Reviews (by Author)

*** If I book has multiple authors, it will be filed under the first author listed on the cover of the book.

***** Comic series reviews are listed alphabetically by title after the “Z” authors.


Adams, Douglas – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi – Americanah

Ahern, Cecelia – The Book of Tomorrow

Ahmed, Saladin – Throne of the Crescent Moon

Ajak, Benjamin – They Poured Fire On Us From the Sky

Alcott, Louisa May – Little Women

Alexander, Michelle – The New Jim Crow

Al-Khalili, Jim – Paradox: The Nine Greatest Enigmas in Physics

Allen, Sarah Addison – The Peach Keeper

Anderson, Catherine – Comanche Moon

Anthony, Piers – On A Pale Horse

Asante, M.K. – Buck

Asimov, Isaac – I, Robot

Atwood, Margaret – Oryx and Crake

Austen, Jane – Emma

Austen, Jane – Pride and Prejudice

Austen, Jane – Northanger Abbey

Austen, Jane – Persuasion

Austen, Jane – Sense and Sensibility


Bach, Rachel – Fortune’s Pawn (Paradox Trilogy #1)

Bach, Rachel – Honor’s Knight (Paradox Trilogy #2)

Barbieri, Heather – The Cottage at Glass Beach

Bardugo, Leigh – Shadow and Bone

Barry, Max – Lexicon

Bauermeister, Erica – Joy for Beginners

Baum, L. Frank – The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

Bender, Aimee – The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

Bendis, Brian Michael- Age of Ultron

Blake, Heather – It Takes a Witch

Blake, Heather – A Witch Before Dying

Bollers, Karl – Watson and Holmes: Volume 1

Bradbury, Ray – The Martian Chronicles

Bray, Libba – Beauty Queens

Bray, Libba – The Diviners (#1)

Brennert, Alan – Moloka’i

Broaddus, Maurice – King Maker

Bronte, Anne – Agnes Grey

Bronte, Anne – The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Bronte, Charlotte – Jane Eyre

Brosgol, Vera – Anya’s Ghost

Brosh, Allie – Hyperbole and a Half

Brown, Eleanor – The Weird Sisters

Brown, Jeffrey – A Matter of Life

Brunt, Carol Rifka – Tell the Wolves I’m Home

Burkett, Elinor – The Baby Boon: How Family-Friendly America Cheats the Childless

Butler, Nancy – Marvel Comic’s Pride and Prejudice 

Butler, Octavia – Adulthood Rites (The Xenogenesis Trilogy #2)

Butler, Octavia – Dawn (The Xenogenesis Trilogy #1)


Campbell, Jen – Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores

Camus, Albert – The Stranger

Card, Orson Scott – A War of Gifts: An Ender Story

Card, Orson Scott – Ender’s Game

Cashore, Kristin – Bitterblue

Cashore, Kristin – Fire

Cashore, Kristin – Graceling

Chambers, Becky – The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

Chenoweth, Kristin – A Little Bit Wicked: Life, Love, and Faith in Stages

Chu, Wesley – The Lives of Tao

Chu, Wesley – The Deaths of Tao

Chu, Wesley – The Rebirths of Tao

Chu, Wesley – The Days of Tao (novella)

Chu, Wesley – The Rise of Io

Clarke, Cassandra Rose – The Mad Scientist’s Daughter

Clarke, Susanna – Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

Cline, Ernest – Ready Player One

Clines, Peter – Ex-Heroes

Clines, Peter – Ex-Patriots

Close, Frank – Antimatter

Cohn, Rachel – Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares

Cohn, Rachel – Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Cole, Alyssa – Radio Silence (Off the Grid #1)

Cole, Kresley – The Warlord Wants Forever (Immortals After Dark #1)

Cole, Trevor – Practical Jean

Common – One Day It’ll All Make Sense

Condie, Ally – Matched

Connolly, John – The Book of Lost Things

Connolly, John – The Gates

Cox, Brian – Why Does E-Mc2? (and why should we care?)

