Sarah Sundays

Sarah Sunday kind of

Hey kittens. I feel like posting! So weird.

Reading: Well I just finished N.K. Jemisin’s amazing Broken Earth trilogy last night and I’m gonna need a day or two before I can get into another novel because my brain is still in it. So right now I’m just in the beginning of We Were Eight Years in Power by Ta-Nehisi Coates (NetGalley arc, woohoo).

Watching: LOLOLOL I haven’t really watched anything in ages. The last thing I watched was The Addams Family movies last week, and okay yeah I forgot how awesome that first one is. Morticia and Gomez foreverrrrrr.

Image result for morticia and gomez

Image result for morticia and gomez

Listening: Just regular old music. We’re down a car again (honeyman’s vehicle just keeps on breaking) and it’s just harder to listen to podcasts and audiobooks on my commute if I’m not alone.

Eating: Coffee and a donut. #notgreatlifechoicesbutohwell

Thinking: I can’t believe Beyonce’s only 36.

Citizening: Planning to call my reps today about this DACA bullshit.

Anticipating: Reading. I’m in the mood right now to just really dig into all of my books. I’m doing a TBR Bingo thing on Litsy and I want to start crossing some books off! I’m hoping to break at least 70 books by the end of the year, and I want to hit a certain number of audiobooks… I know numbers are arbitrary, but whatever. I miss the times when I could read 100 books in a year.

Also, I bought some fall/autumn/Halloween stuff over the weekend so pretty psyched to decorate a bit too.

Image result for skeletons

Exercising: I went to the gym like 2 weeks ago! And then my family came to town and I haven’t gone again, but my knee didn’t do too awful. I did the elliptical and it was fine, except I had to REALLY pay attention while I was doing it because every now and then I’d step or something in a weird way and jolt it in a painful kind of manner…. ugh. I want to go at LEAST once this week. I can manage that, surely? Just ONCE Sarah, come on.



Checking in because it’s apparently been a while

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Oh man you guys, how is it possible that I haven’t done a single thing on here in over two months?!

Since I don’t want my blog space to die completely, and I plan on posting #boutofbooks updates here in a couple weeks, I figured I’d pop in and let you know I’m still alive – just mostly interneting via social media these days rather than here. For funsies, I’ll do a “Sarah Sundays” thing.

Reading: Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward. I was lucky enough to get approved on NetGalley and I’ve finally started it. I’m about 40% in and it’s been a little slow moving but I feel like it’s picking up now. I’m almost done with I Can’t Make This Up by Kevin Hart which I’ve been listening to on Audible and it’s been fantastic. And I just started volume 21 of Fables – the second to last trade of the series. And then maybe I’ll check out some of the one offs that tie into it.

Watching: We’re re-watching Parks and Rec, because why not. I did watch Big Little Lies, which isn’t as good as the book but I may watch the second season – unless HBO goes forward with this Confederate bullshit, in which case maybe I’ll just stop watching any HBO shows for a while.

Listening: Well, to the Kevin Hart audiobook mostly, and then I need to catch up on Book Riot podcasts because I’m way behind. I’ve also been downloading a lot of old songs that were big back when I was in middle school.

Eating: Coffee. (I forgot to buy anything breakfast related when I grocery shopped this week.) Also my mom’s clams linguine.

Thinking: Wooooo, lots:

About being glad that Google fired that sexist idiot but disturbed there are so many people supporting him.

About how much I want to buy Lords of Waterdeep with the Skullport expansion when I get paid this week.

About how all I want to do after work is play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel with the honeyman but also reading time would be nice too.

About this new app I installed to help me save – it’s connected to my account and every time I use my debit card, it rounds up the change and moves it to savings. And I have to set to move $2 to savings every time I buy Starbucks, and $2 every time I buy something at Barnes and Noble, and it’s just really neat so far. Anyone using anything similar? I researched it a lot and seems legit and highly recommended. So far I have $7 saved towards a new car and $4 saved towards my next tattoo.

About cleaning this weekend because we’re putting a futon in my book room (thanks Mom!)

Citizening: I’ve been more sporadic which sucks, but I did contact both my senators and my House rep recently about AG Sessions announcement that he plans to try to go after the press in an attempt to investigate leaks.

Anticipating: Bout of Books! Guess I’ll make this my sign-up post.

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda Shofner and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, August 21st and runs through Sunday, August 27th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 20 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. – From the Bout of Books team

Let me know if you have questions – I’ve been dubbed a Bout of Books Expert 😉  And you should totally go sign up because it’s gonna be awesome.

