cafe in his hometown, and talks about his experiences as a young man in America – his desire to succeed at a prestigious company in NYC, and of falling in love with a distraught young woman. It takes place before and after 9/11, so you can see the shift that occurs in him once the towers are hit.

My thoughts on this are still percolating, and feel free to disagree with me at any point because at this point I’m kind of musing out loud. It feels like a very real look at how 9/11 led to an increase in prejudice, and how that prejudice has affected others. It looks at the impact of American foreign policy, and how it affects other country’s feelings and perceptions. It demonstrates that it’s possible to object to American foreign policy even while loving America and it’s people. Definitely a thought-provoking book and worth the read, even though I didn’t love the kind of non-ending it had.


Has anyone reading this ever seen Felicia Day’s show The Guild? I haven’t – I didn’t know who Felicia Day was until I saw Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog for the first time – but I totally want to check it out now. (She also has a book club called Vaginal Fantasy – check it out on Goodreads and Youtube. I don’t have much interest in this month’s picks, but I want to join in on it soon).

Anyways, You’re Never Weird on the Internet! and Felicia is pretty right about that. I just want to hug her. She seems like the COOLEST person. And I found her career so awe-inspiring – not really getting the acting jobs she wanted, she eventually made herself sit down and write something and it turned into a super popular web show that totally changed her life. She has so much tenacity and determination and I need more of that in my life. I love the feeling of THE INTERNET IS SO AMAZING WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE and I feel like it’s going to be a theme in a lot of memoirs in the coming years – so many amazing people are famous and doing incredible things now just because of the internet. And because the internet is so cool, I’m going to check out The Guild soon and start reading some Vaginal Fantasy book picks so I can cyber hang out with Felicia Day.

Also, if you haven’t watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog then you need to do that ASAP. It’s like 45 minutes long, I know you can squeeze it in.


#Comics – What I’ve Been Reading (RUNLOVEKILL, Birthright, Squirrel Girl, Inhumans)


RUNLOVEKILL #1 & #2 by Jonathan Tsuei and Eric Canete

I was really taken in by the covers here, so I grabbed these and I’m so happy I did. A wall is being built around Prygat, supposedly to provide security from outside aggressors. Assassin and fugitive Rain Oshiro knows this isn’t the case, and needs to get out of the city. Someone is hunting her, and they’re getting close. She has 24 hours.

I was immediately sucked into RUNLOVEKILL, by the writing and the art. I adore the art. It reminds me a bit of Rob Guillory’s style (he does Chew), but bolder, more stark lines and scenes. And the story grabs you from the first page. Who is this woman? What is she up to? Why is she running? The setting is very sci-fi urban, with a sense of doom and that the government is more of a harm to it’s people than a help. I am just the most excited about this. It’s SO GOOD. I can’t wait for issue 3.


Birthright #7 by Joshua Williamson and Andre Bressan

This was a really great issue, a LOT happening. They’re still roughing it and trying to hunt something down. Mikey tries to teach Brennan about girls. There are some absolutely gorgeous panels. I need issue 8 like yesterday.


 The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4 and #5 by by Ryan North and Erica Henderson

I love this series for how wonderfully ridiculous and fun it is. It’s lady-positive, it’s spunky, and it’s just a weird, weird ride. Issue 5 fell a little flat for me, it was kind of an odd thing where people pretended they knew who Squirrel Girl was and made up stories, and yeah… hopefully back to our regularly scheduled programming with issue 6.


 Inhuman #13 and #14, Annual Inhuman #1, The Uncanny Inhumans #0 by Charles Soule, various artists

I like the Inhumans. They’re weird and there’s great power struggles and I love how Ms. Marvel is related and it’s all fascinating. I like Medusa a lot more than I initially thought I would, and am super intrigued by her husband Black Bolt. I’m glad there’s going to be a movie. BUT. I’m thinking I may take this off my monthly pull list and just start getting the trades as they come out. It’s not something I SUPER look forward to, and I think I’d probably enjoy the story more just being able to read several issues in one go.

And now for a few more comments on comics I was too lazy to take a picture of:

  • Storm is over now, yes? I’m glad. I got bored with it a while ago, but I was already so far in I figured I should just finish out the current arc. Of all the things I’ve been reading, this is one that I actually had to kind of force myself to. Sorry, Storm. You could have been really cool, but this was so DULL.
  • Nailbiter continues to be awesome. I think it’s the only crime/murder/mystery type of comic that’s really held my attention.
  • Saga is kind of breaking my heart. I just want Marko and Alana to be together forever, okay? And I’m an optimist so I’m sure it will turn out that way, but man so much action and tension happening right now.