Crichton, Michael – Jurassic Park

Crichton, Michael – Prey

Croshaw, Yahtzee – Jam

Crusie, Jennifer – Anyone But You

Crusie, Jennifer – Bet Me

Crusie, Jennifer – Charlie All Night

Crusie, Jennifer – Manhunting

Crusie, Jennifer – Maybe This Time


Dahl, Roald – Matilda

Davidson, Andrew – The Gargoyle

de Cervantes, Miguel – Don Quixote (Part 1 of 4)

Defoe, Gideon – The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists

Defoe, Gideon – The Pirates! In an Adventure with Ahab

deGrasse Tyson, Neil – Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier

Dennis-Benn, Nicole – Here Comes the Sun

DeWitt, Patrick – The Sisters Brothers

Dickens, Charles – A Christmas Carol

Donati, Sara – Into the Wilderness

du Maurier, Daphne – Rebecca

Dunn, Mark – Ella Minnow Pea


Eckstein, Bob – The History of the Snowman

Egan, Jennifer – A Visit From the Goon Squad

Ephron, Nora – I Feel Bad About My Neck

Extence, Gavin – The Universe Versus Alex Woods


Fey, Tina – Bossypants

Feynman, Richard – The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

Feynman, Richard – Six Easy Pieces

Fforde, Jasper – First Among Sequels (Thursday Next #5)

Fforde, Jasper – Lost in a Good Book (Thursday Next #2)

Fforde, Jasper – One of Our Thursdays is Missing (Thursday Next #6)

Fforde, Jasper – Something Rotten (Thursday Next #4)

Fforde, Jasper – The Eyre Affair (Thursday Next #1)

Fforde, Jasper – The Well of Lost Plots (Thursday Next #3)

Fforde, Jasper – The Last Dragonslayer

Fforde, Katie – Love Letters

Fitzgerald, F. Scott – The Great Gatsby

Follett, Ken – The Pillars of the Earth

Follett, Ken – World Without End

Forster, E.M. – A Room With a View

Foster, Amy – When Autumn Leaves

Fowler, Karen Joy – The Jane Austen Book Club

Franzen, Jonathan – The Corrections


Gabaldon, Diana – A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows Eve

Gabaldon, Diana – The Exile

Gabaldon, Diana – Outlander (#1)

Gabaldon, Diana – Dragonfly in Amber (#2)

Gabaldon, Diana  – Voyager (#3)

Gabaldon, Diana – Drums of Autumn (#4)

Gabaldon, Diana – The Fiery Cross (#5)

Gabaldon, Diana – A Breath of Snow and Ashes (#6)

Gabaldon, Diana – An Echo in the Bone (#7)

Gabaldon, Diana – Written in My Own Heart’s Blood (#8)

Gabaldon, Diana – The Scottish Prisoner: A Lord John Novel

Gabaldon, Diana – The Space Between

Gaiman, Neil – American Gods Ch. 1-6, Ch. 7-10, Ch. 11-13, Ch. 14-end

Gaines, Ernest J. – A Lesson Before Dying

Gawande, Atul – The Checklist Manifesto

Gay, Roxane – Bad Feminst

Gear, W. Michael – People of the Wolf

Gibran, Kahlil – The Beloved

Gibran, Kahlil – The Prophet

Golding, William – Lord of the Flies

Gonzales, Manuel – The Regional Office is Under Attack!

Goolrick, Robert – A Reliable Wife

Grant, Mira – Blackout (The Newsflesh Trilogy #3)

Grant, Mira – Deadline (The Newsflesh Trilogy #2)

Grant, Mira – Feed (The Newsflesh Trilogy #1)

Grant, Mira – Parasite (Parasitology #1)

Green, John – An Abundance of Katherines

Green, John – Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Green, Simon R. – Something From the Nightside

Gregory, Philippa – The Other Boleyn Girl

Gresh, Lois H. – The Hunger Games Companion – The Unauthorized Guide to the Series 

Gribbin, John – In Search of the Multiverse

Grossman, Lev – The Magicians

Guerrero, Diane – In the Country We Love

Gyasi, Yaa – Homegoing


Hadfield, Chris – An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

Haig, Matt – The Humans

Halpern, Paul – Edge of the Universe

Handler, Chelsea – Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea

Handler, Chelsea – Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me

Handler, Chelsea – My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands

Hannah, Krisitin – Night Road

Harkness, Deborah – A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy #1)

Harkness, Deborah – Shadow of Night (All Souls Trilogy #2)

Harris, Charlaine – Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1)

