August Recap

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I read 4 books in August, same as July… So I’m glad that I managed at least that, even with moving and stuff. In all fairness one of them was a short play, but still. Oh, and 19 issues of comics.

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Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova – This YA novel just came out this week, but I read the e-galley. Honestly, it didn’t live up to my high hopes, but maybe the sequels will strengthen it a bit?

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling – I liked Scorpius, but otherwise this didn’t really feel like a HP story. I would’ve been okay without it.

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Signal Boost by Alyssa Cole (Off the Grid #2) – Second in the author’s post-apocalyptic romance series, this focuses on John falling for the man trying to steal from their vegetable garden. Looking forward to starting the third book!


The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead – Damn, I still haven’t gotten around to writing an actual review of this. Basically, I went and bought the hard copy before I even finished reading the e-galley. It’s fantastic. This is my third Whitehead novel and he rocks.



Books read: 4

Female authors: 3 (75%)

Non-white authors: 3 (75%)

Format breakdown: 2 e-book, 2 print


Issues read: 19

Female authors/illustrators: 7

Non-white author/illustrators: 4

Format breakdown: All print.

Some goals for September – read at least 5 books (almost done with my 2nd, so should be possible) and catch up on blogging things. Now that my book room is all set up at home, and I have a new laptop, this should be a breeze.

How was your August?


It’s Friday!

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Happy Friday! Finally! This has been the slowest week ever.

This is actually an update to let you know things will probably be silent around here until around Labor Day (not that I’ve been super active, but ya know).We get our keys to our new place today so there will be lots of moving and unpacking and working and eating takeout. Plus, I’m hanging with my niece and nephew this weekend while my sister goes on a trip, and I have work still, and yeah. All the things!

So here’s what you’ll hopefully have to look forward to after my brief little hiatus:

  • my September TBR
  • a mini-review recap of August
  • pictures of my bookshelves once they’re all set up
  • a review or post about The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead
  • a review of Playing Dead by Elizabeth Greenwood
  • possible reviews or thoughts on some e-galleys I got approved for and have kind of started but not really finished yet
  • musings on getting ready to go to Book Riot Live in November

I’ll still be active on Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat  (SarahSaysRead on all three) so you can see all my moving shenanigans and chat with me there 🙂

Hope y’all are doing lovely!!

Sarah Sunday

Happy Sunday there, folks. I packed and moved furniture and boxes around a LOT yesterday, so today is going to be mostly about relaxing.

Reading: I finished Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova, and I started reading The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. I’m a little annoyed at Oprah getting the release date for it, because I had an e-galley and was about to start reading it to prep for next month’s release. Anyways, I started the e-galley and it’s so good I went and bought the hardcover yesterday, so.

Watching: Yeah, we watched Stranger Things in it’s entirety this weekend. Damn, Netflix is good. And I know everyone kept going on about Winona Ryder being in it, but I’m pretty sure Dustin was the star of that show. OMG that kid.

If I have a kid in some parallel universe, I hope he’s like Dustin. LOLs forever.

Listening: Podcasts mostly. And I tried The Partly Cloudy Patriot on Audible, but I had to return it – Sarah Vowell narrates herself for the most part and it was a bit rough to listen to. And her books seem PERFECT for audio, so that was disappointing. SO instead I got Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud by Elizabeth Greenwood on Audible, and I admit that my decision was based like 95% on the fact that Mindy Kaling Instagrammed about it. (The other 5% was me listening to the sample and deciding that I could handle the narration.) Excited to start it.


Eating: The honeyman is making me breakfast sliders right now.  🙂

Blogging: HA. My blogging is all over the place – I can’t get on a set schedule with work being so crazy busy that sometimes I stay late and then trying to deal with packing stuff at home. But I’m not abandoning my blog so I guess that’s all that matters right now.

Thinking: About those sliders. And how I should go to the gym, but I think staying inside and reading and doing laundry sounds a lot better.

Anticipating: Book Riot Live! I think I’m going to buy tickets this week, and trying to get my sister to go with. Anyone reading this gonna be there? It’ll be the first time in all my years of blogging that I’ll be able to go to a big bookish thing and meet people IRL!

For reals, let me know. Now how is your weekend shaping up?


August Monthly TBR

Happy August! The last month of summer. How sad.

July was a great month (found a new apartment, celebrated 9 years with the honeyman, NYC trip, etc) but I didn’t really get much reading done. I read 4 books, 1 graphic novel, and 9 issues of comics.

