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Sarah Sunday

Late with my Sarah Sunday post once again because the weekend was ridiculous (car issues, argh).

This was also week 1 of the new presidency. In one week, our new president attacked healthcare, reproductive rights, the environment, Native people and lands, science, jobs (which also hurts veterans), refugees, immigrants, Mexico, and voting rights. That is a fucking LOT to take in and try to fight against. The only thing that gives me hope is seeing the many ways people are resisting – by donating money, by calling their representatives, by volunteering, by protesting. Every small act we do to fight against what is happening is important.

If you are interested in getting involved in even the tiniest of ways, one of the things you can do is call your reps. These are some of the tools I’ve been using:

It’s Time to FightΒ is an AWESOME site for scripts and information. Celeste P. updates it and you should definitely be following her on Twitter as well. is perfect for finding out who your reps are. Save their numbers in your phone, trust me it makes calling them so much easier. Save local office and DC office numbers if you can.

TheΒ 65 is what used to be that “We’re His Problem Now” Google sheet. I’ve been using Celeste’s more, but this is also super useful and updated regularly.

5 Calls is another one that I’ve seen pop up lately – spend 5 minutes, make 5 calls. I haven’t used it yet, but I know lots of people have.

And if you’re interested in throwing some dollars to good causes, this article has a great list.

On a slightly lighter note – I installed the Make America Kittens Again extension in Chrome and it’s great. It turns most pics of DT into pics of adorable kittens instead. It doesn’t catch them all, but it’s nice not to be bombarded with images of his face as I read about all of the horrible things happening. Just one of those little things that’s helping me stay sane.

Alright, onto other stuff now.

Reading: I finished Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimiamanda Ngozi Adichie yesterday, and it was great. I think probably my second favorite novel of hers so far – first being Americanah and the third being Purple Hibiscus. And today I’m just reading Fables: Volume 13 and OMG tomorrow is February. Woah.

Watching: Still working through American Horror Story: Freak Show, but also been watching a few random episodes of Bob’s Burgers and man I forgot how freaking funny it can be. Tina!

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Listening: I’ve been putting my whole track list on random because my moods are all over the place this week.

Eating: My mom’s homemade baked macaroni and cheese πŸ™‚

Thinking: I mean mostly about the horrible political landscape we’re in. But also I had some car issues this weekend trying to get it stupid inspected and like $250 later, that’s finally mostly taken care of. But I’ve decided that around this time next year, I’m going to try to sell it to pay off the rest I owe on it, and then I’m going to lease a new car. I fucking hate owning a car. HATE it, don’t want to do it anymore.

Citizening: I called my reps about a few issues, including senate confirmations, which I’m getting more comfortable with it except just trying to find a good time to do it, because I work the same hours as their offices basically. And because it was a pay week for me, I made some donations. This time I chose the Standing Stone Legal Defense Fund, the National Immigration Law Center, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. #smallacts y’all. I made my donations on Friday, and I was very happy to see later on that the NILC was filing suits to stop refugees or immigrants who were arriving at airports over the weekend from being automatically deported or sent back. The ACLU was also involved, and they had an incredible leap in donations this weekend. Every little bit we can do helps.

Anticipating: Honestly, just forward movement. More books read, more money saved or paid down on my credit card, more working out, more citizen work. OH also I got a NYPL library card and that’s very exciting and one of the e-books I have on hold should be available soon.

Exercising: Only twice lastΒ week. I skipped out all weekend yet again, but trying not to feel too crappy about it because I was dealing with car stuff. I have to get an alignment done this coming weekend and I scheduled it for 10 so I can go to the gym first. BUT, for the two days that I did go last week, I ran more than I’ve been able to in months so that’s good. Still an embarrassingly small amount, but still.

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Stay strong, kittens.