Sarah Sunday – Letting you know I’m alive


Gabby, my shorter hair, Sharknado, a pile of books I still haven’t finished…


Hi guys!

I haven’t posted in over two weeks, which is just ridiculously insane and sad. I mean, my reasons are valid (so.much.WORK.), but still. I really miss ya’ll. I don’t even want to know what my Bloglovin reader looks like right now. (OK I couldn’t resist – it’s almost at 600 unread posts. Fuck.)


Here’s a look at what my weeks have been like, Monday through Friday –

  • Get up around 4, 4:15 AM and get ready for work
  • Get to work around 5:30, 5:45 AM
  • Work all day – trying to get the million things that I need to done, in addition to training two new people
  • Get home around 7:30 or 8 PM
  • Make some sort of food, hang out with the honeyman, and crash around 9:30 or 10 PM
  • Repeat

And weekends are a short blur of grocery shopping, cleaning, doing laundry, and trying to get to the gym at least once. I have at least 3 more weeks of this. We’re estimating about a month to train the temps completely… which means a lot of 12 to 14 hour days for me. And most days I barely have time to get up and pee, much less hop online or on my phone to do bloggy things. This really sucks… but if all goes well and the temps work out, then in a month I’ll be on more normal human hours and hopefully will be able to get things back on track. I really miss reading, and blogging, and chatting with you guys.

I haven’t really finished an actual book this month, except that I re-read Outlander and now I’m re-reading Dragonfly in Amber. Graphic novels are nice too, but my time has been limited for even that much reading. I DID splurge last night… and ordered myself a Kindle Paperwhite. And 4 graphic novels. I have to reward myself a little for this overtime, right?

The honeyman has been really awesome. He took care of allllll the cleaning this week so that we could host game night on Friday (which consisted of us ordering pizza and watching older episodes of The Walking Dead). He’s been pitching in with laundry when he can, and ordering food when I’m too tired to cook, and just generally been really sweet (though he does hate me working so much… but what are ya gonna do, ya know?)

seen Sharknado

We watched Sharknado last weekend. You guys – it was the best worst thing I’ve ever seen. The graphics, acting, and plot were all TERRIBLE, but so terrible that I couldn’t stop laughing. There’s a part where the storm unhinges a Ferris wheel, and OF COURSE it starts rolling down the street, because why not, and OF COURSE it crushes people, and it was just so so bad. But in a stupidly great way.



And that’s about all the updating-time I have. I gotta get chicken tacos going in the crockpot before running out and doing things with my sister. I just wanted to let ya’ll know that I haven’t disappeared completely. Hope you’re all doing really well.






Sarah Sunday!



Hi guys.

Well, my heart isn’t really in it at the moment, but updates, I guess? Basically nothing much except that work was, again, super busy and stressful this week. So, yet again, sorry I haven’t been online much…

Bullets? ( Gotta love the bullet points for when you’re too lazy to write coherently.)

  • The honeyman came home from work one day to discover that I had left a cupboard cracked open, Gabby got in it, and she devoured an entire bag of kitty treats. She’s hilarious. And a fat ass. She seemed okay (though she didn’t eat dinner that night, of course), but today she got sick and there was some pieces of the wrapper from the treats in there. And she was sneezing all over the place today, so it seems she has a kitty cold. Poor girl.
  • On a less funny, not-so-cute note, on Friday either I left the freezer open, or Gabby popped it open jumping down from the top of the fridge, but it was open all day and all the food thawed out. So that sucked a lot. And I haven’t even gone grocery shopping yet to re-stock.
  • Got my car fixed! Which is very awesome, because I kind of missed my car and yay, less money in gas.
  • I stopped at the library on Monday and they had one of those “blind date with a book” displays and I was SO excited. And yes I picked a book, but I’m not going to tell you what it is until I read it.
  • We watched the documentary Good Hair last night. It was really interesting, though I was hoping for it to be a little more… I don’t know. I felt like it only really touched on the subject, and didn’t go much into the WHY this idea of “good hair” and “bad hair” exists in the black community, or take a stand on the topic either way. Still, it was worth the watch. AND it added to my movie-watching for this year.

