Fool by Christopher Moore

Fool by Christopher Moore

“Heinous fuckery most foul, lad. Heinous fuckery most foul.”

I’m an idiot.

Christopher Moore is definitely one of my most favorite authors. And back in 2009, he released a book called Fool, which is based loosely on the play King Lear by Shakespeare. And because my brain instinctively fights against Shakespeare because DUDE his stuff is hard to read, I bought Fool and there it sat on my shelves for at least 3 years without being read. So, let this be a warning to you: Fool is absolutely fun and hilarious and bawdy and no previous knowledge of Shakespeare or King Lear is required.

Pocket is Lear’s royal fool, and has always enjoyed the king’s protection as such. Until Lear, in a bout of stupidity, decides to divide his kingdom among his daughters. And there starts a whole lot of plotting, conspiring, betrayals, shagging, and imminent war- with Pocket tumbling in the corners.

Moore excels at being absurd, and he totally brings the absurd in Fool. There’s so much randomness, and vague references to a long-lost empire called “Merica”, and SO much cursing and rhyming and even a few funny footnotes. But amid all that, Pocket is actually a really great character. He’s fun and sweet, but witty, cunning, and determined. Fool did for me what Sacre Bleu couldn’t – gave me a great central character to enjoy the story with, and made the lewd jokes flow naturally and smoothly.

And the truly awesome thing is that there is a sequel coming out in April, called The Serpent of Venice. It’s why I actually decided to finally give Fool a go, and I’m glad I did. If you’re looking for a great, fluffy, ridiculous book with lots of bonking in it, then here be the book for you.

Sarah Says: 4.5 stars

P.S. I actually wrote this review with that tiara on. Proof.


Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh


Thanks to sj’s post recently, I have been really excited about Hyperbole and a Half coming out. It came out on Tuesday, and Friday night while in the mall I decided to pop into Barnes and Noble to flip through it. I located it, and then started reading the first story, “Warning Signs”. A couple of minutes later I was trying to stifle my laughter and had tears running down my face – I’m pretty sure some of the employees were concerned. I got some weird looks. And I had to buy it. HAD to. Even though I’m broke this week (damn you, week that rent is due), I couldn’t NOT buy this book. It’s too funny, and I really, really love to laugh.

If you don’t know (and don’t feel bad, until sj’s post I didn’t know either), Allie Brosh has a website called Hyperbole and a Half where she posts hilarious recollections and anecdotes with these practically famous illustrations. (She’s the creator of that famous “CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!” image you see all over the place.) And now she has a WHOLE BOOK. And it’s a really nice book too – it has those fancy glossy, full-color pages and it’s pretty dense at 369 pages – SO worth your money. It’s part humor, part memoir, and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

If you want a taste of what the book might be like, visit the website and read a couple (or a million) of her posts – they’re hysterical. I suggest starting with How A Fish Almost Destroyed My Childhood, Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving, and The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas. There is some overlap between the site and the book, but from what I can tell not much.

I’m keeping this on my coffee table for a while, just to re-read the funniest bits and laugh myself silly.

Sarah Says: 5 stars

The Pirates! In Adventure with Ahab by Gideon Defoe

The Pirates in an Adventure with Ahab, Gideon Defoe


Ohhhh, the pirates. Ever so entertaining.

This is the second The Pirates! book, although I don’t think that they necessarily have to be read in order, but I choose to cause I’m like that. In this little book, Pirate Captain finally agrees that their ship is literally falling apart, and they take a trip down to Nantucket to buy a ship from Cutlass Liz’s boatyard. Cutlass Liz is DA BOMB. (Yup, that just happened.) For instance:

“Cutlass Liz changed the colour of her hair as often as the Pirate Captain ate mixed grills, but at the moment it was a vivid red, which went well with the bloodstains on her blouse.”

And in an unwise, rash decision the Pirate Captain decides to purchase THE most expensive boat she has, and she gives him a deadline in which to come back with her 6000 doubloons or else she’ll hunt them down and a bloodbath will ensue. Also, they meet Captain Ahab who is constantly on the hunt for that jerk giant white whale, and antics happen. Seriously, it’s less than 150 pages so if I tell you much more the whole story will be ruined.

