Keep your baby’s bottoms safe and chemical-free with eco-friendly diapers

Cloth diapers and other such eco-friendly alternatives were supposedly a thing of the past until mainstream consumerism brought them back. This was because of the excessive concern of the parents regarding the generic disposable diapers and the chemicals and toxins that these diapers exposed their toddlers too. With a modern-day inclination towards a more natural approach to baby care, eco-friendly diapers have been on an unstoppable rise to fame.

Eco-friendly diapers and their claim to fame :

Much to the relief of parents, thankfully because of these eco-friendly diapers not only can they help protect their kids from the introduction of harmful chemicals but they also furthermore help them in doing their bit in conserving the already compromised environmental conditions.

Reasons why eco-friendly diapers are the new cool :

  • They keep your kids away from harmful toxins.

It’s no new news that toddlers are exposed to a plethora of unwanted toxins and chemicals when it comes to disposable generic diapers. There are Dioxins which are carcinogenic and may trigger oncogenic cells, making it one of the worst chemicals to be used in the diapers. There are also Sodium Polyacrylate and Tributyl-tin which are known to cause toxic shock syndrome and triggering of various physical ailments respectively. Also, there’s a never-ending list of chemicals like volatile organic compounds and so on which keep on causing unnecessary damage to the sensitive skin of the toddlers. With eco-friendly diapers, you have the choice to cut out every single unwanted chemical that can cause some sort of harm to the baby.

  • The ease of choosing in between variants.

While the generic disposables offer no variation, on the other hand, eco-friendly diapers have a plethora of options to choose from. In materials, you can choose from cotton cloth to bamboo and also choose to use a reusable or disposable sort of diaper, depending upon your financial flexibility, your desire to teach potty training and so on.

  • They help prevent diaper rash :

There’s no end when it comes to the list of advantages that the eco-friendly diapers have to offer. One of the most basic advantages of using eco-friendly baby diapers is its ability to prevent diaper rash in babies. This is the most common yet dreaded problem in using disposable diapers. The diaper rash is very irritable to the toddler and can often turn out to be quite a painful affair. If ignored and not taken care of, it can lead to even more serious problems.  Also, the cost to buy medicines or topical ointments to cure the diaper rash is a vicious cycle of costly affairs that can easily be avoided with a healthier and greener alternative.

  • As the name implies, they are eco friendly :

We are no stranger to the fact that it takes around centuries for a disposable diaper to degrade. Given the massive amount of carbon footprint that we leave behind and given the fact that we are incapable of handling such amounts of waste speaks volume of how much we have strangulated the environmental conditions. As parents, it becomes our duty to cut out the environmental waste deposition and by switching to a mode of eco-friendly diapers, we shall do our bit of trying to make this world a greener and better place for our upcoming generation. Eco-friendly diapers indeed are the need of the hour.

  • Saving tonnes of money :

Raising a baby is hard. And given the number of diapers used in a day, multiplied with the ones used in a total of all the years until potty training, it’s sure is a costly affair. Eco-friendly diapers have a range of reusable diapers made of cloth or cotton which are washable. So you can use them again and again instead of having to cut a new set of diapers every day, saving yourself a large sum of money. Moreover, they are so long-lasting that you can reuse them if you have a new baby to welcome in some years. These reusable eco-friendly diapers hardly stink or make a pretty mess while you keep scratching your heads regarding conscious disposal.

The most important conclusion of the topic states that not only are eco-friendly diapers beneficial for your baby’s health, but they also promote a “greener” and environmentally friendly method of survival.

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