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Sarah Sunday!

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Good morning there folks!

Sarah update: So, this week went by super fast but it was a good week. On Monday was relaxed alllllll day. I went online a lot, read a bit, and catalogued books. It was very peaceful. On Tuesday the honeyman actually had off of work so we got to relax for most of the day. He got Prototype 2 for PS3 so he played that and I sat on the couch and read – I miss us doing that, we’re always too busy these days! And of course Tuesday was game night, which was fun – we went over to our friends’ house for dinner, played some Modern Warfare, played Pass the Popcorn, and watched the movie Major Payne. Wednesday I did laundry and ran errands, and then before I knew it I was back at work. Work wasn’t too bad this week though, so yay! Although I can’t wait to leave work today cause it’s date night tonight! Not sure what we’re doing yet… I’m either cooking and we’ll have a Once Upon a Time marathon, or we’ll go out to eat and see a movie. Either way I’m excited!

I’m hoping this week coming up will be nice and laid back, but probably not. It’s our friend’s birthday on Friday so we need to go shop for stuff, plus it’s my nephew and niece’s birthday party on Saturday and I have to go buy them presents AKA books. (I can’t believe they’re turning 7 and 4… )Β  Plus you know, laundry, errands, and reading / blogging. OH and I’m supposed to go shopping with a friend, and possibly see a friend I haven’t seen in AGES, and hopefully get some time in with my older sis… yeah this week is going to be insane. I already don’t like it, lol.

Bookish update: The biggest thing this week was that I FINISHED cataloguing my books! (Well, almost – I have to catalog the ones that I still have lent out to people *cough*Heather*ahem*) I’ll do a blog post later in the week about it, but I enjoyed going through all of my books and re-organizing them and stuff. I’m glad to finally be done though.

Also, I finished Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku. I’ve started working on the review, so that should be up tomorrow. I can’t wait to blab about it. And now I’m finally reading Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore, which is so far very different from his other books, and I’m slowly reading This is a Book by Demetri Martin, which is full of hilarious randomness.

I’m hoping to finish one or both of these by mid-week because I really want to start another science-y book. I’m on a science streak, I can’t help it. And I’m trying to refrain from buying MORE science books until I read some of the ones I already have, so obviously I need to focus on those more.

OK so that’s my little weekend update! How is everyone else’s weekend going?



Sarah Sunday!

Good morning everybody!

Sarah update: I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who left such sweet comments to me about my grandma in my last post. That really wasn’t my intention in that post, but you guys are all amazing and so supportive. Thank you πŸ™‚

Grandma is coming home on Monday to start hospice care, which basically means that she’s coming home in a hospital bed, and she’ll have no IV, no more hospital trips, etc. Just meds to manage any pain or discomfort that she has. When we met with the palliative care doctor last week, he said given her condition it could be weeks, maybe months. Honestly it looks like weeks, because she can’t really keep any food down. We’ve known this was coming – she was diagnosed with the pancreatic cancer in July. It definitely sucks, and there’s a whole lot of family-drama involved with it that I’m not going to go into right now. I’m just trying to focus more on Grandma now, & worry about the family drama stuff later.

So, most of this week was spent with me going to the hospital with mom to meet with the hospice care people and stuff. The weather was gorgeous earlier this week, we had some 80-degree days (in March!!), so I got outside when I could. Unfortunately it’s all rainy out now, and it’s supposed to be in the 40’s the next couple days, but it looks like winter is definitely gone here. Considering that my city has been known to get snow in April, it’s kind of a miracle that we had such a short, easy winter.

Other than the hospital trips, I didn’t really do much this week. The honeyman’s car has been giving us some trouble this week, so there’s been a lot of running around to take care of that. Plus I still need some stuff on my car fixed (not major stuff, but still), and my mom had to get a new windshield on her car this week. NOT a good time for us, car-wise. I had one shift at LB, I did some laundry, and whenever I could I hung out with the honeyman. We’ve caught up on season 8 of The Office on Hulu. I have to say, I’m surprised how much I’m still enjoying it without Steve Carrell. I thought it would suck, but it doesn’t.