Exercising: Well besides some walks here and there, not so much. And I really really need to. I took a walk a few weeks ago and did that thing there you like half-job across the street to get out of the way of a car that’s coming and that did NOT feel pleasant on my knee. I want to go to the gym sometime this week and try the elliptical or something. Since stairs don’t feel great I’m not sure how that’ll go, but I really want to do SOMETHING.

Anyways, I feel bad about not being around the blogosphere much anymore. Honestly my time is just more limited than it was years ago. Hopefully I’ll start coming around more often at least with TBR posts and stuff soon. How have you guys been?!

Sarah Sunday

This was a weirdly busy week, capped off my a surprise visit from my mom and nephew! Which is great, of course, except yeah my reading is really suffering this month.

Reading: I still feel like I’m in a slump, but I finally settled on re-reading Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn so that at least I’m working on a Read Harder challenge. Plus it’s a super fun book and the sequel comes out this summer so I’ll be all refreshed for it!

Watching: American Horror Story (ugh, season 5) still, but also some of The Office. On Valentine’s Day night we made a pizza together and then watched Valentine’s Day episodes of The Office, which was pretty great.

Image result for valentine's day the office

Listening: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah still. If I try really hard, I’ll be able to finish it this month – I have about 4 hours to go. I only have 3 hours of commuting left of the month (my drive is only a measly 20 minutes, barely), and that’s my main listening time. Maybe if family isn’t around I can take walks after work, because the weather this week is supposed to be in the high 40’s (so warm!)

Image result for trevor noah

Eating: Gummy bears! Also I drank basically nothing but coffee and wine this weekend, so I really need to hydrate on Monday.

Thinking: Things. I really can’t go into more detail than that.

Citizening: I called my reps twice this week. I also bought Celeste (who runs a coffee because really, the work she’s putting into the site is so valuable.

Image result for applause

Anticipating: Iron Fist coming out on Netflix on March 17? I guess? Actually I have very mixed feelings. I’m looking forward to it because Netflix / Marvel has been doing an awesome job with these shows. I’m NOT looking forward to it because I feel like this is going to be the weakest of the bunch. I’m disappointed that they didn’t pick an Asian actor to play Danny Rand. They had a chance to do something really great there, especially after the white-washing bullshit in Doctor Strange and the racist bullshit in Daredevil season 2, but they didn’t. “White dude becomes the best at Asian martial arts” is a tired old storyline that I have no interest in. BUT – I want to watch The Defenders, which is going to include Iron Fist, so I’m going to watch it.

Exercising: As per usual, I went twice during the week and not at all over the weekend. I mean if I can at least maintain that, I can try to build on it, right?

Hope your weekend was delightful.

Sarah Sunday

I can’t handle how quick this weekend flew by. Oy. And work has been busy again, so yeah time is just flying right now. We’re basically halfway through the month already!

Reading: I finished Bad Idea by Damon Suede, a M/M romance novel. Other than that though, BASICALLY NOTHING. I lost my mojo. I keep picking up a book, reading 15-20 pages, and putting it down and then picking up another book. There’s at least 10 books on my coffee table right now and I just can’t seem to fall into any of them. UGHGHGHGH.

Image result for reading slump

Image result for reading slump

Watching: Well, we finally finished American Horror Story: Freak Show and now we’ve started Hotel. So far, not loving Hotel… kind of like Coven, I feel like it’s just a lot of shock factor with (so far) really weak character and storyline development, but whatever. I don’t know why we’re bothering, nothing will be as good as the first season.

Also, last weekend I watched the entirety of Santa Clarita Diet in one day. It’s funny, in case you’re wondering. I’m gonna re-watch at some point.

Image result for santa clarita diet

Listening: Okay, I did start listening to Born a Crime by Trevor Noah and that’s fantastic, so I guess I’m reading that right now. But I don’t have a paper copy to follow along when I’m not driving and honestly I wouldn’t want to miss his narration, so.

Eating: Coffee!!! It’s all that matters. Also we’re going to make pizza for Valentine’s Day this week and I’m pretty psyched about that.

Thinking: About how I can’t wait to dye my hair. I’m going to go for a silvery-grey-blonde color sometime in the next few weeks. I’m sick of growing out my hair and that color is just getting me. Google “silver blonde hair” or “grey blonde hair” and you’ll see kind of what I’m meaning. And I told my little brother about how I’m gonna turn thirty and look all saucy with my cool new hair and apparently saucy is now some sort of weird new slang that means something different than how I meant it?

Citizening: So, since I skipped updating last week – I made calls the week before, but this last week I didn’t make any. I just kind of felt burnt out. But I did donate to She Should Run when I got paid, and I’m going to pick up the phone again this week to talk about upcoming confirmation votes and the refugee/immigrant ban.