Alright, that wraps this up I guess. I have a lot more to talk about, so hopefully I’ll get another WIBR post up this week to talk about some of the trade volumes I’ve devoured lately.


Comics – What I’ve Been Reading (Lady Killer, Iron Man, Rat Queens, Nailbiter, Birthright)

Ideally, I would’ve had a book review or two to post this week, but things just didn’t work out that way. Hell, I meant to get this post up on Wednesday, but sick / busy / blah blah blah. But here we are, so let’s talk about the comics I’ve been reading.



Lady Killer #1- #3 by Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich

Josie a 50’s era housewife whose day job is actually Bad-Ass Assassin. She’s balancing a husband, kids, and a lucrative career as a killer – and it’s not always easy to keep the two separate. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s super fun to see this doting wife and mother pretending to be volunteering and selling Avon when in actuality she’s a contract killer. I think this is going to be a mini-series of 5 or 6 issues, and after issue 3, I’m a little nervous about how things are going to happen, but I’m enjoying it enough to see if through to the end.




Nailbiter #11 by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson

It’s a bit boring to say that this series continues to be awesome, but it does. Finch is trying to get answers out of the Nailbiter and the anticipation in this issue is just delicious. It also has some of my favorite pages of the series, 20 small panels on each of two pages, going back and forth between Finch/Nailbiter and Agent Barker’s predicament and it’s just done SO well.



Rat Queens #10 by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Stjepan Sejic

I’m kind of cool to see this run/ story arc tie up – the switch between artists and the break between issues because of it left it feeling just a bit disjointed. And I’m still getting used to the new art, but maybe it’ll take a couple issues to start to feel normal. (Did the new artist make Sawyer’s skin lighter??) That being said, Violet and Orc Dave foreverrrrrr!



Birthright #6 by Joshua Williamson & Adriano Lucas

THE PLOT THICKENS. We get some bro-bonding time here, and it’s nice. I love what a brutal and tragic character Mikey is so far. And I’m loving the creative storytelling and mystery happening. I’m already anxiously awaiting the next issue.



 The Invincible Iron Man: Vol 1 & Vol 2 by Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca

Iron Man is one of my favorites (just based on my limited character knowledge), and I heard that this was a good starting point for him. Volume 1 was about a crazy terrorist kid hijacking Stark technology and taking suicide bombing to a whole new level, and it was SO insane and good. Volume 2, if I’m not mistaken, takes kind of a weird narrative jump and it took most of the volume for me to get comfortable enough with it. Aaaand now I’ve already started Volume 3. Fraction’s writing is pretty solid, but Larroca’s art is hit-or-miss for me. Sometimes it looks fabulous, and sometimes it looks horrible and like the angles are just all wrong. And just thank goodness for Scribd, man, because I could not afford to buy all of these volumes right now but I’ve been wanting to read some Iron Man for ages.

Alright, so all good things! The 24-Hour Readathon is next weekend, and I’m thinking about making it mostly/all comics that day. That’s mainly what I’ve felt like reading lately anyways, and I have a lot of volumes and stuff to catch up on. I have The Sculptor out from the library and I’ve been saving it for that weekend. And besides, it’ll just be fun to have a theme.

Are you readathoning next weekend? Going to have any comics in your pile?


Comics – What I’ve Been Reading (She-Hulk, Fables, Chew, Saga)

Alright, more comics to review! This post is going to be mainly the collected volumes I’ve read recently. Because reasons.


She-Hulk: Single Green Female (Volume 1) by Dan Slott and Juan Bibillo

I know I’ve been mentioning Scribd a lot lately, and I swear they’re not paying me to. I’ve just recently started their free trial and have been excited to try it out. So, take note – they have a deal with Marvel and have comics on there! There are four volumes of She-Hulk on there, and I read the first one. This is my first introduction to She-Hulk AKA Jennifer Walters, and… well. This volume focuses a lot on her learning to be comfortable in her own skin – as a regular lawyer, not a super-sized green superhero. I was sympathetic to her tendency to be hulked-out all the time – it points to that aspect of living as a female and always feeling vulnerable. As She-Hulk, she never has to feel that way. I do love that she can kick ass as a lawyer. The girl is smart. And the idea of a whole aspect of law being set up based on comic book lore was just so fun. But in general, I found her character… I don’t know. Silly? A bit childish? I may wait and try the newer run of She-Hulk and see if I connect with that better.


