Ratings & Review Policy

1 star –Β  Awful, won’t try anything else by the author.

2 stars – Didn’t like it, but there were a couple good things about it.

3 stars – So-so. Feel kind of indifferent about it.

4 stars – Liked it, would definitely recommend it.

5 stars – Loved it, go buy and read it now.

My Review Policy

My review policy is pretty simple – I generally do not accept books for review. Very occasionally I will enter to win an ARC on Goodreads.com, or I will contact an author for a copy of their book to review. If that is the case, I will note it in my review. Otherwise all the books I review here are either borrowed or purchased by me, read for my own reasons, and I receive no compensation for reviews.

I understand that not accepting books for review is rare for a book blogger, but I do not want reading to become something that I HAVE to do. I like to read whatever I’m in the mood for, and I feel like accepting review copies would have a negative effect on my reading habits. Please try to understand. Thank you πŸ™‚



  1. Dear Sarah,
    I saw your comment on “Completely Booksessed” about my new book “Blank Slate Kate”. If you’d like an electronic copy of it, which you can review or not at your leisure, please let me know! It’s not in the library, as far as I know, so I’d be happy to give you one. πŸ™‚
    Heather Wardell


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