I’m not expecting to get much reading done in August either, since I’ll be packing in a lot of my free time, but here’s what I’m going to try to fit in this month. It’s all e-books, since all of my print books will be in boxes soon.


  • Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova – This is a YA novel coming out soon about a teenage bruja (witch) who rejects her powers and in doing so accidentally vanishes her family. I’ve tried to start this a couple times lying in bed but I’ve been so worn out the Kindle just falls on my face. Next time I have a couple free hours, this is what I’ll be diving into.
  • Time Salvager by Wesley Chu – I can’t believe I haven’t read this yet, since I love Chu’s other series. I want to get this read because I think the sequel is coming out in a couple months.
  • A.D.H.D Nation by Alan Schwarz – Another review copy for an upcoming release, and this is about the over diagnosis and medication of children under the ADHD label.
  • The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead – Comes out in mid-September and I CANNOT WAIT to sit and have a go with this.
  • Signal Boost by Alyssa Cole – This is the second in Cole’s post-apocalyptic romance series, and I’m looking forward to seeing these characters again and figuring out what caused the power to go out.
  • Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen – I have this AND the second book on my Kindle, and it is so ridiculous that I haven’t read it yet. I know the third book comes out in October, so now’s the time, right? I don’t know why I keep hesitating, these books have been getting fantastic reviews.

The ONE print book I might get to this month is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, if I can get to it within the next week or so. Here’s hoping I can get some down time to sneak it in soonish.

What are you hoping to read this month? Any new releases you’re excited about?


Another Late Sarah Sunday

Yeah Sunday was a blur and mostly spent driving home, so I’m working on this while laying in bed this morning.

NYC trip was short, but fun. We went to a spa, got SOAKED in the rain getting to the Staten Island ferry, and spent Saturday walking around Manhattan. Also I got a Claptrap Yahtzee for only $10 because it was on clearance at the Think Geek store, and I am SO excited to play it. And of course we went to The Strand and I bought things, because that how I do.


Reading: I started Another Brooklyn by Jacqueline Woodson while in NYC and read like 26% while waiting for my pedicure, which was awesome. It’s a great start, should finish it soon. I also started Something New by Lucy Knisley which I really need to finish ASAP because man I am racking up the library fines.

Watching: LOL nothing. Hopefully Ghostbusters soon!

Listening: I listened to a lot of Hamilton on the drive to and from NYC (thanks Heather for letting that happen!)

Strand loot, sisters, and me in the pretty spa bathroom.

Eating: Probably going to The Melting Pot tonight. It’s our 9 Year Anniversary and we’re not doing anything major this year since ya know, we got married in January, but I’m super excited to hang out with the honeyman tonight and eat fondue.

Blogging: YES. I am behind in some things, but I’ll hopefully have a review up for The Fire This Time soon.

Thinking: About how I really need to start going through stuff to get rid of and start packing since we’re moving at the end of August. (We finally found a place, super close to our gym, a 2 bedroom townhouse which I am SO excited about.) My sister is planning on a garage sale soon so I’m going to get together a bunch of stuff to bring over for that.

Anticipating: MOVING! Seriously, so psyched. I’m also really looking forward to the #24in48 readathon next weekend. I feel like that will be my last nice big chunk of reading time before the end of the month, and probably for the summer.

How was your weekend??


Sarah Sunday!


SPACE PANTS. Yesssssss.


Hey ya’ll.

So my Sarah Sunday post is coming kind of late, because I’m doing the opposite shift at work today. Hooray for more internetz time though – we’re getting ours turned on at home tomorrow, I CANNOT WAIT.

We moved! Obviously. And I was pretty much done unpacking by the second day, which should tell you a lot about just how much freaking stuff we put in storage. Our kitchen is teeny tiny (sucks), there’s a window in the wall in the shower (cool) but it’s ground level (sucks), and of course being down to one bedroom is a bummer, but overall I’m warming up to it. It’s cozy at least, and cheaper rent so we can save, yada yada yada. I felt A LOT better once my books were unpacked.

But before we get to the obligatory bookshelf photos, did you see my space pants?!?! I have been eyeing those stretchy pants for well over a months, and last night was date night, we were strolling through the mall after having seen The World’s End (hilarious, btw), and I finally bought them. I will never, ever wear them outside of the house, but how cool are they for around-the-house pants? THE COOLEST. I’m way too excited. Yay for nerdy things.