Fables: Legends in Exile (Volume 1) by Bill Willingham and Lan Medina

I literally bought this book almost a year ago. I put it off for SO long, but my growing interest in checking out the A Wolf Among Us video game and comic (based on Fables) finally got me to cave and read this. Plus everyone LOVES it. I’m glad I finally read it! Fairy tale characters are secretly living in New York City, ever since they lost their homelands to a big mysterious bad guy. In this volume, Snow White’s sister, Rose Red, is missing and thought dead. The Big Bad Wolf AKA Bigsby (the community’s detective) is on the case, trying to find out who dunnit. I think this was a really good peek to how the Fabletown community is set up, with just enough background info and character introductions to make everything clear without getting messy. I’m kicking myself for not starting this sooner. There are like 21 volumes out, plus a bunch of spin-offs. I’m gonna be working on this series for a long time.



Saga (Volume 4) by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples

Sagaaaaa! Since I’m only reading this via the trades and I had to wait SO long for this one to come out, I went ahead and re-read the first 18 issues, which gave me a much needed refresher. God, I forgot how brilliant this series is.

However – I didn’t love this volume, because some insane shit happens that I was not really prepared for. Granted, it was all really interesting and kept my eyes glued to the pages, but damn. I’m DYING for volume 5 already. Maybe I’ll cave and start getting the single issues.



Chew: Chicken Tenders (Volume 9) by John Layman and Rob Guillory

Chew, you continue to be my all-time favorite. This series is BANANAS, and I really want to do a re-read of all these too. AND I’m also thinking of caving and buying the single issues, because something alarming happened at the end of this volume and I don’t think I can wait for Volume 10. I still love the ridiculous food-related abilities, but the series has definitely come to a point where I’m in it 100% for the characters and to see what happens.

Oh, and what is the news on the animated show that’s supposed to be coming out? I need that in my life.

So, for the most part I’ve been reading some great stuff. I mean, that was no shock with Chew and Saga – I can’t say much because spoilers, so me bothering to post about them is just to share my enthusiasm and comfort you all that they continue to be brilliant. I’m pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed Fables as much as I did. For some reason, I think the newspaper-y feel of the art and pages was putting me off initially, but I’m over that. And while I appreciated certain aspects of She-Hulk, I didn’t find it anything to rave about.

Have you read any of these? Does Fables continue to be really good? Is the more recent run of She-Hulk better?


Comics – What I’ve Been Reading (Birthright, Captain America, Rat Queens, Descender, Bitch Planet)

I’ve been reading ALLLLLL the comics lately. Okay, no all, that’s clearly hyperbole. But still, a ton. I’ve read a couple books lately too… but I’m more excited about the comics right now, so I’ll talk about those later. There is some AWESOMENESS in this post.



Birthright: Volume One by Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan 

Oh man, you guys. So the wonderful guys at my comic shop encouraged me to try this one – practically forced it in my hands, and I read it as soon as I got home. It’s SO. GOOD. So good that at the time I’m typing this I can’t even flip through it for inspiration while writing this because I made my friend borrow it so she could read it and we could talk about it. Basically, a young boy gets lost in the woods on the day of his birthday party. Everyone searches high and low over the course of a year, but he’s not found and it tears the family apart – the father is accused of murdering his son, though there’s no evidence. Then all of the sudden, almost exactly a year later, a large decked-out D&D-looking warrior dude is found wandering the area, and is taken to the police station. His story matches the DNA test – he’s their son. He was brought to another world where he was named as the destined one to defeat evil and save the land. He won, and now he’s back in our world to chase down some stray baddies that got away. It’s like some weird, fantastic blend of Jumanji and Narnia and classic fantasy and arggghhh I just can’t even. It was so great. There’s a super amazing part that I can’t give away, but this first volume blew me away. The next single issue comes on out April 8th, and I’m going to be all over that.



All-New Captain America #3, #4, and #5 by Rick Remender and Stuart Immonen

I’m really enjoying this. I haven’t read any other Captain America comics so I can’t compare, but I really like Sam Wilson as the Captain. The plot with Hydra happening is interesting and weird enough to keep me reading, and I like that the comic touches on Sam Wilson’s background and race in relation to the events in the comics. Sadly, I think it’s ending in May, at least during this whole Secret Wars thing happening that I only kinda sorta understand.



Bitch Planet #3 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Robert Wilson IV

Bitch Planet continues to astound and amaze me. This issue focuses exclusively on the character Penny Rolle – how this patriarchal society has constantly been a hindrance to her desire to just BE, and how that same society cannot fathom a woman that they don’t deem beautiful being happy with herself. Bitch Planet is just feminist brilliance, I’m loving it.




