1. I’ve been running daily since I turned 30, so that Murakami’s on my tbr list. I personally find that running keeps my mind clear and I zone out for a bit, which is a nice reprieve from work. Looking forward to hearing his thoughts on it (and also yours when you’re done with the book)!


  2. Ooh Easy Rawlins! I keep meaning to embark on an Easy Rawlins reading project, but as yet I have not done so. I don’t read a whole lot of mysteries but these ones sound excellent.

    I am going to read a living shit-ton of romance novels this weekend. That is what I am currently looking forward to in March. No romance novel is safe from me.


  3. I can’t remember a huge amount about Song of Solomon but I remember when I took a class on just Morrison, this was one of my fav of her books. Maybe I should give it a re-read. Maybe after I see your thoughts.


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