And now for a really sucky thing – I think I’m stepping out of the Bleak House readalong. And I kind of hate that I’m doing that, but this week I hardly had any time for reading, and didn’t even get through chapter 12. It’s too dense to concentrate on during my half hour lunch at work. I usually sit at my desk and eat and read, and trying to read Bleak House while all the office chatter is going on around me just wasn’t working. And it wasn’t leaving me time to read anything else, and I don’t want to basically only read one book for the next six weeks. With work being so insanely busy lately and no sign of it slowing down, I need my little bit of reading time to be for escapism and Bleak House just wasn’t cutting it. I was liking it so far, and I’ll try to read bits, but I can’t keep up with the readalong. It’s just not a good time for me.



I feel very lousy about that, but I also felt kind of cheery at being able to pick up a different book. I read Revival: Volume 1 today (zombie-ish graphic novel), and now I’ve started Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb. Magic and assassins, that’s why I need right now.

Aaaand now I’m going to stop being whiny and get on with trying to catch up on online stuff. Hope ya’ll are having a good weekend 🙂




Sarah Sunday!


Currently reading, currently reading/listening, Gabby hanging out on the microwave, Devil Baby nephew, and me being excited about new work clothes.


Good morning ya’ll.

I feel like a wuss, guys. Adjusting from having 3-4 days off every week to only having 1 day off a week (because I’m still currently doing Sundays for my other job) is starting to get to me. I’m not used to only having Saturdays to fit in cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and some attempt at relaxing. And this Saturday wasn’t even actually a day off because I watched Devil Baby for like 12 hours while my sister worked, and although he wasn’t horrible he’s still a loud, ridiculous 2-year old and I am just not cut out for being with a toddler for that long.  Also, not being able to work out (STILL) is making me feel gross and frustrated, and I can’t fix my car probably for another couple weeks, and it’s all just rough time, basically. And I KNOW that and I know that things will be less crappy once I get my groove back, but right now I feel like a crazy PMS lady, except I’m not PMS-ing. So right now I feel absolutely exhausted and I won’t have another day off until Saturday and ugh, I feel like a whiny mess. I really, really need to try to get into some sort of routine.

The plus side of watching Devil Baby yesterday was that we watched The Croods, which I hadn’t seen yet and it was pretty funny. Why haven’t I heard more good things about it?

I finished The Republic of Thieves! Which took me forever, because reading after work is still not enough, but whatever. And now I’ve started Lexicon by Max Barry and The Sum of All Kisses by Julia Quinn – neither of which were on my TBR for this month, but I just got Lexicon from the library and really wanted to start it, and I felt like reading something fluffy too. And I’m still listening to The Rosie Project on my mp3 player, but I wish I had a paper copy too because listening to it while I drive isn’t enough. Maybe I can try it while I do dishes or grocery shop or something.  I really want a mp3 player/radio for my bathroom. Not just a shower radio, but something that can be on the counter without getting damaged by all of the steam, that’s loud enough to be heard over the shower and that I can play mp3 files (audiobooks) or podcasts on. Searching for “bathroom mp3 player” hasn’t really found me anything good yet.

I had a dream last night that we got another kitty. He was tiger-striped and adorable, and then we found out he had some sort of illness or back problem, but we got him anyways. I think I dreamed this just because of The Croods, but it was cute.

Alrighty people, that’s all I got. Sorry for the big whine in the beginning. I’m hoping to bounce back into my usual optimistic, cheery self sometime soon. How’s your weekend going?



Sarah Sunday!


Gabby, NEW PHONE, lunch with younger siblings, me being a weirdo at the gym, and of course more Gabby.

TGIS. (Thank goodness it’s Sunday. Which is my Friday. See what I did there?) Busy busy week – I started back at Second Job again, I shopped, I got a new phone, had a court hearing about my grandma’s estate, visited my dad, etc… Geez.

Starting back at Second Job again is a good thing, and so far I’m only working one 4-hour shift a week, which isn’t too bad. That’ll pick up more as we get closer to the holidays. I had a coupon for NY&Co and splurged on skinny jeans and some really cute sweaters, and then I splurged again at LB for some tall brown boots and some other stuff. I’m really excited for my new clothes. I needed them – since losing weight, I don’t really have much nice to wear and I can’t be working at Second Job looking like a bum. And we got new phones! The honeyman got the Droid Maxx, and I got the Samsung Galaxy S4. I LOVE it so far. My old phone was having a lot of issues, and this phone is just so fancy!