Okay, bookshelves! Here they are when they were empty. So sad.


Empty bookcases – one in my storage room/closet, and two in the living room/ dining room area.

It’s weird having my books all spread out, after having a whole second bedroom just for my books for the last 3 years. But it’s also kind of nice, because I see books everywhere now 😉

After several long, glorious hours (only interrupted by the apartment people delivering a brand new fridge, which I wasn’t expecting and had to move all my books to the side for), here they are all nice and almost-full!


Revolving bookcase, storage closet bookcase, DVD shelf bookcase, and the two dining/living room bookcases.


The revolving bookcase has miscellaneous mass fiction, library books, and current Monthly TBR books on it. The storage closet bookshelf has romance, poetry, random fiction, and some random non-fiction. That skinny shelf on the bottom left is actually a DVD shelf (although in the old apartment, it was in the kitchen holding my spices & cds), and now it holds mass market series books, which I totally love. The dining area bookcase holds classics and non-fiction, and the living room bookcase holds all of my favorites/best-liked books.

You probably didn’t really care about any of that… but it’s my blog, so *shrug*.

Other things of note:

  • I bought size 8 jeans at NY&Co this week! Now, it’s probably just the kind of style they were, but I’ve never been a size 8 in ANY style, so that was exciting indeed. (I’m not really aiming to be 8 or under, I was happy with 10 quite honestly. But still, cool!)
  • Not having internet at home SUCKS.
  • Gabby was SO FREAKED OUT when we moved, but she seems to be getting used to it now. She hasn’t quite learned that the windows are set higher up from the floor now, so when she runs around like a demonic kitty, she kind of face-bashes into the window ledge and it’s hysterical.
  • Speaking of Gabby, Petco is apparently phasing out Iams dry cat food because it’s too much “filler” and not good for them, so we’re switching her to Natural Choice brand, which seemed a good compromise between healthier and so-healthy-it-costs-a-fortune. Any suggestions for dry cat food?
  • I have about 170 pages left in Empire Falls, and I’m hoping to finish that sucker tonight. I haven’t finished any books yet this month 😦
  • We had game night on Tuesday. Not only did my friend cook us an awesome dinner, but she decided we should drink. She was kind enough to share her favorite wine with me (some special kind that she can only get about 3 hours away), and it was DELICIOUS. But she poured half the bottle in each of our glasses, and it was much stronger wine than I’m used to. So that was fun 🙂 I believe I used the word “tispy” at some point…
  • I’m kind of excited about fall – tall boots and pumpkin lattes. Hell yes.
  • I start back at LB next week. It’s a good thing I can’t fit in any of the clothes there anymore, maybe I’ll actually be able to SAVE that extra money.

Aaaand that’s all I got! I’m STILL working my way through my feed reader, so I’m going to go tackle that before I sit here and plow through the rest of Empire Falls.

How are you guys doing? Have you seen The World’s End yet? Enjoying the start of fall? Any plans for the week?



Sarah Saturday!


I’m SO tired right now.

Well so this week has been a blur of packing, running errands, and work. Not really fun stuff at all. Yesterday I worked 2 am to 2 pm, like always, but then I had to be back in by 10 pm because someone called in. So, I got out of work yesterday, had to run a few more errands, went home and packed, went out for hibachi, and then showered and came back to work – I get out at 10 am, and then it’s MOVING DAY! Which is not as exciting as it sounds.

I’m trying to be more cheerful about the move. I’m sad to leave the apartment we’ve been at for the last 3 years because it was big and I loved it, but it got too damn expensive because they raised the rent twice. The new apartment is a lot smaller – only 1 bedroom, tiny tiny kitchen (seriously don’t even think we can fit our microwave in there), no dishwasher for me to use instead of a dish drainer, bottom floor instead of the top floor… but it’s a lot cheaper, which means that we’ll be able to save for a house, which is really the whole point. So YES! New apartment! Yay! I said YAY, DAMMIT.

Moving  today brings me to another point – I won’t have internet access until I come back to work on Friday – our internet at home isn’t getting turned on until the 9th. So just FYI, I won’t be around the blogosphere as much this coming week. I have some posts scheduled, but I probably won’t be able to get around to visiting all your blogs and such 😦 I’ll be on Twitter and Instagram though, and I’ll try to read some blogs on my phone, but my phone super sucks right now and that might be too much for it to handle.

