February Recap

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Late, as per usual.

Okay, I read 6 books in February, and 20 comics, but I was in a slump. I almost kind of still feel in a slump. Most of the books I read felt like they took FOR-EV-ER to get through. Oy. Anyways, here’s what I read.

Invisible Man, Got the Whole World Watching by Mychal Denzel Smith – This is Smith’s recounting of how he grew up to be the black man that he is – the culture he immersed himself in, how he was raised, and how he became more and more aware of socioeconomic and discriminatory issues. I loved that he talks about his realization that most of the media he was consuming were by and about men, and that he needed to seek out the female perspective. And he’s about my age, so I got almost all his pop culture references and reminisced along with him when it came to big musical artists (Outkast!) and Kanye telling us on TV that the president didn’t care about black people.

Bad Idea by Damon Suede – I read this for the Read Harder challenge – an LGBT romance, and I made sure it was by a gay author as well. Romance blooms between a comic artist who lacks confidence and a FX make-up guy who has swagger to spare but really has that charming good-mannered Southern boy thing going on. I loved Trip and Silas – their relationship evolved in an entirely realistic way without some of the ridiculous shenangians that romance novels tend to get bogged down in.

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah – Oh em gee you guys, you need to get this audiobook. Trevor talks about growing up in South Africa before and after apartheid – he’s insightful and serious, but also hilarious. The accents he does for the little boy version of himself and his mother are just awesome. I don’t re-listen to audiobooks often, but this is definitely going to be one I come back to.

A Movie in My Pillow / Una pelicula en mi almohada by Jorge Argueta – This is a kid’s book of poetry in English and Spanish, about the author’s experience coming to America from El Salvador and remembering things about his home country. Probably a great book for kids. I read this for the Read Harder challenge (read a book of poetry in translation about a theme other than love) and I totally admit I went the kids book route because I dread poetry a bit.

Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn – This was my re-read for the Read Harder challenge because it is DELIGHTFUL, re-reads are great when you’re in a reading slump, and the sequel comes out this summer. I can’t wait! If you like bad-ass women who fight demons and books that focus on lady friendships, this is the book for you.

The Last Days of Jack Sparks by Jason Arnopp – I’m so easily sucked in by cool covers. This is a relatively new book, and I grabbed it on sale for the Kindle a while back, and finally read it. It’s about a douchey, druggie famous guy who is out to write a book about how the paranormal doesn’t exist. It’s weird and mysterious and then gets extra creepy halfway in, and now I’m a little paranoid about going in my basement. So it was entertaining, but I’m kind of mad I read it now because I’m ridiculous. (This is why I don’t watch horror movies.)

Alrighty, so lets see how February added up.


Books read: 6

Female authors: 1 (17%) what how did that happen??

Non-white authors: 4 (67%)

Format breakdown: 2 print, 3 e-book, 1 audiobook


Issues read: 20

Female authors/illustrators: 3

Non-white author/illustrators: 3

Format breakdown: All print.

So yeah. Um clearly I need to read more ladies in March, and I need to take better advantage of having Marvel Unlimited, dammit. When I do this next month I better have more digital comics in my numbers (and more ladies and POC too). I know part of the problem is I’m reading a TON of Fables right now. I’m on Volume 16 right now – I’ve been flying through them and I’m determined to finish the whole series this year. OH and also it’d be great if I wrote some damn reviews or something. I’ve been seriously slacking on that.

Anyhoo – how was your reading last month?




February Monthly TBR


I didn’t read as much as I wanted to in January. I mean, I kind of did because I read about half of damn Alexander Hamilton plus three other books, but still. And I’m SO behind in my comic reading, it’s a shame.

But then I said to myself: “So create an even BIGGER pile for February!” Logical, I am not. But who knows.


From the top…

  • Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon – Already 25% through this, continuing with my Outlander series re-read.
  • Destiny’s Captive by Beverly Jenkins – Romance, because you know, February / Valentine’s Day. And I think the heroine in this one is a pirate or something, so fun stuff.
  • The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz – I’ve never read Junot Diaz, but he’s a popular author and I’ve had this book for a long time now.
  • Jazz by Toni Morrison – Honestly, my attention span and general inclination at the moment for some lighter reading means this may not happen this month. But I like to be optimistic.
  • Lafayette in the Somewhat United States by Sarah Vowell – LAFAYETTE! ‘Nuff said.
  • Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow – And this shall be the month we finish off the #HamAlong, which has been delightful. I get the sense that Chernow is a bit of a sexist, and he’s way too much of a Hamilton fanboy, but this might actually end up on my best-of list at the end of the year. I’m sure reading it after loving the Hamilton musical makes it seem much more fun and lively than if I had read it before, but whatever.
  • Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man Volume 2 – More Miles Morales!
  • Fables Volume 8-10 – MOOARRR FABLES!!

There’s no way this is all gonna happen, but I’ll give it a shot. What are you excited to read this month?


