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Sarah Sunday

This was a weirdly busy week, capped off my a surprise visit from my mom and nephew! Which is great, of course, except yeah my reading is really suffering this month.

Reading: I still feel like I’m in a slump, but I finally settled on re-reading Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn so that at least I’m working on a Read Harder challenge. Plus it’s a super fun book and the sequel comes out this summer so I’ll be all refreshed for it!

Watching: American Horror Story (ugh, season 5) still, but also some of The Office. On Valentine’s Day night we made a pizza together and then watched Valentine’s Day episodes of The Office, which was pretty great.

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Listening: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah still. If I try really hard, I’ll be able to finish it this month – I have about 4 hours to go. I only have 3 hours of commuting left of the month (my drive is only a measly 20 minutes, barely), and that’s my main listening time. Maybe if family isn’t around I can take walks after work, because the weather this week is supposed to be in the high 40’s (so warm!)

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Eating: Gummy bears! Also I drank basically nothing but coffee and wine this weekend, so I really need to hydrate on Monday.

Thinking: Things. I really can’t go into more detail than that.

Citizening: I called my reps twice this week. I also bought Celeste (who runs a coffee because really, the work she’s putting into the site is so valuable.

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Anticipating: Iron Fist coming out on Netflix on March 17? I guess? Actually I have very mixed feelings. I’m looking forward to it because Netflix / Marvel has been doing an awesome job with these shows. I’m NOT looking forward to it because I feel like this is going to be the weakest of the bunch. I’m disappointed that they didn’t pick an Asian actor to play Danny Rand. They had a chance to do something really great there, especially after the white-washing bullshit in Doctor Strange and the racist bullshit in Daredevil season 2, but they didn’t. “White dude becomes the best at Asian martial arts” is a tired old storyline that I have no interest in. BUT – I want to watch The Defenders, which is going to include Iron Fist, so I’m going to watch it.

Exercising: As per usual, I went twice during the week and not at all over the weekend. I mean if I can at least maintain that, I can try to build on it, right?

Hope your weekend was delightful.


Sarah Sunday (a little late) 

Well, family was here for a little over a week and it was awesome to see everybody. There was a minor issue when my brother couldn’t get on his flight because they refused to fly his dog, so my mom flew to CA and rented a car and her and my brother (and dog) drove CROSS COUNTRY to get him back here. And now little brother is back in town to stay for a while, which is fabulous; and as you can see in in the picture below, he looks good despite being in that bad accident a few months ago.

I loved having everyone around for the week, and I’m SO GLAD we have a bigger place where everyone can hang out when they’re here. But I’m also very glad now to have an empty house and some peace and quiet. Gabby is happy too, she basically lived in our bedroom while everyone was here. She’s such an untrusting kitty. On the downside, someone got me sick before they left, so that sucks. My throat is killing me. Anyways, on to updates and stuff.

Reading: I finally finished re-reading Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon, for the fourth or fifth time. I’d been re-reading it since October, so it’s nice to have that checked off. The Outlander books are GREAT for comfort/random something to read in bed re-reads. I also finished I’m Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi which was great. And now I’m FINALLY reading The Wangs vs The World by Jade Chang. Woohoo!

Watching: OMG basically nothing. We really need to finish Blacklist season 3 and American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Listening: The Hamilton Mixtape!! Okay my favorites so far: Wrote My Way Out, An Open Letter, Helpless (OMG Ja Rule and Ashanti), Congratulations, Cabinet Battle #3 (obviously), and History Has Its Eyes On You.

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And I really, really don’t like Kelly Clarkson’s rendition of It’s Quiet Uptown. That’s probably my least favorite so far.

Eating: I made stuffed artichokes and spinach lasagna rolls last weekend for our family’s Christmas get-together and we proceeded to mostly eat leftovers all week. We also made tacos at one point and then I made a breakfast taco and it was so delicious.

Blogging: I’m still here. The rest of the year will probably be pretty quiet honestly but I’ll try to get a review or two up.