And yes, my grandma passed away about a year and a half ago and we’re STILL having to deal with court stuff about the will, mostly because of my dad. That’s a headache, but I think we’re almost all at an agreement of some sort… I don’t know. And I went to see my dad yesterday – I felt kind of bad because I hadn’t visited since June, but it was nice to catch up. He’s reading the Outlander series! He’s read the first five, and it was so cool (and weird) to talk about how awesome it is and favorite characters and stuff. And he wants me to try the Jack Reacher series, which honestly I don’t have much interest in… anyone read those books? Are they good?

Some good news this week – the honeyman got a new job, and he’s really excited about it. I’m excited too, and hoping that he really enjoys it and that it works out overall. For my job, I recently found out that someone in the office is leaving, so I stopped in and kind of begged the big boss to bring me back into the office when some positions open up. I really hope that pans out. I’m sick of this security-like job with crappy hours. We’ll see.

Bookish update: HA. My reading this month has been pathetic, you guys. I was reading The Passage by Justin Cronin, but about 300 pages in it kind of switches to new characters and that was annoying because I was already invested in the other characters, and I’ve just set it aside for now. Don’t know if I’ll pick it back up. I was reading a zombie mystery called Death Warmed Over, but haven’t really gotten far in it and haven’t picked it up for the past several days. And now I’m reading Beloved by Toni Morrison, which I’m hoping to finish today. And I want to start You Suck by Christopher Moore today too, and I’d be really, really happy if I could finish that by tomorrow night. Probably won’t happen, but I can try.

OH. And I read a novella on my phone. I have been so frustrated by authors releasing novellas or short stories in e-book format only, because screw e-readers. But now that I have this fancy new phone… I DL’d the Kindle app on it so I could read Mira Grant’s 99 cent short story San Diego 2014: The Last Stand of the California Browncoats. It ties into her awesome Newsflesh trilogy, and it’s about the first days of the zombie apocalypse and it hitting Comic Con. FOR REAL, how could I not read that?? Especially with the Firefly reference. Let it be noted though that I would HAPPILY shell out $5 for a paper copy of a novella instead of $1 for an e-copy. She has two other Newsflesh-related short stories on e-book too, and I might read those on my phone eventually (maybe during the readathon?), but I really wish they’d be bundled together and sold on paper. I’d like them to be on my shelf next to her other books. So yeah. There’s me, kind of compromising my principles. Goddamn e-books.

Anyways, how are you guys doing?! Anything exciting happening or planned for this week?


Sarah Saturday!


I’m SO tired right now.

Well so this week has been a blur of packing, running errands, and work. Not really fun stuff at all. Yesterday I worked 2 am to 2 pm, like always, but then I had to be back in by 10 pm because someone called in. So, I got out of work yesterday, had to run a few more errands, went home and packed, went out for hibachi, and then showered and came back to work – I get out at 10 am, and then it’s MOVING DAY! Which is not as exciting as it sounds.

I’m trying to be more cheerful about the move. I’m sad to leave the apartment we’ve been at for the last 3 years because it was big and I loved it, but it got too damn expensive because they raised the rent twice. The new apartment is a lot smaller – only 1 bedroom, tiny tiny kitchen (seriously don’t even think we can fit our microwave in there), no dishwasher for me to use instead of a dish drainer, bottom floor instead of the top floor… but it’s a lot cheaper, which means that we’ll be able to save for a house, which is really the whole point. So YES! New apartment! Yay! I said YAY, DAMMIT.

Moving  today brings me to another point – I won’t have internet access until I come back to work on Friday – our internet at home isn’t getting turned on until the 9th. So just FYI, I won’t be around the blogosphere as much this coming week. I have some posts scheduled, but I probably won’t be able to get around to visiting all your blogs and such 😦 I’ll be on Twitter and Instagram though, and I’ll try to read some blogs on my phone, but my phone super sucks right now and that might be too much for it to handle.

Alright, that’s what’s happening on my end. I only have an hour and a half of work left, so I should probably try to get a few other things done (I spent part of the morning watching True Grit – It was alright, not as good as the book of course).

Wish me luck surviving today… I’m going to need massive amounts of caffeine. I hope you guys having a great weekend!




Sarah Sunday!



Hoooorraayyyyyy!!! My horrible work week is over! (Well, almost – I have about 5 hours left. But it’s Sunday and really slow and I’m basically just reading and blogging. And re-watching season 2 of Cougar Town… yeah, my job is great on weekends. Too bad the weekdays suck so much.)