March Monthly TBR

February was a big fat fail. I really should have seen that coming, honestly. I finished 3 books, 1 graphic memoir, and read 32 issues of comics. I’m almost done with An Untamed State, and I’m almost done with the audiobook of Stuff Matters… but still, that’s so sad.


Anyways, March should be better, reading-wise. At least for the sheet fact that I shouldn’t be working as much. But who knows, really. So my pile is not TOO ambitious, and has a bit of carry-over from last month. February TBR 2.0, kind of.


From the top…

  • Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie – Because I feel like a comfort read right now, and as much as I’m yearning to just start re-reading Outlander again, I’m not going to do that because it’s a long series and I just read it last year. I haven’t read Bet Me in a few years, so that should do the trick.
  • Zone One by Colson Whitehead – I really did enjoy The Intuitionist by this author, and this weekend I saw this in the used library bookstore. Score! It didn’t get great reviews on Amazon from what I noticed earlier, but I’m trying it anyways. I think it’s about zombies.
  • Heaven’s Queen by Rachel Bach – I’ve been having trouble getting really good and sucked into a book lately. I bet this will work. I flew through the first two in the series. (Carry over from Feb)
  • Welcome to Braggsville by T. Geronimo Johnson – A new book that I’ve heard great things about lately. Apparently it’s kind of funny and satirical and about racism and it sounds just like my type of thing.
  • Saga: Volume 4 by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples – Sagaaaaa! I’m re-reading the first three volumes (aka “deluxe edition volume 1”) on my Kindle Fire right now, can’t wait to read the new one.
  • Fables: Volume 1 by Bill Willingham and Lan Medina – I have been meaning to start this series for AGES, and I’m finally gonna do it. Honestly, my main motivation (besides everyone loving it) is that Telltale Games as a video game out that’s based on the series called A Wolf Among Us that looks good, but I want to read some of the comics before I eventually get to the game.
  • The Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg – I renewed it at the library, so it’s gotta happen. But man, it’s so large. (Carry over from Feb)

Comics not listed…

  • Newest issue of Rat Queens comes out this week!
  • Deadpool Classic volume 3 should be coming in for me at the comic shop.
  • Chew volume 9!! Just ordered it with the gift card my sister got me for my birthday. I am SO EXCITED.

And I’m sure I’ll read random things on Oyster or Kindle as I come across them… trying to be kind of laid back about my reading this month. Pretty good mix of race and gender in my to-read pile though, so that’s good. Even though I’ve been slacking in my reading, I’m still being aware.

What’s on your list to read next? What new books are you excited about?


February Monthly TBR

My reading in January went surprisingly well. I finished all but one of the books on my TBR from last month, but I’ll finish it soon. I ended up reading 9 books, and over 25 issues of comics (some single, some collected in volumes). Not too shabby for the start of the year!

Now let’s move on to my overly ambitious pile for February!


From top to bottom:

  • Half-Resurrection Blues by Daniel Jose Older – I read Salsa Nocturna by this author last month, and went and bought his new book as soon as I could.
  • Heaven’s Queen by Rachel Bach – This is the third and last book in the Paradox Trilogy, and it’s been bugging me that I haven’t read it. Especially since I FLEW through the other books.
  • Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned by Walter Mosley – I’ve never read any Mosley, and he’s such a popular author, so I want to check him out. This one seems to be stories about an ex-convict named Socrates. I’m really excited. (Also, a whole bunch of Mosley is available on Oyster, including this one. I love when I can double-up on formats while reading.)
  • Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng – I have been hearing nothing but amazing things about this book.
  • The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion – The wait has been KILLING me! I just might start this one today. I’m so excited for more Don and Rosie.
  • The Best of All Possible Worlds by Karen Lord – Sci-fi and aliens, and I think maybe a love story… that’s really all I need to know.
  • The Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg – Been wanting to read this graphic novel for a while. It better be good, the damn thing is huge.
  • War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy – Sooooo… I’m doing a War & Peace readalong for the next three months. The honeyman is away, I have nothing but time. Why the hell not. So this doesn’t technically count for this month since I won’t finish it till April, but I figured I’d mention it.

On Oyster / Kindle / Audible:

  • Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit – Feminist-y reads, yay. (Oyster)
  • Strange New Worlds by Ray Jayawardhana – Science pick, about the search for other habitable planets. Right up my alley. (Oyster)
  • An Untamed State by Roxane Gay – Because it’s been too long since I’ve read Gay’s Bad Feminist and I want to read more of her stuff. (Kindle)
  • Stuff Matters by Mark Miodownik – I guess this looks are ten or eleven materials (glass, rock, chocolate, etc) and goes into the history and science of such things? Whatever, it sounds like fun, and it was only $3. (Audible)

And of course, there are many many other comics and such I’ll be working on reading. I need to catch up.

Alright, so this seems like a bit much. But I have a lot more quiet time at home now, so you know. Reading. And I’ll have my birthday off later this month, and hopefully I’ll just read alllll day. Oh, and on a diversity note: Out of the 11 books I hope to read this month, 7 are by non-white authors, and 6 are by ladies.