Rat Queens #9 by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Stjepan Sejic 

I specifically wanted to mention this issue because it’s the first with the new regular artist, Stjepan Sejic. Have no fear – the writing is still magical and I am still absolutely obsessed with this series. I don’t love Sejic’s art like I did Upchurch’s, but I expected that. I’m just glad that the series can keep going merrily along.



Descender #1 by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen 

I heard some interesting buzz about this one, since it’s already being planned for a movie. It’s set in a futuristic space, where all robots and A.I. are illegal – hunted and destroyed. The main character is a boy-ish robot by the name of TIM-21. I need more issues to see how I feel about this. I can see where it has a lot of potential, but it didn’t exactly grab me while reading. And not that it’s super important, but the art wasn’t my favorite either – some good panels, but the watercolor-y, wispy feel isn’t really my jam. We shall see.

I have about a billion others to post about, but I’ll save those for later. Have you read any of these? What are you thinking?


Comics – What I’ve Been Reading (Captain Marvel, ODY-C, Squirrel Girl, Borderlands)

Another batch of comics I’ve been reading, mostly lady-centric… I swear that’s not the only thing I read (not that there would be anything wrong with that, mind you). I have to write a post about Nailbiter, Inhuman, and some others too. But here’s this batch for now…


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 and #2 by Ryan North and Erica Henderson

I admit, I wasn’t that excited to try out Squirrel Girl. I know almost zero about her character in the Marvel comic universe, but you know… quirky comic with a female lead. Of course I’m gonna give it a shot. I’m happy I did! It’s so fun! It’s always nice to see a normally-sized girl of normal beauty in heroic role, but Doreen has lovely, blunt, fresh-faced optimism and sass that I LOVE. I adore her cat-and-knitting-obsessed roommate Nancy, and her squirrel sidekick Tippy-Toe. I just love it all so far. SO adding to my pull list.



Captain Marvel: Volume 1 and Volume 2 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and various artists

Sure, the Captain Marvel movie isn’t going to be out for like 3 years or so, but I wanted to learn more about Carol Danvers. I also wanted to read more Kelly Sue DeConnick (who is doing Bitch Planet right now and kicking ass at it). I ordered these right after Christmas, and just recently finally started to flip through it – I ended up devouring these! The writing is fabulous and feminist-y and genius. The art, at least for most of the series, is BEAUTIFUL. Dexter Soy did an absolutely gorgeous job. I am less of a fan of Emma Rios and Filipe Andrade’s art (I kind of hated Andrade’s… sorry, but it didn’t work for me in this). Anyways, I loved learning more about Captain Marvel and I’m excited to take on the newer run, which I believe it currently still going.



Borderlands #5 and #6 by Mikey Neumann and Augustin Padilla

The Tannis and the Vault arc is so much fun. I love these comics for how closely they resemble the video game, but I’m really enjoying learning more and more about the characters. Tannis is insane and sad and fun – actually kind of perfect for my mood right now.



ODY-C #1 and #2 by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward

The Odyssey, but with all-female characters and set in space. Sounds genius! Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to continue on with this one. I appreciate the amount of work that clearly went into it… but the art is too weird and psychedelic for me, and the story is very passable to me right now. It’s very… detailed and expansive. Maybe I’ll try again later when it has a volume out, but the writing just isn’t hooking me. It’s also possible that I’m just not a Matt Fraction fan – I read 7 or 8 issues of Sex Criminals but gave up because I felt so “meh” towards it.

Have you read any of these? Or are any on your to-read list?


Comics – What I’ve Been Reading (Bitch Planet, Ms. Marvel, Rat Queens)

I’m going to start doing regular “comics I’ve been reading” kind of posts, I think. I’ve been catching up on my comics reading a lot (reading around the holidays never works out well for me), so I have a whole bunch to talk about. For now, some of the lady-centric comics.