Anticipating: My birthday at the end of the month because I’m going to give myself a 4-day weekend and ENJOY that shit. And also my family might come into town the week after that for my Mom’s birthday! Yay!

Exercising: I went twice during the week but weekends continue to elude me. Keeping that confidence up though!



Image result for captain hammer

Alright, I gotta go dive into some comics. Comics will save me from this slump, right?

Sarah Sunday

Hey guys, guess what? I married the honeyman 1 year ago today! Time is going by way too fast. He’s at drill right now but I’m looking forward to hanging out with him later 🙂

Reading: I finished All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai this week and I’m actually going to try to write a review for it this week, since it was an e-galley and all. I’m about halfway through Hope in the Dark and not really loving it. I think maybe Rebecca Solnit is not for me. I’m also reading Battle Hill Bolero (woohoo, new Daniel Jose Older!).

Watching: Seriously I’m just re-watching stuff, but we should probably try to finish Blacklist season 3 and American Horror Story: Freak Show sometime soon. We’ve been watching them since like October.

Listening: Come Close by Common

Image result for come close by common

Eating: Ugh. Nothing but junk basically.

Exercising: Not at all this week, which SUCKS. But I know that it’s partly because my schedule this week was kind of all over the place, so moving on and getting back to my gym routine this week.

Thinking: Where we should go to dinner tonight, and hoping the honeyman gets home early enough that maybe we can squeeze in a movie or some Black Ops 3 too.

Citizen-ing: I didn’t make any calls this week, which also sucks. I suck on human-ing this week basically. I plan on calling this week about making sure PP is not de-funded, but sometimes things like that seem redundant since my reps are all Dems and are likely already going to try to do that anyways. I’ll find other things to point my focus on this week too.

Image result for lets get to work

Anticipating: The break from holidays and stuff for a while so I can some financial stuff back under control. Helping that- I’m only letting myself buy 4 books a month this year. (No limit on comics, but I am going to try to cull my pull list a bit since I have Marvel Unlimited now and need to chill on throwing money at all those single issues.)

Alright, so I have a lot to do this week! Get back on schedule with my gym outings, call my reps, look at budgeting stuff, etc. Now I’m gonna go enjoy the rest of my weekend while there’s some left.

Sarah… Tuesday?

I feel like I haven’t done a proper Sarah Sunday post in a while since the holidays were busy, so I’m just gonna go ahead and pretend that today is actually Sunday instead of Tuesday.

Image result for read read read


Reading: WELL, a couple things because it’s the #boutofbooks readathon this week so of course. I started Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit for the Social Justice Book Club, and I started reading the essays in The Feminist Utopia Project, which are FANTASTIC. And today Daniel Jose Older’s newest book comes out, Battle Hill Bolero, and I would be starting that tonight except the tracking on my Amazon package all of the sudden says ETA is tomorrow. And that’s what I get for being lazy and not wanting to go to the store. I may just go out and get it at B&N and return the Amazon copy, b/c what the fuck.

Watching: I’ve been rewatching a lot of stuff – Archer, Captain America: Civil War, Luke Cage, and Deadpool.

Listening: I’ve been playing all the tracks on my phone on random, so… a little bit of everything.

Eating: Some more salads because I need fresh food in my life after all that holiday food. Also, I’m not drinking coffee in 2017 and that already sucks.


Exercising: Adding this to my Sarah Sunday posts! Ummm I crushed it last week and worked out 4 times, but so far this week has been off. Didn’t go on Sunday because I woke up really late and had been drinking for NYE, of course. Didn’t go Monday because I was being lazy and didn’t go this morning because I had some extra stuff going on. Tomorrow morning for sure though! Because I like seeing it on my Fitbit updates at the very least.

Thinking: Nothing but wanting to go home and read my books.

Image result for call your representative

Citizen-ing: Another addition to my Sarah Sunday posts, I need a better name for it though. Anyways, so this morning I called my Representative in the House at her local and DC offices and encouraged her to vote against HR5 and the Goodlatte amendment. Her staffers couldn’t tell me how she was planning to vote, which is concerning since it was today and all, but they were very kind. I’m trying to make calling reps or taking other actions more of a habit, hence adding it to my weekly update posts.

Anticipating: Reading! I just want to dive face first into my pile of books, TBH. I have that new-year-excitement giving me a push.

Okay time to face the rest of the day. Oy.

Sarah Sunday (a little late) 

Well, family was here for a little over a week and it was awesome to see everybody. There was a minor issue when my brother couldn’t get on his flight because they refused to fly his dog, so my mom flew to CA and rented a car and her and my brother (and dog) drove CROSS COUNTRY to get him back here. And now little brother is back in town to stay for a while, which is fabulous; and as you can see in in the picture below, he looks good despite being in that bad accident a few months ago.