These books are just such great, funny short reads. I laugh out loud a lot, and read it with a pencil nearby so I can mark off my favorite lines, such as:

“And besides – who hasn’t slit a man’s belly open for looking at them cock-eyed?”

And in the back of the book there’s about three pages worth of fake titles in the series, and a whole bunch that I wish were real, including The Pirates! In An Adventure with Your Mother, The Pirates! In An Adventure with Zombies, The Pirates! In An Adventure with Jennifer Garner, The Pirates! In An Adventure with the Goonies, and The Pirates! In An Adventure with the IRS. You know, just to name a few.


Sarah Says: 4 stars


The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists by Gideon Defoe

The Pirates book, Gideon Defoe


Well what a fun, bizarre little romp this was! I had seen reviews of these “The Pirates” books popping up on a few different blogs, and I was intrigued so I added the first one to my Paperbackswap wishlist. It became available, I ordered it, and it arrived on Monday right before I had to go to work. Perfect!

Sooooo… The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists is a goofy little book about pirates. Basically, the ridiculous Pirate Captain worries that his pirate crew is getting bored, so they set off for an adventure! They end up meeting up with Darwin, who needs their help, and they decide to help him.

I honestly don’t know how I can describe this book, except that it’s very, very silly and made me giggle out loud several times, which was awkward cause I was at work “training” the temp (AKA letting him take all the calls and do all the work and let me know if he needs help while I sit there and read/play with my phone/do sudoku puzzles). I kept underlining the funny parts to refer back to them later and read them to the honeyman. Such as…

“I will lay the smackdown on your wicked ways!”


“If the pirate with a scarf had been more poetically minded he’s have thought that her eyes were like a thousand emeralds, glittering in a far off pirate treasure chest. But he wasn’t, so he just thought that she had really really green eyes, a bit like seaweed.”

See how funny? This was only about 130 pages, and it was time well spent. It made me laugh, and I’m looking forward to reading the other books as soon as I can get my little hands on them. I shall own them all! Also, as a side note – I had no idea that the claymation movie called The Pirates! that came out recently was based on these books. So OBVIOUSLY I have to watch it now.


 Sarah Says: 5 stars


Top Ten Tuesday! REWIND – Favorite Book Blogs

Good morning guys! I’m telling you, it’s a miracle that with Armchair BEA going on I found time to do Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by The Broke and The Bookish) too. I’ve been looking forward to today’s topic – Top Ten Tuesday Rewind – Pick Any Past Topic. And I’m choosing to do my Top Ten Favorite Book Blogs. Yay for blogger love! In no particular order…

1. Devouring Texts – How I wish Laura lived closer… like in the continential U.S., at least. But England is much, much cooler so I suppose it’s forgivable. Laura is hilarious and makes amazing-looking cakes that she takes pictures of to tease us.

2. Booksessed – Jenn is one of my blogging besties, and hopefully one day we will meet. Jenn’s so funny and super cool and she read Outlander so of course I adore her forever.

3. Between the Pages – And Daisy lives all the way in Holland. Sheesh, I need to travel the world to visit all the book bloggers! Daisy is sweet and funny and I love her Daisy updates. Plus YAY her for recently becoming an official doctor!

4. Beyond Strange New Words – Pepca! She reads a great assortment of books and I love that she reviews lots of movies and tv too. I need to do this more. (Hopefully she doesn’t mind if I become a copy-cat.)

5. What Red Read – Alley is basically the first book blogger I found that loved Christopher Moore, so of course I had to follow her blog in adoration. She cracks me up. Also, she got me to read the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde, which is pretty awesome.

6. Reading Rambo – Alice is absolutely hilarious. That’s really all you need to know.

7. The Story Girl – Lorren’s reviews are awesome. She reads a wide range of stuff and her reviews are so detailed and well thought-out. Puts my rushed-say-whatever’s-on-my-mind reviews to shame.

8. Steph the Bookworm – STEPH! The only book blogger I’ve succeeded in meeting in real life, because we live in the same town. Hey girl! *waves* We need to hang out again soon and blog about the wonderfulness. I’m sure everyone would enjoy it.

9. Underground New York Public Library – SO I’m not sure if this counts as a “book blog” but it’s in my Google Reader so I say it counts. Laura mentioned this site a few weeks ago and I promptly fell in love. It’s pictures of people reading on the subway. That’s basically it, but trust me it is awesome.