What are you guys looking forward to this month?


February Monthly TBR

Happy Saturday ya’ll!

I had a surprisingly good reading month in January. I usually do, I think because I’m just so excited and refreshed by the start of the new year, but still. I managed to read 13 books! Okay, so it was 5 graphic novels, 1 short story/novella, and 7 regular sized books, but still. That’s a crap ton of reading, considering how busy I’ve been.

So let’s take a look at my TBR pile for last month…


Pretty dang good, I think! I did read SOME of Just Another Judgement Day, but I was having an issue focusing on it so it’s now my gym-bag book, for when I want to read while on the arc trainer or treadmill. And I just never got around to really delving into Unfamiliar Fishes.

And now the best part – let’s look at the pile for February!

TBR pile

From the top…

  • Strange Bedpersons by Jennifer Crusie – Because a little steamy romance around Valentine’s Day sounds like a good idea 🙂
  • The Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler – I’ve been meaning to read more Butler for ages now. She’s does a good job with sci-fi/fantasy.
  • Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb – Fantasy! And because both Jenn and Riv love it, so I’m positive I will too. And it’s been sitting on my shelf for way too long.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket – I’ve never read these books! And I just KNOW I’m going to love the snark. And why not, it should be a nice easy read.
  • Higgs Discovery: The Power of Empty Space by Lisa Randall – SCIENCE. And, it’s be a female physicist, which is awesome. I realized that I read a lot of science, but none were by women, and that sucked. Randall has a few books out I’m hoping to read this year.
  • An Ordinary Man by Paul Rusesabagina – An autobiography by the guy who sheltered a bunch of people during the Rwandan Genocide in his hotel.
  • Radiance of Tomorrow by Ishmael Beah – Beah was a child soldier in Sierra Leone and I read his memoir A Long Way Gone a few years ago. And now he has a novel! And I bet it’s going to be really good, but probably a bit tragic too.
  • The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion – A re-read! Because I LOVED it on audio, and when Katie picked it as her next Fellowship of the Worms book, I was really excited to have an excuse to read it again. Posts go up on Feb. 11th, so you should grab a copy and join in!
  • Riding Rockets by Mike Mullane – This astronaut memoir was mentioned in Packing for Mars, so of course I requested it from the library as soon as I could.
  • Revival: You’re Among Friends by Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, Mark Englert – A new zombie graphic novel series to try out! I’ve heard good things about it so far.

So this may seem like a lot, but I’m optimistic. January went a LOT better than expected, and I’ll have a four-day weekend this month because of my birthday, so clearly one of those days is going to have to be a day of me reading on the couch. And you know, a lot of these are short or easy.

OH, and I’m also reading Bleak House this month for the readalong, but I think we’re aiming to finish it in March because it’s effing HUGE, so it’ll go in March’s TBR pile.

I’m so excited for the awesome reading I have ahead of me! Anything in particular you’re aiming to read this month?


February Mini-Review Recap!

Well, I didn’t get as much read in February as I wanted to, so this will be short. Also, for the Harry Potter readalong and the Vanity Fair readalong I’m halfway through the books – so really I did more reading than it looks like, but those won’t count until I finish them in March.

retribution falls

Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding – Awesome, fantastic book about the crew of the airship Ketty Jay, with some steampunk elements. There’s adventure, piracy, gun fights, daemonism, golems, and a fun interesting cast of characters. LOVED it! Totally gave me book hangover because I wanted to read the second book ASAP.

one good earl deserves a lover

One Good Earl Deserves A Lover by Sarah MacLean – Historical romance with a scientist heroine. It wasn’t great, but it was a good quick fluffy read with some sexy-times.

the black lung captain

The Black Lung Captain by Chris Wooding – Sequel to Retribution Falls, and further cementing my affection for this series. It was just as fun and bad-ass as the first book, and more backstory on some of the characters. And no second-book syndrome, meaning it was entertaining and interesting and didn’t suck AT ALL. Can’t wait to read the third one!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling – Continuing in the readalong fun! Still love it. It’s magic, siriusly. My readalong posts are here and here. (We’re halfway through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire now.)

the martian chronicles

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury – Really good classic sci-fi literature in the form of loosely-connected short stories, in which Bradbury imagines humans going to Mars in a really bleak and depressing, but cautionary, way. Read it with Rebecca from Love At First Book, and it was fun to email each other back and forth about it!

And that was it! I tried to squeeze another book into these last couple of days but that just didn’t happen.

So, thoughts? Have you read any of these? Or do you want to now?


February IMM vlog

* Note to self… stop slouching….

Hey guys, here’s my IMM for February! And the books that I blab about in order…

  • The Tattooed Duke by Maya Rodale
  • How to Live on Mars by Robert Zubrin
  • A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire
  • The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon
  • A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
  • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – SIGNED, 20th Anniversary Edition!

So that’s it! Hopefully I’ll remember to do March’s IMM on time, lol…