Harris, Charlaine – Living Dead In Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse #2)

Harris, Joanne – Chocolat

Harrison, Kim – Dead Witch Walking

Hawking, Lucy & Stephen – George’s Secret Key to the Universe

Hawking, Stephen – My Brief History

Hayes, Antonia – Relativity

Healy, Christopher – The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom

Hendrix, Grady – Horrorstor

Hendrix, Grady – My Best Friend’s Exorcism

Hill, Joe – The Fireman

Hill, Joe – Heart-Shaped Box

Hill, Joe – Horns

Hill, Joe – NOS4A2

Hill, Lawrence – Someone Knows My Name

Hinton, L.S. – Maestra

Hobb, Robin – Assassin’s Apprentice (The Farseer Trilogy, #1)

Hoffman, Alice – Blackbird House

Holm, Chris F. – Dead Harvest (The Collector #1)

Hughes, Matthew – Costume Not Included (To Hell and Back #2)

Hughes, Matthew – The Damned Busters (To Hell and Back #1)

Hughes, Matthew – Hell to Pay (To Hell and Back #3)


Idliby, Ranya – The Faith Club


Jacobs, A.J. – Drop Dead Healthy

Jacobs, A.J. – The Know-It All

Jemisin, N.K. – The Broken Kingdoms (#2)

Jemisin, N.K. – The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (#1)

Jemisin, N.K. – The Kingdom of Gods (#3)

Jennings, Jazz – Being Jazz

Jio, Sarah – Blackberry Winter

Jio, Sarah – The Bungalow

Jio, Sarah – The Violets of March

Johnson, Alaya Dawn – The Summer Prince

Johnson, Mason – Sad Robot Stories

Johnson, Steven – How We Got to Now


Kadrey, Richard – Aloha From Hell (Sandman Slim #3)

Kadrey, Richard – Devil Said Bang (Sandman Slim #4)

Kadrey, Richard – Kill the Dead (Sandman Slim #2)

Kadrey, Richard – Sandman Slim

Kaku, Michio – Hyperspace

Kaku, Michio – Physics of the Future

Kaling, Mindy – Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

Kennedy, Katie – Learning How to Swear in America

Keyes, Daniel – Flowers for Algernon

King, Stephen – Joyland

King, Stephen – Misery

King, Stephen – The Stand

Kirkman, Jen – I Can Barely Take Care of Myself

Kirkman, Robert – The Walking Dead: Book One

Knisley, Lucy – Relish: My Life in the Kitchen

Krakauer, Jon – Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town

Kramer, Kiernan – When Harry Met Molly

Kris, Rob, Matt & Dave – Cyanide & Happiness, Volume 1

Kristoff, Jay – Kinslayer (The Lotus War #2)

Kristoff, Jay – Stormdancer (The Lotus War #1)

Krueger, Paul – Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge

Kuhn, Sarah – Heroine Complex


Lackey, Mercedes – Beauty and the Werewolf

Lahiri, Jhumpa – The Lowland

L’Amour, Lous – Kiowa Trail

Larkin, Allie – Stay

Larsen, Hazel M.  – Perfect Fudge

Layman, John – Chew: Volume 1

Leckie, Ann – Ancillary Justice (Imperial Radch #1)

le Guin, Ursula K. – The Lathe of Heaven

Leroy, Margaret – The Soldier’s Wife

Levithan, David – The Lover’s Dictionary: A Novel

Levitt, Steven D. – Think Like a Freak

Lewis, C.S. – The Screwtape Letters

Lightman, Alan – Einstein’s Dreams

Lipson, Hod – Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing

Lopatina, Irina – White Raven; The Sword of Northern Ancestors

Lukyanenko, Sergei – Night Watch

Lynch, Scott – The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastards #1)

Lynch, Scott – Red Seas Under Red Skies (Gentleman Bastards #2)

Lynch, Scott – The Republic of Thieves (Gentleman Bastards #3)


Macomber, Debbie – The Perfect Christmas

MacLean, Sarah – Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake

MacLean, Sarah – One Good Earl Deserves a Lover

Magary, Drew – The Hike

Magary, Drew – The Postmortal

Maguire, Gregory – Son of a Witch (The Wicked Years #2)

Maguire, Gregory – Wicked: The Life & Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Mandel, Emily St. John – Station Eleven