Bookish update: I spent about a day and a half this week going through all of my books, and I’m not even halfway done yet. Shelf by shelf, I’ve been removing the books to wipe down the shelf, setting aside books I don’t want anymore, scanning all of the books I’m still keeping to the Book Catalogue app on my phone, double-checking to make sure they’re also all in the Microsoft Works book log I keep on the computer, and then re-shelving them according to “read” and “haven’t read yet”, and size, of course. It’s a lengthy process (especially when I have to create a book in the book app, because it’s so old and doesn’t have an ISBN), but it’s also nice to have something to focus intently on, and it reminds me why I have so many books I haven’t read yet. It makes me want to just sit there on the floor, surrounded by books, and read them ALL.

I finished A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy this week, which was good. Last night at the mall the honeyman bought me the next book, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. I’m re-reading The Fiery Cross (Outlander #5) right now. I figured re-readingΒ one of my favorite books would be a good comfort read while I’m dealing with all this grandma stuff. I’ll probably read The Restaurant at the End of the Universe along with it, I seem to be able to read one chunky novel and one short novel together okay.

So, that’s about all the updating I have. Hope everyone has a good week!


Sarah Sunday!

Good morning people!

Sarah update: So, most of this past week was dedicated to hanging out with my sis Amanda and baby L. As you can see, he’s getting bigger – he’s over 7 months now, and starting to crawl which is absolutely adorable. However, he’s also in that annoying age in which he cries everytime you leave the room and constantly pulls on your hair, so the three days that they stayed with me were exhausting. It also means I got practically nothing done those days, no reading, cleaning, etc.

And then of course I had to be back at work on Thursday, but work actually wasn’t that bad this week – a lot slower than usual. I got a flat tire on Thursday and had to have my dad come to my job and put my spare on for me, and then did a lot of running around with that. I still need to get a new tire, because we plugged the one that went flat but the tire should be replaced. Plus I have to have my brakes looked at, and an oil change done, etc. Ugh.

On the happier side of things, the weather has been GORGEOUS this week, in the upper 60’s for the most part. The honeyman and I even got to take a walk in the park late yesterday afternoon. I miss being outside. Also, some jeans at Second Job were discounted a lot so I got two new pairs for $20, when they’re usually like $50 each. Plus a super-cute new black shirt.

I’m so happy today is Sunday. I have a nice four days off this coming week, and I’m going to try my hardest to relax and do my own thing as much as possible. I even have a new yoga DVD to try. I may have to go do that car stuff after work today, then hopefully I’ll be grocery shopping with the honeyman. I’m planning on making scallops for dinner (YUM) and tonight is the season finale of The Walking Dead! And while it’s an awesome show, I’m kind of glad the season is over so that our date nights can be more varied – movies, mini-golf, etc.


Bookish news: I finished In Search of the Multiverse! It was such a great book, and I already have some other books about the same kind of stuff bought and waiting to be read. I’m working on the review today, so that should be up sometime tomorrow. I’m also about 60 pages away from finishing The Tattooed Duke. And then I’m not sure what I’ll read next… I haven’t really decided.

In other news, the big semi-annual Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon is only about a month away! It’s on April 21st… I’m debating how much time I might be able to take off of work that weekend in order to participate. I’m excited though, I’m already starting to single out books in my mind to set aside for that day. Yay!

I’m thinking about using my days off this week to start re-arranging my books, scanning them all into the Book Catalogue app on my phone, and making sure they’re all logged on my Microsoft Works spreadsheet. It’s a huge project and I’ve been putting it off until I knew I’d have a big chunk of time to start with. I’m really itching to finally use that app though, plus the library embosser my sis Heather got me for Christmas.


Anyhoo, that seems to be about it for this week. Not very exciting stuff. But that’s probably a good thing, I could use a little boredom this week πŸ™‚

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!