IamHere App: Discover NGOs and connect with the Causes

The IamHere application was launched in December 2017; it is a Bangalore-based hyper neighbourhood social, commercial center, IamHere, responsible for taking care of the issue of the area based on revelation and coordinated effort for pastime, interest, and business. IamHere gives you a stage to associate with those with comparable interests or connect them with organisations and experts in your region. 

It is a publicly supported, local area-controlled social application where you can discover the individuals on the map provided in the application for convenience. In the easy-to-understand IamHere application, you can make your profile within a few moments, along with numerous symbols for your favourite hobbies, interests, or businesses. On the off chance that another person is searching for you, you will appear on the guide, and you can get associated with that person over a primary text interface. 

Once on the application, you can likewise share your inspiring stories to the readers, you can also launch or join occasions/ events, you can participate in social group activities, you can make some donations to the needy NGOs close by to your area, and many other things that are perpetual. All of these things happen by keeping your complete privacy in mind with various namelessness levels. 

Individuals have begun discovering the people similar to them who reside close to them on the IamHere application. Organisations now have made it easy to associate with their neighbourhood client base by running advancements and missions. NGOs nowadays have begun doing commitment drives with their cause crowd or the people linked with them, and also the event coordinators are interfacing with their objective group. If you are new to the city and need to make companions or old in the town and explore your area more, IamHere is the one-stop application for all your hyper nearby requirements. 

Event by IamHere:

In association with GuideStar India, India’s most extensive and reliable NGO data vaults, the NASSCOM-brooded startup, IamHere will currently have 8700+ NGOs within the country on its Application. This would be a launch that will empower the individuals hoping to roll out a positive impact in their society, get associated with NGOs that are close to serving a scope of causes, and talk and collaborate with them in chats through the IamHere App.

You can get all the necessary data about the NGO, for example, the causes upheld, the occasions being coordinated and organised, and their present missions, only through a tap on the application. Willing people can take an interest as volunteers and participate in the campaigns for contributing some materials. Cash gifts are additionally empowered on the application with the Guidestar India affirmed NGOs through reconciliation with Danamojo and GivNow.

Individuals interested in social campaigns would now be able to visit NGOs and assemble direct comprehension of probably the most complicated difficulties that the NGOs address. They will want to meet and interface with individuals whom they are supporting or assisting through their contributions.

NGOs can likewise begin drawing in nearby available audiences, sharing their inspiring stories, welcoming the individuals coming for occasions, getting volunteers during the events, and the list still goes on. For example, IamHere is banding together with Goonj to help their Pan-India assortment drive during DaanUtsav. Their 100+ assortment places or regions and the live DaanUtsav trucks will be accessible on the IamHere application exceptionally easily. 

Now, the IamHere application has expanded and given the authority and its hyperlocal positions to the private communities who come forward to support them and the NGOs. It started when the people began to adopt the IamHere application and requested to keep the closed communities present locally or within the city.

The application has initiated a new model known as the private community model. The people residing in the local residential societies, present in the companies and their colleges, would access the IamHere application to discover new things to collaborate internally. It is a kind of application that makes the use of technology for social impact as well. 

IamHere app is a  Bangalore-based hyperlocal social, commercial center for business, interest and hobby, takes care of hyperlocal discovery and cooperation by putting individuals and organisations on the maps provided in the application. It utilises the location by being a platform for individuals with considerable comparative interests or hoping to interface with organisations and experts in their area or region. IamHere is empowering a publicly supported, local area controlled, free worldwide marketplace. 

GuideStar India (GSI) is India’s most extensive and most trustworthy and reliable NGO data archive. Through www.guidestarindia.org, it is possible to access common society data that progresses straightforwardness, empowers better dynamics, and supports charitable giving.

It has 8700+ confirmed NGOs, and 1500+ ensured NGOs after exhaustive due constancy for straightforwardness, public responsibility, and lawful and monetary compliances. GuideStar is the anchor for Giving Tuesday, a worldwide day of giving celebrated in more than 150 nations. #GivingTuesdayIndia is commended each year as a #DaanUtsav on Tuesday between Oct 2 and 8. So, get ready for the event! 


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