Working 64 hours, plus watching my niece for 2 mornings, was rough. I was only getting about 4 hours of sleep a night for most of the week. And I had to spend 31 hours of my work week training the new temp, who is hella weird (see my tweets from those days) but as long as he shows up for his shifts, I don’t really care. Seriously though, I can’t take working with people who start vomiting their emotions about their recent break-up and their current life path all over the place. For real, don’t do that to people you just met. No one cares. THIS is why I really appreciate the fact that for the most part, I’m alone while I work.

I am SO looking forward to having 3 days off. To getting back to the gym (haven’t had time to go in the past 2 weeks – when I did have free time, I tried to take naps), hanging out with my honeyman, cleaning, chilling with Gabby, and generally not leaving the house unless I have to. I think I should stock up on some wine, too. Oh and tonight is date night! Looking forward to just going out to eat with the honeyman and then maybe relaxing at home. I hope the weather cools down a bit so I can wear one of my skirts.

Bookish update: I finished 3 books this week- The Case for Mars by Robert Zubrin, I Can Barely Take Care of Myself by Jen Kirkman, and the graphic novel The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks by Max Brooks.

Reviews for these will be coming, but I’m not 100% sure when – I’m planning to start the switch to self-hosting at WordPress.org tomorrow, and my blog might be unavailable for a couple days while that’s happening. My url (www.sarahsaysread.com) should remain the same though, so once the switch is made and it’s up and running, my blog should still show up in your readers. I’ll do a “testing” post, and if you see that go up, can you comment on it and let me know that it worked okay? I don’t know if email subscriptions will be affected or not, so if you get emails from my blog, you may want to bookmark my blog or something just in case. Sorry for the disruption, but I think this switch will be really good thing.

On a related note – I got an email to check out the website BookLikes the other day and looked at it. Is it basically a bookish Tumblr with a shelving feature? Cause that sounds kind of awesome. Is anyone else using it? Thoughts?

Okay ya’ll, I’m off to go read for a few hours. How have you guys been? Plans for this week? Hope you’re having a great weekend!



Sarah Sunday!


Gabby, painted nails with my niece, chicken cancun burrito at Los Gallos, my sister and L, my niece Emma, and more Gabby!


Good morning, fellow booksters!

You guys, I feel like I’ve been on autopilot this week. I worked 52 hours last week, watched my niece Emma and took her to school 3 mornings, had game night, etc. Soooo sleep became a major priority, and most days I was just really too lazy to go online at all.

This coming week is about the same – I’m supposed to work about 64 hours, have to watch Emma for 2 more mornings, and PLUS it’s Armchair BEA this week. I debated not doing it – that’s a LOT of internet time to commit to, and part of me would rather try to focus on reading. But looking at my schedule, I think I can manage if I just schedule a few posts ahead of time. Armchair BEA is usually SO fun, and the topics this year look really great. I think I’m just gonna suck it up and do it. Yay!

Also, don’t think I sound too complain-y: It’s been a lot of fun hanging out with Emma, and the overtime pay at work will be nice. I hoping to use part of it towards getting my dear Gabby fixed, because her going in and out of heat is driving me nuts. Poor girl seems so miserable. I’m also hoping to just a bit of clothes shopping, because I really need stuff. Losing weight was great and all, but I had to get rid of basically ALL of my clothes from last year and I need to restock.

My workouts have taken a definite hit this week – I think I only went to the gym once or twice. I’m going to try to go at least twice this coming week, but I’m not going to stress about it. I’m busy, and I can get back into my routine once next week is over.

Bookish update: Well, I finished one book this week – Mockingbird, but Chuck Wendig. And then when I went to write the review I realized I’m a dummy and that Mockingbird is actually the sequel to Blackbirds, which I haven’t read yet. I’m gonna go try and buy Blackbirds today, and then maybe I’ll do a double-review later.

I’m still reading The Case for Mars by Robert Zubrin, which is slow going because it is super information and detail heavy. I’m going to try to finish it within the next couple days. I am determined to cross it off on my Monthly TBR list for May.

Alrighty, so that’s my excitement for the week. What’s going on with you guys? How’s your week been? Any fun things planned for next week?


Sarah Sunday!


i love couch you understand me

Good morning peoples of the internet.

Sarah update: WORK WORK WORK. And then a nap, and then some more work. I fit in 70 hours of work into five days this week. Most of it actually wasn’t toooo bad. Friday was the worst – I don’t know what my problem was because I actually got a decent amount of sleep before work, but I was super tired and cranky for my whole 16-hour shift that day. UGH. Buuuuuut now it’s Sunday! Glorious Sunday! And after today I will have 9 whole days off! Yesssss!