Marion, Isaac – Warm Bodies

Martin, George R.R. – A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire #2)

Martin, George R.R. – A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire #4)

Martin, George R.R. – A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1)

Martin, George R.R. – A Storm of Swords ( A Song of Ice and Fire #3)

Martin, Steve – Shopgirl

McCloud, Scott – Understanding Comics

McRaney, David – You Are Not So Smart

Medeiros, Teresa – Goodnight Tweetheart

Mendelsund, Peter – What We See When We Read

Miller, Madeline – The Song of Achilles

Miodownik, Mark – Stuff Matters

Miranda, Lin-Manuel – Hamilton: The Revolution

Mone, Gregory – The Truth About Santa: Wormholes, Robots, and What Really Happens on Christmas Eve

Moore, Christopher – A Dirty Job

Moore, Christopher – Bloodsucking Fiends

Moore, Christopher – Fool

Moore, Christopher – Practical Demonkeeping

Moore, Christopher – Sacre Bleu

Moore, Christopher – You Suck: A Love Story

Moran, Caitlin – How to Be a Woman

Moran, Johanna – The Wives of Henry Oades

Moran, Michelle – Madame Tussaud: A Novel of the French Revolution

Morganstern, Erin – The Night Circus

Morrison, Toni – Beloved

Morrison, Toni – The Bluest Eye

Mott, Jason – The Returned

Murakami, Hakuri – Norwegian Wood Chaps. 1-4, Chaps. 5 and 6, Chaps. 7-9, Chaps. 10 and 11


Naam, Ramez – Nexus

Norman, Matthew – Domestic Violets


Okorafor, Nnedi – Binti

Okorafor, Nnedi – Who Fears Death

Older, Daniel José – Salsa Nocturna

Older, Daniel José – Shadowshaper

O’Malley, Bryan Lee – Seconds

Ottaviani, Jim – Feynman

Oyeyemi, Helen – Mr. Fox


Paige, Danielle – Dorothy Must Die

Paolini, Christopher – Inheritance (#4)

Pascal, Francine – Fearless #1

Penny, Laurie – Cybersexism: Sex, Gender and Power on the Internet

Perkins, Stephanie – Anna and the French Kiss

Perkins, Stephanie – Lola and the Boy Next Door

Petersen, Jesse – Eat, Slay Love (#3)

Petersen, Jesse – Flip This Zombie (#2)

Petersen, Jesse – In The Dead: Volume One

Petersen, Jesse – Married With Zombies (#1)

Petersen, Jesse – Shambling With the Stars

Pfeffer, Susan Beth – Life As We Knew It (#1)

Pfeffer, Susan Beth – The Dead and The Gone (#2)

Pfeffer, Susan Beth – This World We Live In (#3)

Phillips, Helen – The Beautiful Bureaucrat

Poehler, Amy – Yes, Please

Pollitt, Katha – PRO: Reclaiming Abortion Rights

Portis, Charles – True Grit

Pratchett, Terry – Good Omens


Quinn, Julia – A Night Like This

Quinn, Julia – Just Like Heaven

Quinn, Julia – The Sum of All Kisses


Rae, Issa – The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

Redniss, Lauren – Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout

Rees, Martin – Just Six Numbers

Rhimes, Shonda – The Year of Yes

Ridgway, Bee – The River of No Return

Riggs, Ransom – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Roach, Mary – Grunt

Roach, Mary – Packing for Mars

Roach, Mary – Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

Rodale, Maya – The Tattooed Duke

Rothfuss, Patrick – The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicles, Day One)

Rothfuss, Patrick – The Wise Man’s Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicles, Day Two)

Rowell, Rainbow – Attachments

Rowell, Rainbow – Eleanor & Park

Rowell, Rainbow – Fangirl

Rowell, Rainbow – Landline

Rowling, J.K. – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Rowling, J.K. – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Rowling, J.K. – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Rowling, J.K. – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Rowling, J.K. – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Rowling, J.K. – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Rowling, J.K. – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Rowling, J.K. – The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Rowling, J.K. – The Cuckoo’s Calling (Cormoran Strike #1)