Alright, that’s what’s happening on my end. I only have an hour and a half of work left, so I should probably try to get a few other things done (I spent part of the morning watching True Grit – It was alright, not as good as the book of course).

Wish me luck surviving today… I’m going to need massive amounts of caffeine. I hope you guys having a great weekend!




Sarah Sunday!


Bout of Books stack, Gabby being all kinds of cute, me with wavy hair (ignore the pajama shirt please), and Los Gallos – the most delicious Mexican food EVER.


Alriiiiight, I’m at work and I only have 15.5 hours left! I agreed to take on a 16-hour shift today, cause you know. Overtime. And let’s face it, I could use the extra reading time. Yesterday during my work shift, I watched Oz The Great and Powerful. It was bad. I’m glad I never went to the theaters to see it even though I was so excited about it. Damn. Have you guys seen it?

This week has basically been a big blur of children and books. I watched my nephew Josh and niece Emma on Monday- Josh totally punked me by playing with his iPod in his room and hiding it whenever I checked on him. Sneaky 8 year-old, he wasn’t supposed to be playing with electronics until his mom got home. I can’t believe I fell for it. Anyways, that was a distracting morning, but then I got to go in my sis’s pool that afternoon. FINALLY got to use my bathing suit I bought like 3 months ago. And then I watched my nephew DB on Wednesday, which wasn’t too bad but kind of exhausting, as always. 2 year-olds suck. Like I love him, but dude I can’t wait till he’s older. He does say “meeno” for Nemo (for Finding Nemo) which is pretty darn cute.

And other than that, I pretty much ignored cleaning and packing in favor and laying around the house reading and blogging and tweeting in the spirit of Bout of Books. Even the honeyman read with me, because he found a new book he’s really into. Correction: I found a book I thought he’d like, and he’s really into it (Going Home by A. American – what a silly alias, but it’s a survivalist novel). I also ate a whole ton this week and only went to the gym twice. But Los Gallos and Red Robin are both delicious and I have no regrets! In fact I think we’re going to Los Gallos again in a few days with friends and I’m still psyched. You guys do not even understand how delicious it is. So yeah, baby-sitting, reading, and eating – there’s my week.

Of course, I’m now at the point where we’re moving in less than a week and a little part of me is spazzing at the amount of packing still left, which I’m sure just seems like a lot in my head but really isn’t that bad. Either way, this week is going to be crazy busy and my only real internet or reading time will be when I’m at work later in the week. But I’m excited to move, at least just to have it over with. Moving sucks.

Bookish update: So this week I finished Rules of Civility by Amor Towles, The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig, Relish by Lucy Knisley, and True Grit by Charles Portis. I’m almost done with Self-Inflicted Wounds by Aisha Tyler, and then I’m debating what to start next. It’s between The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch, Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff, and The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. I guess it’ll depend on how much time I have left in my shift today. But… I’m leaning towards Stormdancer. Japanese steampunk! Color me intrigued.

Alright ya’ll, I guess that’s it. How has your week been?



Sarah Sunday!



Oh man. I am moving in less than 2 weeks. August, why you go so fast???

I got friend-tested into watching The Count of Monte Cristo this week. Not that I didn’t want to see it, just that I wanted to read the book first, but that didn’t happen. So, it was good. I love a good revenge story (although I think Heathcliff still takes the cake for revenge stories), and I thought most of the actors did a good job. I had one minor issue at the end, and maybe it’s different in the book so I would like it better? Hopefully I’ll be reading the book before the end of the year so I can do a good comparison. Anyone read it or see the movie? Whatcha think?

I really, really, really want a new phone. My little Droid 3 has served me well, but it’s at least 3 years old now and annoying the bejeezus out of me. Since AT&T went and bought Cricket (which we currently use), we’re thinking we’ll probably go to Verizon within the next couple months to get new phones and get a plan with them. I really, really want either the Samsung Galaxy S4 or a Samsung Note 2, although by the time we get around to getting new phones the new versions of those will probably be out, so that might change. Stupid technology world moving so quick.

I’ve been trying to get a lot of packing done, but I’m kind of at a standstill with that right now until we take the stuff I currently have packed to put in storage. I’ll probably end up packing a lot later this week, even though I didn’t want to because Bout of Books starts on Monday. Blerg.