Thinking: About what I want from 2017. The new year always brings a sense of a fresh start, but I’m also turning 30 in February, so yeah. I don’t usually do a typical New Years Resolution thing, but I’m kind of craving that kind of discipline in my life a little, so we’ll see what happens.

Anticipating: Hunkering down with 2016 reading and book-buying stats and putting together fun end-of-year infographics, best-of lists, and wrap-up posts.

I also want to mention some politics stuff. Since Election Day a month ago, I know a lot of us have been struggling. I recently listened to the Post-Election episode of the Get Booked podcast and it was fantastic. Amanda and Jenn suggest books to make you feel better, but then also books and resources to encourage you to get off your butt and DO SOMETHING. One of the things they suggest is signing up for the Looking to Help TinyLetter, which I did and it’s been great so far. Maya sends a TinyLetter just about every day, with links to relevant news and actions you can take. Some actions are signing a petition, some are donating money, and some are calling your representatives – complete with links to contact info and scripts. Check it out. I’m thinking of adding some categories to my Sarah Sunday posts, and one of them will probably be Citizen-ing – what I’ve done that week to do good, and to make my voice heard so that our civil liberties have a shot at surviving the next four years.

If anyone else has good activism resources to suggest, drop them in the comments.

(A Late) Sarah Sunday

This is going to be a long ramble, because my family was in town all at once and it was super exciting. My mom, little sister, and nephew (Devil Baby) have been living in NYC for almost a year, and my little brother moved to California in February – but the stars aligned and they were all able to come back home this past weekend for the birthday part for my other niece and nephew  🙂

It was a crazy weekend – everyone stayed in my tiny apartment in the living room. Friday was the most relaxed, since I had to work from home during the day and the family wanted to go visit friends and whatnot. Saturday was mostly spent shopping, since I still had to buy my niece and nephew birthday presents. I got them each a comic and a Marvel Funko-Pop, which I was probably more excited about then they were. (I take that back, Emma was SUPER psyched about Squirrel Girl.) Sunday was the big birthday party! Big sister really knows how to throw something awesome together – there was a bounce house, cotton-candy machine, and a popcorn machine – plus a nacho bar, hot dogs and burgers, and plenty of drinks and cupcakes.



After the birthday party, we headed to Lasertron, which has surprisingly awesome food. We filled up on quesadillas and drinks, and then I got talked into laser tag. It was more expensive than I’d prefer, but damn that was fun. It was a free-for-all mode, but I never came in last, so good enough. And then we played some arcade games, because of course. And they have a really fun alien shooter game.


Big sis Heather, Little sis’s boyfriend, Little sis Amanda, Little brother EJ, the honeyman, and me


The donut wrapping paper I used for the kids’ birthday presents is just fantastic.

And then, sadly, Monday came. The last day. We have been planning to get matching tattoos for at least the last month. Somehow arrows is the only thing we all agreed on – I lobbied HARD for an artichoke (or something that looks even a little bit like an artichoke) to be on the end of it, but that never panned out. For the record, an artichoke would have been PERFECT for a family tattoo, but whatever. The arrows are neat though – since everyone is so scattered and there’s a strong chance of me moving at some point within the next year or so as well, the directional thing works. So we all got the same arrows, though in different locations. And me brother and I went all-black. I never put colors in my tattoos.

imageMine is the bottom left, on my wrist. And I added Harry Potter stars while I was at it. I have them on the right wrist, I should’ve got them on the left wrist at the same time but didn’t. So now those are complete finally, yay.

Anyways, so the tattoos happened and one last big dinner out, and then people started heading home. Everyone but EJ left around 12:30 AM, and I had to take EJ to the airport for his 6:45 AM flight yesterday morning, so it was a looooong day. I came home yesterday and slept for 12 hours straight.

Love my family, can’t wait to see them all again. And for now I’m REALLY looking forward to a quiet Memorial Day weekend. I’m going to read as much as humanly possible, outside if I can. And possibly go see the new X-Men movie.

Phew! How was your weekend? Plans for the upcoming?