Rudder, Christian – Dataclysm

Ruiz Zafon, Carlos – The Shadow of the Wind

Russell, Mary Doria – The Sparrow

Russo, Richard – Empire Falls

Ryan, Carrie – The Forest of Hands and Teeth


Sachar, Louis – Holes

Sáenz, Benjamin Alire – Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Saintcrow, Lilith – Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine #2)

Saintcrow, Lilith – Working for the Devil (Dante Valentine #1)

Sawyer, Robert J. – Flashforward

Sawyer, Robert J. – Hominids (#1)

Sawyer, Robert J. – Humans (#2)

Sawyer, Robert J. – Hybrids (#3)

Semple, Maria – Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

Sepetys, Ruta – Between Shades of Gray

Seton, Anya – Katherine

Shakespeare, William – Much Ado About Nothing

Sheridan, Sam – The Disaster Diaries: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypse

Simons, Paullina – The Bronze Horseman

Simons, Paullina – The Summer Garden

Simonson, Helen – Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand

Simsion, Graeme – The Rosie Project

Sloan, Robin – Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore

Smolin, Lee – Three Roads to Quantum Gravity

Spalding, Nick – Love From Both Sides

Spiegelman, Art – Maus 1 & Maus 2

Steifvater, Maggie – Shiver

Steinbeck, John – East of Eden

Steinbeck, John – The Grapes of Wrath

Stephens, John – The Emerald Atlas

Stevenson, Bryan – Just Mercy

Stevenson, Robert Louis – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Strayed, Cheryl – Tiny Beautiful Things

Stroud, Jonathan – The Amulet of Samarkand (The Bartimaeus Trilogy #1)

Switek, Brian – My Beloved Brontosaurus: On the Road with Old Bones, New Science, and Our Favorite Dinosaurs


Thackeray, William Makepeace – Vanity Fair

Thompson, Clive – Smarter Than You Think

Thompson, Craig – Blankets

Thompson, Craig – Habibi

Thurston, Baratunde – How to Be Black

Tolkien, J.R.R. – The Fellowship of the Ring (Lord of the Rings #1)

Towles, Amor – Rules of Civility

Turgeon, Carolyn – Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story

Turgeon, Carolyn – Mermaid

Tyler, Aisha – Self-Inflicted Wounds: Heartwarming tales of Epic Humiliation



Valenti, Jessica – Full Frontal Feminism

VanderMeer, Jeff – Annihilation (The Southern Reach trilogy #1)

Verne, Jules – Around the World in Eighty Days

Vonnegut, Kurt – Breakfast of Champions


Walker, Karen Thompson – The Age of Miracles

Walker, Rebecca – Adé

Walker, Sarai – Dietland

Wallace, Carey – The Blind Contessa’s New Machine

Washington Post – Landmark

Webber, Heather – Definitely, Maybe

Weir, Andy – The Martian

Wendig, Chuck – The Blue Blazes

Whedon, Joss – Astonishing X-Men

Whedon, Joss – Serenity: Those Left Behind (#1)

White, Betty – If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won’t)

Whitehead, Colson – The Intuitionist

Whitehead, Colson – Zone One

Williams, Saul – ,said the shotgun to the head

Wilson, Daniel H. – Amped

Wilson, G. Willow – Alif the Unseen

Winchester, Simon – The Professor and the Madman

Wooding, Chris – The Ace of Skulls (Tales of the Ketty Jay #4)

Wooding, Chris – The Black Lung Captain (Tales of the Ketty Jay #2)

Wooding, Chris – The Iron Jackal (Tales of the Ketty Jay #3)

Wooding, Chris – Retribution Falls (Tales of the Ketty Jay #1)

Woodson, Jacqueline – Brown Girl Dreaming

Woolf, Virginia – A Room of One’s Own

Wright, Jason F. – The Wednesday Letters



Yang, Gene Luen – Boxers

Yang, Gene Luen – Saints

Young, Karen Romano – The Beetle and Me: A Love Story

Yovanoff, Brenda – The Replacement


Zito, V.M. – The Return Man

Zubrin, Robert – The Case for Mars: The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must

Zusak, Marcus – The Book Thief


COMICS (series)

Age of Ultron by Brian Michael Bendis (and others)

Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday

Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory – Volumes 1 through 8

Deadpool: ClassicVolume 1

East of West by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta – Volumes 1 and 2


Watson and Holmes by Karl Bollers and Rick Leonardi – Volume 1



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