I loved having everyone around for the week, and I’m SO GLAD we have a bigger place where everyone can hang out when they’re here. But I’m also very glad now to have an empty house and some peace and quiet. Gabby is happy too, she basically lived in our bedroom while everyone was here. She’s such an untrusting kitty. On the downside, someone got me sick before they left, so that sucks. My throat is killing me. Anyways, on to updates and stuff.

Reading: I finally finished re-reading Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon, for the fourth or fifth time. I’d been re-reading it since October, so it’s nice to have that checked off. The Outlander books are GREAT for comfort/random something to read in bed re-reads. I also finished I’m Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi which was great. And now I’m FINALLY reading The Wangs vs The World by Jade Chang. Woohoo!

Watching: OMG basically nothing. We really need to finish Blacklist season 3 and American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Listening: The Hamilton Mixtape!! Okay my favorites so far: Wrote My Way Out, An Open Letter, Helpless (OMG Ja Rule and Ashanti), Congratulations, Cabinet Battle #3 (obviously), and History Has Its Eyes On You.

Image result for hamilton mixtape

And I really, really don’t like Kelly Clarkson’s rendition of It’s Quiet Uptown. That’s probably my least favorite so far.

Eating: I made stuffed artichokes and spinach lasagna rolls last weekend for our family’s Christmas get-together and we proceeded to mostly eat leftovers all week. We also made tacos at one point and then I made a breakfast taco and it was so delicious.

Blogging: I’m still here. The rest of the year will probably be pretty quiet honestly but I’ll try to get a review or two up.

Thinking: About what I want from 2017. The new year always brings a sense of a fresh start, but I’m also turning 30 in February, so yeah. I don’t usually do a typical New Years Resolution thing, but I’m kind of craving that kind of discipline in my life a little, so we’ll see what happens.

Anticipating: Hunkering down with 2016 reading and book-buying stats and putting together fun end-of-year infographics, best-of lists, and wrap-up posts.

I also want to mention some politics stuff. Since Election Day a month ago, I know a lot of us have been struggling. I recently listened to the Post-Election episode of the Get Booked podcast and it was fantastic. Amanda and Jenn suggest books to make you feel better, but then also books and resources to encourage you to get off your butt and DO SOMETHING. One of the things they suggest is signing up for the Looking to Help TinyLetter, which I did and it’s been great so far. Maya sends a TinyLetter just about every day, with links to relevant news and actions you can take. Some actions are signing a petition, some are donating money, and some are calling your representatives – complete with links to contact info and scripts. Check it out. I’m thinking of adding some categories to my Sarah Sunday posts, and one of them will probably be Citizen-ing – what I’ve done that week to do good, and to make my voice heard so that our civil liberties have a shot at surviving the next four years.

If anyone else has good activism resources to suggest, drop them in the comments.

Sarah Sunday

Is there anything more sad than the end of a long weekend? (Obviously there is, but let me have my first-world-whine for the moment, okay?) But, it’s been a really nice four days off. I ate delicious good, decorated my tree and cleaned the house, read, and even went to the gym on Saturday JUST BECAUSE I FELT LIKE IT.

Reading: I’m 60% through Drums of Autumn. I’m on a VERY slow Outlander series re-read here, but in the name of relaxing I’ve been burying my nose in this and will probably finish it soon. I also read Let It Shine by Alyssa Cole this weekend, which was a great short Civil Rights Era romance novel written by Alyssa Cole. She is the actual best. And I’m still reading The Good Immigrant, I’m Judging You, and The Clancys of Queens. (Clearly I’ve gotten ahead of myself.)

Watching: A lot of Archer. I’ve been wanting to read more, so I watch short episodes of things with the honeyman. Man, season 2 was especially great, amirite?

Image result for ARCHER cheryl cancer

Oh, and we also saw Doctor Strange on Saturday, and it was good. Nothing to get excited about, and I feel like it was missing something in terms of plot or character development, and I hate that they even threw in a tiny ridiculous romantic thing (and couldn’t get more creative with their casting than Rachel McAdams), but yeah. It was alright.

Listening: OMG you guys the Hamilton Mixtape is killing me in the greatest possible way. I love that the songs are coming out a couple at a time up until the actual release. Wrote My Way Out is AMAZING and Ja Rule and Ashanti perform Helpless together, and man it’s like my childhood hearing those two together again.