10. Tangled Up In Blue – Jess is awesome, and she only lives a state away so hopefully one day we’ll get to meet! I’ve read a LOT of good books because Jess wrote awesome reviews about them, plus she’s co-hosting an Outlander readalong this month so of course she gets like a hundred brownie points.

 So, those are just ten of my favorite book blogs! You should go visit them all, and you’re welcome for me introducing their epic awesomeness to you. Enjoy!





>Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore


I cannot believe I haven’t reviewed a Christopher Moore book on this blog yet!!! Chris Moore is one of my very favorite authors – he’s absolutely weird and hysterical. I re-read his novel Lamb last year, but apparently it was before I really got into the swing of things on the blog.

So, this is Moore’s debut novel. Surprisingly I hadn’t read it yet – actually, I’ve now read all but 3 of his books. Kind of like Jane Austen, I try to spread them out. Luckily, Chris Moore is still alive and kicking and still writing, so there will be more from him, but still. I like to spread his novels out for pure enjoyment.

Practical Demonkeeping is about a man named Travis, who has been traveling the country with the demon Catch for the last hundred years. Travis looks about 25 but he’s actually been around since the 1920s-ish, constantly traveling and trying to find a way to send Catch back to hell. Catch has a nasty habit of eating people, and while Travis can try to hold him back, he can’t rest until he sends the creepy bastard back where he came from. Finally, his search leads him to the tiny California town of Pine Cove, where he hopefully finds the answers he’s looking for.

I enjoyed this novel for a bunch of reasons. Partly because Pine Cove and it’s residents appear in future Christopher Moore books, so I was able to see them again and learn more about them. Catch also appears in another novel (Lamb), and while he’s technically a bad guy cause he’s a people-eating demon – he’s also really snarky and kind of funny. I was glad to see so much of him in this book. There’s also a hint of mythological and biblical backstory, in which we learn who exactly Catch is and when he was Earth-side up before.

While there weren’t a whole lot of laugh-out-loud moments, there was a lot of witty wordplay. And I liked this quote the best:

“Are you saying,” Brine interrupted, “that the human race was created to irritate Satan?”
“That is correct. Jehovah is infinite in his snottiness.”

I totally enjoyed meeting the residents of Pine Cove all over again, but I will say that sometimes I got kind of lost in the big cast. I guess that’s where this really shows that it’s Moore’s first novel. It’s my only complaint.

If you’re new to Christopher Moore, I wouldn’t recommend starting with this one. Try Lamb, A Dirty Job, or Bloodsucking Fiends first. This is still a worthy read though, and I’m glad I own it and can add it to my Moore collection.

Sarah Says: 4 stars

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Cyanide & Happiness: Volume 1

This is my first time reviewing comics here, but I’m VERY excited about this. Cyanide & Happiness is my favorite comic. Sadly, it’s not like it’s in the daily newspaper – but there’s a new comic almost daily on the website here. It features relatively crude stick figures, and never really any one main character. But the comics are absolutely HYSTERICAL. They are also mean, rude, offensive, dark, cynical… they’re for people with a pretty twisted sense of humor. Which means they’re right up my alley. If you like dark humor, this is for you.

This is the FIRST collection of Cyanide & Happiness comics in book form. I finally bought it at Borders last night, and read through it just now sitting at the table. It’s SO FUNNY. Like, I laughed out loud, and kept telling the honeyman about different particularly funny ones while he’s trying to play the video game. There are four authors to this collection of comics, though according to Wikipedia there are five authors of the comic online. I’m not sure why only four contributed here, but whatevs.

Also, these comic authors are unique in that they actually encourage showing off their comics on your blog, Myspace, Twitter, etc. Each daily comic has a little “Share” button at the bottom so that people can display them. I’m going to take advantage of that and give you a little taste here. Some of them might be kind of graphic, tasteless, or offensive but you know… they’re hilarious.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

I tried not to post ones that were TOO graphic…

Anyways, these comics are hilarious. Check it out on their website, or next time you’re in Borders or Barnes & Noble, go to the humor section and look for Cyanide & Happiness, or their second book Ice Cream & Sadness.

Sarah Says: 5 stars!


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