Speaking of Bout of Books – between that, and then moving at the end of the month, I’ve been trying to get blog posts scheduled ahead of time because I know I’ll be busy later. I have 7 scheduled right now, which I think is the most I’ve ever scheduled ahead of time. Damn.

typing gif



Yesterday at work was a really irritating day. It shouldn’t have been, because Saturdays are a lot more chill than weekdays, but it was still annoyingly busy here and there. After work I decided to go to B&N to splurge a bit. I hadn’t book-shopped in AGES, what with moving and having to purge books anyways and all that. I could feel myself instantly relax as soon as I went inside. I felt like yelling “SANCTUARRYYYY” but I didn’t, because tha would have been weird… I ended up getting TWO books – The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig, and Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff. SO psyched.

While waiting in line, I was kind of happy because I was waiting in line at a bookstore and that’s a GREAT thing, all those people lined up to buy books, but then some lady in front of me started bitching about the wait and saying she’s ready to just put her book down and walk out. UGH. I wanted to tell her she was an ungrateful twit, and she should just be happy she still has a bookstore to walk into to buy books. But then the line started moving and she quit her bitchin, so I didn’t. Anyways, the honeyman met me at B&N when he got out of work, and then we went to Red Robin for some food. I ate WAY too much delicious, greasy food, but by then “fuck it” was the motto of the day, so I feel okay about it.

Bookish update: Right, so I already mentioned Bout of Books but that starts tomorrow (well, technically it starts at midnight tonight).

I finished four books this week – Edge of the Universe, Matilda, Blankets, and Breakfast of Champions. That’s right, one was a kid’s book and another was a graphic novel. I needed some light reading this month. I’m kind of lazily reading Mission to Mars by Buzz Aldrin right now, and also Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. I’m hoping to finish them both today, but we’ll see what happens.

Alright ya’ll, gotta go get some stuff done. How’s your weekend been? Any plans this week? Thoughts about good cell phones?



Sarah Sunday!

Sarah Sunday


Hey guys! This week went TOO FAST. Way too fast. I had four days off, but most of those days ended up being so busy that I hardly had time to enjoy it.

So Monday was a day that made me realize how kind of neurotic I am. Basically I had some stuff I had to do, but waiting for my sister so we could go to the gym really threw my schedule off and I got weirdly agitated about it. But then the honeyman took me to lunch at Cheeburger and we walked around the beach and it was a lovely day and I felt a whole ton more relaxed. And THEN we got Abbott’s ice cream and walked around the beach more, and then we sat on a bench and there was gum on the seat that I didn’t see and that kind of ruined the only pair of capri jeans that I had. So that happened.

Tuesday and Wednesday were both kind of really busy – we saw friends, ate delicious food, I did a crap ton of laundry and packed some more. Thursday was the one day that I didn’t do anything – I read all day and finished two books, and then stayed up way too late with the honeyman finishing season 4 of Breaking Bad.

Speaking of Breaking Bad, we got into a discussion with some friends about it and basically they said they had no interest in it because the idea of a guy making/selling meth to support his family after he died of cancer was just ridiculous. Something about how selling meth isn’t honorable. And well OBVIOUSLY it’s not a good thing to do… but basically, I think Walt’s intentions were really good in the beginning and I wouldn’t be furious at someone for doing the same thing. I get wanting to support your family and saying fuck it, I’m gonna die anyways. Plus, the nerd in my totally loves how awesome Walt is at cooking meth because he’s a chemistry whiz. Anyways, I think our friends should watch it… and I might just pull the friend test card to get them to so they can get addicted to it and we can talk about it and all hate Skyler together.

You're goddamn right, Breaking Bad gif


ANYWAYS. Getting off track. This coming week is probably going to be really busy – I need to get as much packing as possible done, and I need to try to get ahead a bit in blog posts. Bout of Books is coming up (starts August 19th!) and I’m hosting one of the challenges and I want to get a lot done now so that I can read a lot that week. Soooo… yeah. Man, this month is going too fast.

Bookish update: I finished A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf (rage-inducing), Dead Man Rising by Lilith Saintcrow (second book syndrome), Goodbye, Chunky Rice by Craig Thompson (weird short graphic novel), and The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence (fan-freaking-tastic, loved it).


Seriously, read Alex Woods.


I’m now focusing on finishing Edge of the Universe by Paul Halpern, which for some reason I’ve been really slow about. I might also start Blankets by Craig Thompson, cause you know. A giant graphic novel sounds like good Sunday reading.

Alright, that’s all I got. How are you guys doing? Thoughts on our Breaking Bad discussion? Have you read The Universe Versus Alex Woods yet, and if not, then WHY NOT?