Eating: Well, pumpkin pie because I purposely bought an extra one just for home because I look forward to it all year and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna settle for one pathetic piece on actual Thanksgiving Day. And also spinach lasagna rolls, which are so yum and so much easier to make now that I have counter space.

Blogging: Well, hopefully that will pick up again. I’m done with this working a ton of hours bullshit, so that should help. I DO have family visiting this week though (well, Friday through Wednesday) so this week in particular will probably still be a bit quiet. I’m gonna try to at least get a November wrap-up post up.

Thinking: How my family is coming into town in like 4 days and I still need to buy them Christmas presents. Oy.

Anticipating: My family visiting! My little sister, her boyfriend, my nephew, and my mom are all coming in from NYC and my little brother MIGHT be coming from California (we’re not sure yet). It’s very exciting.

Hope you guys had a great holiday (or regular weekend, if you’re not in the US) and have an easy Monday!

Happy Thanksgiving y’all

Image result for thanksgiving episode

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have a holiday filled with food, love, and relaxation – and don’t put up with any racist/homophobic/sexist/xenophobic/etc asshole relatives’ shit either. 

We’re going to the honeyman’s mom’s house for Thanksgiving, and on Friday night we’re seeing friends. Other than that, I’m locking myself in my house to decorate and read. If you’re interested, there’s a #thankfullyreading readathon thing happening this weekend. It’s very relaxed, just read when ya can and join in – and thanks to Jenn for hosting!

Sarah Sunday – where I’ve been (literally)

Holy shit it’s been a busy November. I have finished exactly 1 book this month. It’s tragic. BUT things have been super busy, and instead of my usual brief survey-ish post I’m going to ramble about what I’ve been up to.

First I was in D.C. – extra exciting because 1) I never go anywhere and 2) it was my first time riding a plane. We stayed in the Phoenix Park Hotel (I recommend it, it was right in the Capitol near Union Station and it was lovely, even if the room was a bit small but who cares about that?) and I did lots of walking around and looking at things – the Capitol Building, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, the White House, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, etc etc etc. And it is all GORGEOUS, it’s such a pretty city. And of course, I went to as many bookstores as I could. I’m bummed I didn’t get to go to Politics & Prose, but you know it was only a weekend and Uber trips start to rack up, so. And in case you’re wondering, no I didn’t particularly enjoy flying, but I was much less afraid than I would have been at 18. The view is pretty but otherwise it’s stressful and take-off/landing make me nervous.

Book acquired: John Henry Days by Colson Whitehead (from Capitol Hill Books) and The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert (from Kramerbooks)

THEN I was in NYC for Book Riot Live! Well, actually then I was home and worked 36 hours in three days and THEN I was in NYC, but whatever. Also, second plane trip (well, third and fourth flight if we’re being very specific). I got to see my mom and sister and nephew, and I loved Book Riot Live – being in the room with so many other book lovers, people that I talk to online all the time, and seeing BR staff all over the place. I made myself go up and say hi to Rebecca Schinsky, and I did my first ever author signings – Alyssa Cole signed two of her books for me (she was so kind and funny) and Valentine DeLandro signed volume 1 of Bitch Planet for me (intimidating but he was very nice). The panels were mostly fantastic, and so many books went to the top of my to-read list.

And I got to see Alley! Hi Alley! And also Victoria, Dani, and Kenya – all lovely ladies 🙂

Books acquired: Too damn many to type here, but some are visible in that picture below. (My wallet hurts just thinking about it.)

Then I came home and spent some time with my Gabby cat ❤

Outside of all of this travelling, work has been absolutely bananas and I’ve been working 10+ hours a day and I’m really sick of it. This big rush should be over for the most part, but I’m kind of done with this working all the time crap. This is a three-day week because of Thanksgiving, and I’m not staying past 4:30 any of those days, dammit. My right eye has been twitching, which isn’t so unusual when I’m dealing with a lot of stress, but it’s been weeks and I’m actually starting to get concerned.

In other news – the election was a disaster, the Hamilton Mixtape tracks are coming out a couple at a time and it’s delightful, and I have family coming to visit in two weeks! Also, the aforementioned Kenya and I are thinking about a Rochester area book group based on Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge (for 2017, I guess, since 2016 is just about over), and I’m psyched about getting together with other book people on a more regular basis. And in the spirit of trying to find other local readers and to join Alice’s #ReadUp group (because you can never be in too many social justice book clubs, amirite?) – I’m back on Facebook. I rejoined VERY reluctantly because I loathe it, which is why I spent the first half hour blocking as many family members and co-workers as I could find, because it’s going to be for bookish purposes only.

OKAY that was a lot of catch-up, but that’s where I’ve been. In other cities, and buried in work. How’s November treating the rest of you?