Bitch Planet #1 & #2 – by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro

I think I talked a bit about Bitch Planet when the first issue came out… or maybe I just blabbered my excitement on Twitter and Instagram. Either way – here’s what happened. I hadn’t heard of this new comic until the day it came out and suddenly everyone on the Internet was talking about how amazing it was. I bought it on comiXology to see what the fuss was about, and then immediately called my comic shop and asked them to set a copy aside for me to pick up that weekend. It’s SO. GREAT. Men, in their ways of ruling everything (goddamn patriarchy), are sentencing women for being “non-compliant” and sending them to an off-planet prisoner. Non-compliant, of course, can mean anything from theft or murder to giving your husband shit for cheating on you. I know my frame of reference isn’t huge, but Bitch Planet was the best first issue I’ve read. It’s just so full of feminism and sass, and there’s this righteous anger both simmering behind these scenes and bursting out right in your face. I love it. And I love how many female readers are totally embracing it. There are already women would there proudly getting the “NC” non-compliant logo tattooed on them. I’m not quite there yet, but it’s close.



Ms. Marvel #10 – by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona

Kamala! This series is so much fun. In #10 she inspires a bunch of brain-washed teens to turn against their captor- showing them that their generation is important and valuable, and she does it with wit and a little bit of snark. Ms. Marvel is the bomb.



Rat Queens Special: Braga #1 by Kurtis J Wiebe and Tess Fowler

This was a fantastic issue for a number of reasons. Firstly – Rat Queens recently had an issue with the original artist and a domestic violence incident resulted in him being kicked from the comic. While I applaud the penalty, I was deeply upset about the whole thing. Sad and angry that such a fabulous artist had done a very bad thing, and sad and nervous for the future of the comic. I mean, the art was AMAZING. The writing was fabulous too, but what if it just wasn’t the same anymore?

Well, this special issue about the Orc known as Braga eased those fears. Tess Fowler did the art on this one (I believe the artist who will be on the regular series will be Stjepan Sejic), and it came out beautifully. We learn more about Braga’s background – the most notable part being that Braga was Broog, and the series has it’s first (as far as I know) transgender character. Braga’s story is touching but not overdone. I love that this series treats women and their sex lives as just normal things. That the ladies kick ass, maybe do some drugs, and hook up is just a fact of life. Now, as great as this one-shot was, I’m eager to return to the regular story. Rat Queens #9 should be released a couple days before my birthday. It’s almost like Image is trying to give me a present.

Are you reading and loving these as much as I am? If not – well why not?!



Comics… What I’ve Been Reading (Deadpool, Inhuman, Nailbiter, Borderlands)

I’ve been working my way through some massive stacks of comics. I still have not thought of a good way to review single issues or even good themed batches… so here’s just a jumbled together thing of comics I’ve been reading.



Deadpool Classic (Volume 1) 

Deadpool is a character that I’m so intrigued by that I decided to start at the beginning. My comic shop ordered me this volume – it starts with the first appearance of Deadpool and then jumps into Deadpool’s own series that start in the mid-90’s. I had some  concerns that maybe I wouldn’t enjoy this because of the older-style art and because they’re comics that are like 20 years old at this point, but that turned out not to be the case. I LOVED this. The stories were interesting and fun, Deadpool was a great amount of ridiculous and jerk, and there were some parts that made me feel really bad for him. My least favorite was the very end, #1 of a Deadpool run in 1997 – the story didn’t hook me in and the newer, cleaner, bolder art seemed cartoonish. In all fairness though, that was only a first issue of a longer run – I need the next volume of Deadpool Classic to see how it turns out. But basically, I ❤ Deadpool.




Inhuman (# 3-7)

The Inhuman series is so easy to get sucked into. I’m all caught up now since issue #7 just came out, and I can’t wait for more. I can’t say too much, because spoilers, but you should pick this up if you’re enjoying Ms. Marvel. I REALLY like Queen Medusa, and that the Avengers frequently make an appearance, and that New Attilan (the home of the Inhumans and new Inhumans alike) is kind of sitting right in the Hudson River. Some really interesting dynamics come from that, and there was a big reveal in the last couple issues, and I can’t wait for #8. And I can’t wait to see what they do with the movie that’s set to come out in 2018.





Borderlands: The Fall of Fyrestone #3

Play Borderlands, and read all the comics. If you like the games even a little, the comics are a HUGELY awesome thing. This most recent one is no exception.




Nailbiter (# 3-5)

Nailbiter is some messed up shit. It’s still fall-time, which makes it the perfect time to get into this series. There are some wonderful scary, suspenseful pages and the story is moving along surprisingly quickly. I finally added this to my pull list, because I missed issue #6 and need to get it on comiXology so that I can continue on with the series. Don’t want to risk that happening again.

Ms. Marvel # 9 (not pictured)

Kamala finds out more about her origins and meets some new potential allies. Seriously, this series is the epitome of a good time.


So yeah… that’s a lot here. And I have more trades and single issues sitting on my coffee table, just beckoning to me…