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Sarah Sunday

This was a weirdly busy week, capped off my a surprise visit from my mom and nephew! Which is great, of course, except yeah my reading is really suffering this month.

Reading: I still feel like I’m in a slump, but I finally settled on re-reading Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn so that at least I’m working on a Read Harder challenge. Plus it’s a super fun book and the sequel comes out this summer so I’ll be all refreshed for it!

Watching: American Horror Story (ugh, season 5) still, but also some of The Office. On Valentine’s Day night we made a pizza together and then watched Valentine’s Day episodes of The Office, which was pretty great.

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Listening: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah still. If I try really hard, I’ll be able to finish it this month – I have about 4 hours to go. I only have 3 hours of commuting left of the month (my drive is only a measly 20 minutes, barely), and that’s my main listening time. Maybe if family isn’t around I can take walks after work, because the weather this week is supposed to be in the high 40’s (so warm!)

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Eating: Gummy bears! Also I drank basically nothing but coffee and wine this weekend, so I really need to hydrate on Monday.

Thinking: Things. I really can’t go into more detail than that.

Citizening: I called my reps twice this week. I also bought Celeste (who runs a coffee because really, the work she’s putting into the site is so valuable.

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Anticipating: Iron Fist coming out on Netflix on March 17? I guess? Actually I have very mixed feelings. I’m looking forward to it because Netflix / Marvel has been doing an awesome job with these shows. I’m NOT looking forward to it because I feel like this is going to be the weakest of the bunch. I’m disappointed that they didn’t pick an Asian actor to play Danny Rand. They had a chance to do something really great there, especially after the white-washing bullshit in Doctor Strange and the racist bullshit in Daredevil season 2, but they didn’t. “White dude becomes the best at Asian martial arts” is a tired old storyline that I have no interest in. BUT – I want to watch The Defenders, which is going to include Iron Fist, so I’m going to watch it.

Exercising: As per usual, I went twice during the week and not at all over the weekend. I mean if I can at least maintain that, I can try to build on it, right?

Hope your weekend was delightful.


Sarah Sunday

I can’t handle how quick this weekend flew by. Oy. And work has been busy again, so yeah time is just flying right now. We’re basically halfway through the month already!

Reading: I finished Bad Idea by Damon Suede, a M/M romance novel. Other than that though, BASICALLY NOTHING. I lost my mojo. I keep picking up a book, reading 15-20 pages, and putting it down and then picking up another book. There’s at least 10 books on my coffee table right now and I just can’t seem to fall into any of them. UGHGHGHGH.

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Image result for reading slump

Watching: Well, we finally finished American Horror Story: Freak Show and now we’ve started Hotel. So far, not loving Hotel… kind of like Coven, I feel like it’s just a lot of shock factor with (so far) really weak character and storyline development, but whatever. I don’t know why we’re bothering, nothing will be as good as the first season.

Also, last weekend I watched the entirety of Santa Clarita Diet in one day. It’s funny, in case you’re wondering. I’m gonna re-watch at some point.

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Listening: Okay, I did start listening to Born a Crime by Trevor Noah and that’s fantastic, so I guess I’m reading that right now. But I don’t have a paper copy to follow along when I’m not driving and honestly I wouldn’t want to miss his narration, so.

Eating: Coffee!!! It’s all that matters. Also we’re going to make pizza for Valentine’s Day this week and I’m pretty psyched about that.

Thinking: About how I can’t wait to dye my hair. I’m going to go for a silvery-grey-blonde color sometime in the next few weeks. I’m sick of growing out my hair and that color is just getting me. Google “silver blonde hair” or “grey blonde hair” and you’ll see kind of what I’m meaning. And I told my little brother about how I’m gonna turn thirty and look all saucy with my cool new hair and apparently saucy is now some sort of weird new slang that means something different than how I meant it?

Citizening: So, since I skipped updating last week – I made calls the week before, but this last week I didn’t make any. I just kind of felt burnt out. But I did donate to She Should Run when I got paid, and I’m going to pick up the phone again this week to talk about upcoming confirmation votes and the refugee/immigrant ban.

Anticipating: My birthday at the end of the month because I’m going to give myself a 4-day weekend and ENJOY that shit. And also my family might come into town the week after that for my Mom’s birthday! Yay!

Exercising: I went twice during the week but weekends continue to elude me. Keeping that confidence up though!



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Alright, I gotta go dive into some comics. Comics will save me from this slump, right?

Thinking on Thursday… IN A READING RUT

So, no real big impressive thoughts today. It’s really me venting my own annoyance with… myself, I suppose.

I’ve been in a reading rut for a while now. It just seems like it’s been AGES since I’ve read a book I’ve been absolutely crazy about. The last one I can really remember is Practical Jean by Trevor Cole, which I really enjoyed and already purchased my own copy of.

I can’t really figure out why I seem to be stuck in a rut. It could have something to do with my lack of reading-time lately, so I feel like I’m taking FOREVER to get through certain books. I’ve been trying to make sure I get at least 6 hours of sleep before going to work at First Job – since I work 12 hours shifts and it’s really slow at least half of that time, work is actually when I can get the most reading done. But when I’m sleep-deprived, I end up just watching DVD’s for the first half of my shift or so because watching something on the computer helps keep me awake. But last night I got PLENTY of sleep, like over 8 hours, yet I’ve still spent the morning drowsy and therefore re-watching season 1 of Pushing Daisies instead of reading. What up with that?

Also, my reading “mood” changes from book to book, so I’ve had trouble keeping up with those pesky poll reads. I still haven’t started this month’s poll winner yet, The Woman in White. Partly because I started reading Don Quixote and I haven’t finished yet (that sucker is LONG), so I feel… not good (articulate, I know) about starting another classic right now. I’m hoping my mini-readathon this weekend gives me a chance to make some major progress with DQ, so that I’ll be able to start The Woman in White next week – but I’m not promising anything. If you voted for it and I don’t get to it this month – sorry, but relax cause it’s a book for one of my challenges anyways, so I’ll get to it sometime this year.

ANYWAYS, I’m going to try to get out of this bookish funk by:

1 – Not only getting enough sleep before work, but also having some sort of breakfast & caffiene when I get up for work. Which is hard, since I wake up at about midnight to go to work, but I can try…

2 – Trying to finish the books I’m currently reading right now as soon as possible, to motivate myself and because I want to read other stuff.

3 – Possibly re-reading an old favorite or two next. Since I haven’t stumbled upon many truly AMAZING novels in a while, I’ll revisit my faves and just take comfort in their awesomeness.

Good plans, no? Hopefully I can stick to them enough to get myself pumped up and out of this slump. So…

What puts you in a reading rut?

What are the ways you get out of it?

Being  a book blogger, doesn’t being in a reading rut really suck because you want to post reviews and whatnot?

Thanks for listening to my whining. Hopefully you chime in with a bunch of stories about your reading ruts to make me feel better 😉