Sarah Sunday

Is there anything more sad than the end of a long weekend? (Obviously there is, but let me have my first-world-whine for the moment, okay?) But, it’s been a really nice four days off. I ate delicious good, decorated my tree and cleaned the house, read, and even went to the gym on Saturday JUST BECAUSE I FELT LIKE IT.

Reading: I’m 60% through Drums of Autumn. I’m on a VERY slow Outlander series re-read here, but in the name of relaxing I’ve been burying my nose in this and will probably finish it soon. I also read Let It Shine by Alyssa Cole this weekend, which was a great shortΒ Civil Rights Era romance novel written by Alyssa Cole. She is the actual best. And I’m still reading The Good Immigrant, I’m Judging You, and The Clancys of Queens. (Clearly I’ve gotten ahead of myself.)

Watching: A lot of Archer. I’ve been wanting to read more, so I watch short episodes of things with the honeyman. Man, season 2 was especially great, amirite?

Image result for ARCHER cheryl cancer

Oh, and we also saw Doctor Strange on Saturday, and it was good. Nothing to get excited about, and I feel like it was missing something in terms of plot or character development, and I hate that they even threw in a tiny ridiculous romantic thing (and couldn’t get more creative with their casting than Rachel McAdams), but yeah. It was alright.

Listening: OMG you guys the Hamilton Mixtape is killing me in the greatest possible way. I love that the songs are coming out a couple at a time up until the actual release. Wrote My Way Out is AMAZING and Ja Rule and Ashanti perform Helpless together, and man it’s like my childhood hearing those two together again.

Eating: Well, pumpkin pie because I purposely bought an extra one just for home because I look forward to it all year and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna settle for one pathetic piece on actual Thanksgiving Day. And also spinach lasagna rolls, which are so yum and so much easier to make now that I have counter space.

Blogging: Well, hopefully that will pick up again. I’m done with this working a ton of hours bullshit, so that should help. I DO have family visiting this week though (well, Friday through Wednesday) so this week in particular will probably still be a bit quiet. I’m gonna try to at least get a November wrap-up postΒ up.

Thinking: How my family is coming into town in like 4 days and I still need to buy them Christmas presents. Oy.

Anticipating: My family visiting! My little sister, her boyfriend, my nephew, and my mom are all coming in from NYC and my little brother MIGHT be coming from California (we’re not sure yet). It’s very exciting.

Hope you guys had a great holiday (or regular weekend, if you’re not in the US) and have an easy Monday!



  1. I only had one small piece of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. It didn’t even have whipped cream on it either. I definitely need to make another one because I feel ripped off.

    The Hamilton Mixtape is everything, isn’t it? The Immigrants song blows me away every time I listen to it. I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album!

    I am still in disbelief that it is almost Christmas. I refuse to put up any decorations until December, and I have given no thoughts to presents. I know I am going to be scrambling at the last minute to pull everything together. This year is just crazy.

    Have a great week!


  2. Christmas presentssssssss! I bought three (3) Christmas presents today and it felt amazing. 10/10 would buy Christmas presents again. Actually I always have this same issue: I get so excited about Christmas that I buy all my presents early and then throughout the month of December I regularly become seized with the impulse to buy moar presents even though I already have all the presents I need. It’s a problem.


    1. I will trade your problem for my problem: waiting until December hits and then scrambling to find the time/funds to get all the shopping done on time. And hoping to meet with friends AFTER Christmas so I have a little extra wiggle-room. It’s bad.


  3. Going to the gym cos you feel like it deserves ALL THE CREDIT cos damn, that is a hard mindset to get into. Well done

    Love your tree so pretty! I was going to put mine up over the weekend but then realized all my stuff was locked in the garage (Tom had the garage door opener and was not in the state, so that’s not helpful to me) so alas, the house is still unfestive.


    1. What was nice about going to the gym that day is that it was my third day off, and I had already lazed about and read and interneted, so yeah I actually WANTED to go to the gym. Now if only the whole year was made up of long weekends…


    2. Ah, and also Treland got the tree but we forget to get the rest of the stuff out of his mom’s attic… but rather than wait for him to go back over there (it’s like 10 minutes away), I went and bought all new tree stuff. Probably not the most money-smart decision, but I was impatient apparently.


  4. Weeping over those spinach lasagna rolls. Skinnytaste is amazingand those look so delicious that I might have to make a big batch (Matt HATES ricotta cheese sooo looks like he’ll be on his own for dinner!)

    I’m great at thinking about what I want to buy for everyone…it’s just a matter of actually doing it that’s the problem. I’m definitely one of those people who insists they’re going to start in August, only to end up frantically running around December 24th.


    1. The spinach lasagna rolls are so good and I made them again for my family’s Christmas get together over the weekend and I’m kind of proud that my nephew will actually eat them because he’s a weird kid who never wants to eat.


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