The purpose of Art- the view of Ashok Bhowmik

The term ‘Art’ itself is versatile. It has a kind of romance of sensitivity and creation. Art is a weapon to fight against the unseen. It is a kind of harp that plays the tone of thoughts and feelings mingled with colour. Since ancient times, art has been evolving with different forms. Though it does not have any consistent forms, it is praised by millions of people across the world. The purpose of art may vary from person to person; the situation to situation. But its sole purpose is an expression of thoughts. 

Mr Ashok Bhowmik who is a versatile artist believes that ‘Art has the power to speak for itself’. It doesn’t need any title or hashtags to describe itself. It helps to build a heart to heart connection between artist and spectator.

About Ashok Bhowmik and his art 

Ashok Bhowmik is one of the most renowned artists of Today. Ashok Bhowmik paintings are based on figurative ideas. He puts life into inanimate objects with the stroke of the brush. He completed his graduation from Kanpur University. He completed his diploma in fine arts from the Government of Art and Craft situated in Kolkata. He participated in different art exhibitions across the globe.

He has devoted his life to the world of art and creativity. His artworks are the mere expressions of revivalists having deep insight into the ancient Indian tradition of contemporary life. He believes that urban art holds the expressions of isolation and social stigma. According to Mr Bhwomik, an artist can be anyone if he or she is able to see beyond what is seen. An artist can be a poet or can be a musician. Whoever has time to think beyond the ordinary and is able to express their thoughts through a medium is an artist.

He strongly believes that an artist doesn’t have any caste, creed or country. Art holds universality. According to him, today’s artist can turn a piece of paper into a living being through their way of expression. These pieces of art have a loud voice but one needs to have the sensitivity to hear the unheard voice of art. 

His unique way of thinking and versatility has brought a bunch of awards such as the Academy Award from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata and the Governor Award from Govt. of West Bengal. 

His way of expression 

Mr Ashok Bhowik is a versatile artist. He expresses his thoughts through different forms of art. All of his paintings are expressions blended with impressionism. Most of his figurative paintings are aesthetically rich. He utilizes the theme of light and darkness with his use of colours and textures. He is able to create a mere expression and impression on the same paper.

He also masters the classical art form, often known as traditional art. The idea of the classical art form is derived from the renaissance. However, these classical art forms are initially associated with the European culture that started back in the 16th Century. It is all about the concept of contemporary society. 

Mr Bhowmik has brought that classical art form to capture today’s life and ancient India. He uses references from African and Egyptian society. According to him, art involves the authentic emotion of a person. However, it can be a bunch of thoughts and feelings; can be a story behind some incidents; can be an expression of one’s emotional body. Art also involves moral virtues blended with deep emotions and honesty. 

To conclude, we want to thank you for keeping your heart and mind into the art and creativity in this world of capitalism. Be real, be unfiltered and enjoy the independent language of art.

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