Top 5 Books That Made Me Laugh in 2016

Good morning y’all! I’m going to do a series of “Top 5” posts over the next two weeks highlighting some books and other things that I enjoyed this year.

For today, I’m going with the 5 books that made me laugh the most this year, because today is the day that the Electors will almost certainly vote and confirm DT as president and that’s so sad and horrifying that we could use a laugh, right? Right. I’m just going to post these in the order that I read them, for simplicity’s sake.

Image result for alexander hamilton ron chernow

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow – I loved that I started 2016 reading this massive book along with a group of truly awesome people. And I am STILL cracking up at Chernow’s obvious fanboy love for Hamilton, and the fact that Hamilton created a second pseudonym to write, in the same paper, about how awesome and smart his other pseudonym was.

Image result for kevin hart laughing

He would’ve loved social media.

Image result for dietland by sarai walker

Dietland by Sarai Walker – This book had a few problems, but there were MANY passages that made me laugh, and then make my husband or friend or whoever stop what they were doing so I could read it out loud to them, having to pause sometimes because I was laughing too hard. When the radical feminist group Jennifer forces a city to start posting pictures of half-naked men all over the place (kind of like the women in, I don’t know, ALL of advertising everywhere) and men got super uncomfortable with it – LOL forever.

Image result for point and laugh

I would have a field day with that.

Image result for the hike drew magary

The Hike by Drew Magary – So I guess I didn’t laugh out loud a ton for this one, but I giggled and it’s definitely the most bananapants bonkers novel I read this year. The talking crab is pretty great.

Image result for chuckle

Seriously, you won’t even know what you just read but it’ll have been a fun ride.

Image result for you can't touch my hair

You Can’t Touch My Hair by Phoebe Robinson – Y’ALL. Phoebe is hilarious, even in a book that tackles serious issues of racism, feminism, and other general screwed-up-ness. She talks about how she can’t get down with a dude named Larry, because she just can’t call out “Larry” in bed.

Image result for laughing at a guy

Very glad I have my own paperback copy to flip through and chuckle at.

Image result for do you want to start a scandal

Do You Want to Start a Scandal by Tessa Dare – Okay I JUST finished this, and yeah. Hysterical. My husband can confirm the many, many times I was over on the couch laughing my head off, and then made him die in his video game because he had to listen to me explain what just happened and why I’m cracking up. Probably the funniest romance novel I’ve read since Bet Me a decade ago.

Image result for sexy laugh

Favorite phrase – “masculine lip elixir”. LOL WUT.

Okay, now suggest to me some other funny books YOU read because I’m gonna need to stockpile a LOT of laughs to get through the next 4 years.



  1. I enjoy re-reading our HamAlong posts and reminding myself just HOW MUCH Chernow luuuurve Hamilton. Hamilton would have been equal parts amazing and super annoying on Twitter.


    1. I just like to imagine Hamilton online literally losing his shit at the ridiculousness of this election. I HOPE he would’ve been anti-Trump at least because Hamilton did seem to love accuracy and facts and integrity…


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