Let’s face it, most of those days off are already going to be busy-ish, but that’s okay. I got lotsa birthday-celebrating to do this week (turning 26, woo-hoo), which will take up a few nights. During the days there will be lots of cleaning and going to the gym and generally just getting everything ready so that when I get my wisdom teeth removed on Friday I can spend the whole weekend being lazy and healing. And that will STILL be better than being at work!

gabby and books

Bookish update: A whole lotta nothing. Well, not exactly. I’m about halfway through Vanity Fair (loving it), and about halfway through HP&GoF. It’s bothering my slightly-neurotic self that these books I’m reading for readalongs are falling into the next month as well, so I won’t be done with them until mid-March. Actually, it’s just because it’s going to make my February reading stats look sad, because the book counts as “read” when I finish it, so that’s the month it goes into. But my March stats will look awesome, I suppose. I just don’t like carrying books over into the next month for some reason.

I’m working today on finishing The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury so that I have SOMETHING to review here, and I’m also planning on finishing the 8th Nightside book – I actually started this Nightside book about a month ago, but I used to read this series a lot at the gym and since I started doing treadmill intervals more I don’t get to read as much while I workout.

Not sure how much reading I’ll get done this coming week, but I AM planning on book shopping! I ordered a book from The Book Depository the other day (The Iron Jackal, the third Ketty Jay book) and am anxiously awaiting that. Sadly, the estimated delivery time is about two weeks and it hasn’t even shipped yet. But I’m looking forward to going book shopping on my actual birthday, because there are at least 3 books I want to buy right now, 2 of which are being released on Tuesday. So exciting!

Some interesting internet-y stuff…

Anyways, that’s enough rambling from me. My week was boring. How’s your week been?



Sarah Sunday! Except on Monday.

Hiya there guys! Yeah, this is late. I couldn’t post from work yesterday, and as soon as I got home it was time for date night, so yeah…

Sarah update: Once again, not a lot. I got called into work Monday morning, which kind of sucked, especially since it involved training the new temp. I’m just so sick of training temps, we haven’t had a permanent employee in this position in over a year. (Plus it cuts into my reading time at work.) Anyways, then Tuesday and Wednesday were my only days off and they were pretty busy. Tuesday I went to the dentist for my first cleaning there and it ended up turning into some sort of fancy deep cleaning that spans two appointments and costing me more than I was intending on spending, so that sucks cause it kind of put a dent in my Christmas shopping. I should have asked them to hold that off until next year, but next year I’m hoping to get my wisdom teeth removed and I want to save my insurance money for that. Ugh.

Anyhoo, we had dinner with friends Tuesday night and that was a lot of fun, and Wednesday I ran a lot of errands and shopped a bit. Aaaand then it was back to work Thursday. See, so much excitement. But because of training at work and then being really busy on my two days off, I got almost no reading or online time. So you know, sorry I haven’t been around as much. I’ve missed it.

lost 25 lbs

As for a weight loss update – I made my goal! I actually passed it by about 3 lbs, as of today. I realized that if I waited until after Christmas to switch to maintenance I was probably going to lose more weight than I intended, so I upped my calories to 1500 a day and we’ll see how that goes. Hopefully I can stay around 165, but I’m sure it’ll take a while before I figure out how to hover there without losing or gaining much. So yeah, that’s that. Seems kind of anti-climactic, doesn’t it?


Date night was fun, we went to Red Robin (YUMMMMM!), walked around Target for a bit, and then went to see Wreck-It Ralph! It was REALLY cute, not quite as funny as I was expecting and I was hoping to see more of the other bad guys, but it was still a fun movie.

OH and if you couldn’t tell, I was SO busy this past week I don’t even have new pictures of Gabby to post! SAD FACE.

Bookish update: Well, I did manage to finish two books – The Walking Dead: Book One by Robert Kirkman, and Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth by Simon R. Green (the 6th Nightside book). But since I’m not reviewing all of the Nightside books, that really only meant one book review here. Sorry about that. I’m still re-reading An Echo in the Bone, which I’m going to try to finish this week.I’ve started Book Two of TWD graphic novels but I probably won’t review that here, because I don’t see how I can avoid huge spoilers. I’m also planning to read The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus by L. Frank Baum this week, because I want to read something Christmas-y and it’s only like 150 pages.

