1. Hahhaha, wait wait, but now I need to know more about the Maya Rodale book! I feel like I read one of her books a while back and wasn’t tremendously into it, but I wasn’t, like, MAD at it. What happened! What was wrong with it! SO CURIOUS.


    1. Hahaha, okay. So I read a Maya Rodale book a long while ago that I LOVED (The Tattooed Duke, it’s great) but this one rubbed me the wrong way. The premise was basically She’s All That – the hero makes a bet that he can make over a weird, dull girl and make her popular to the ton. And I kinda liked the heroine, but their roles as brainy lady and dumb jock were really, really overdone. And his “Male Pride” was almost like a character in of itself, which I think was supposed to be feminist-y, but it got annoying. And I hated the ending. So yeah…. it wasn’t my jam. I mean others might love it, but it bugged me.


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