I’ve been seeing a lot of 2013 reading challenge posts going up, but I don’t know if I’m going to sign up for any or not because this year was an epic fail in challenges and in my reading in general. I’m not even going to break 100 books for this year. I know I had a lot going on, but still. I’m kind of looking forward to comparing my spreadsheets from this year and 2011 and seeing what the differences were.

Oh, but there IS a really awesome Harry Potter series readalong starting in January, and I CANNOT wait for that. There will be so many hilarious gif’s and posts and it’s HARRY POTTER and I love re-reading those books. So you know, you can go and sign up if you like amazing stuff like that.

So yeah, that was my week. Hopefully I’ll be spending lots of time this week catching up online and reading, and you’ll see me around online more.


Sarah Sunday!


Goooooood morning.

Sarah update: Well, this week was busy, just like I expected. Lots of errand-running and laundry and a whole ton of cleaning. I got to see my little sis and L last Sunday, she kind of dropped by and stayed the night, and L is just TOO FUNNY. He’s very goofy and laughs a lot, and he also tries to eat slobber all over your face. So he’s adorable, but also kind of scary.

Tuesday was Election Day! I dragged the honeyman out of bed super early so that we could go vote without waiting in long lines. My older sis Heather came over that night for dinner (which, by the way, I made this and it was kind of awesome, I swear) and we went to the gym and watched lots of election coverage, and I stayed awake long enough for them to call it. I really like election coverage, it’s exciting and also a little nerve-wracking. This must be how guys feel when they watch really intense football games. Obviously I’m happy that Obama got re-elected. And while I don’t want to get all super-political on my blog, I do want to point out some of the assholeness of TV conservatives talking about the election. According to the exit polls, Romney got the most votes from white, suburban men over 65, which was obviously not enough to save his sorry ass. A bunch of guys like Bill O’Reilly and Limbaugh said that this isn’t a “traditional America” anymore – basically because white people aren’t the majority anymore, which means they don’t have the majority of the vote anymore. Obviously they (being rich white men) are distressed by this news, because they’re assholes, but I totally think it’s great. Maybe in the upcoming decades we’ll FINALLY have more diversity in politics and government. Also, two states legalized weed and something like four states legalized same-sex marriage. So all in all – awesome election year. I hope there’s a lot more like it.

 On the weight loss front, I’m down about 22 lbs now. Only a few more lbs to go! Which means I’ll be done losing weight in another week or two, and then I’ll switch to trying to maintain a weight of around 165 lbs, and since I’m not going to stop working out I’ll probably switch to more strength training stuff. And I won’t bore you with these updates every week! I know you can’t wait for that!

When I started this a few months ago, I didn’t really take a “before” picture because I kind of just jumped right in. But Heather found a picture of us from June 2010 and then on Tuesday we took a picture together before heading to the gym, so we could compare. In the picture on the right, I was probably around 180 to 185 lbs or so (I was 190 when I started the weight-loss thing). And the picture on the left is me on Tuesday. I know it’s not a lot, but I think there’s a difference there and I’m pretty happy with it.



 So hooray for almost being done! I actually think trying to stay at a certain weight will be harder than trying to lose weight… we’ll see.

 What else… The Walking Dead was INSANE last week and I can’t wait to see tonight’s episode. Once Upon a Time was a really good episode too, because it’s the first time we see some of Emma’s backstory.

Bookish update: I finished The Fellowship of the Ring! I’ll hopefully be writing my review of it today or tomorrow. It took me a bit longer to finish than I was hoping, but that’s mainly because I was usually really busy or really tired or both. I enjoyed it, overall. And I’m thinking about watching the first LOTR movie, before I go on to the second book.

I’m now reading Medical Apartheid by Harriet A. Washington, apparently because I felt the need to depress the bejeezus out of myself. It’s a book chronicling the history of medical experimentation and abuse on black Americans in the last 200 years or so. It’s really interesting and obviously something people should be aware of, but it’s also nauseating / infuriating / sad / ALL THE EMOTIONS. Because seriously, how could people do crap like that to another person?

And I’m also reading the fifth Nightside book and Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie, just for some happier, fluffier fun. Cause when you want to relax in the tub with a book, you should read something happy and not something that makes you all rage-filled and disgusted with people. OR you can read Discovery magazine, which I happen to have just got in the mail yesterday, because magazines are fun to read in the tub too, even if they’re all science-y.

And on that note, I think I’m going to go read a bit and wish that I was home taking a bubble bath instead of at work. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!