Sarah Sunday

Hey y’all! I’ve spent most of this weekend relaxing around the house and avoiding all humans! I read a whole book yesterday! It’s been awesome.

Reading: You Can’t Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain by Phoebe Robinson – I was already excited that I got approved for this on Edelweiss, and then I found out that the author will be at Book Riot Live! Score.

Watching: Season 1 of Cougar Town, because it’s fabulous and I’ve been feeling extra Ellie.

Image result for cougar town ellie

Listening: To Cougar Town in the background. Duh.

Eating: I had two Twinkies for breakfast.

Blogging: Yup, I have a big list I’m workin on. Most notably, Here Comes the Sun and The Hike reviews. I’m having a hard time with those though… hoping to get them done today. Having the new laptop helps, because I literally dreaded using the old one.

Thinking: I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow. And also, I hope the honeyman gets home soon but I should really probably shower sometime soon.

Anticipating: Next weekend. And maybe actually tackling the rest of the unpacking this week so that everything is set up.

Aaaaand also, I wanted to point your attention to the upcoming #DiverseAThon starting tomorrow, running from 9/12 to 9/19.


I don’t think there’s a sign-up post or anything (or at least I haven’t seen one) so just join in however you feel like – booktubing, instagram, twitter, blog posts, etc – and shine some light on diverse authors and stories. I’ll be following the hashtag all week and reading as much as I can by diverse authors only. Show your support and join in!




  1. I have really been feeling anti-people lately. I just want to stay home and avoid everyone. Other than grocery shopping yesterday, I did pretty much just that. It was fantastic. Can I do that every weekend!?
    I love Twinkies. Haven’t had one in way too long.


    1. I ate too many of those damn Twinkies. I totally get why that dude in Zombieland craves them though.

      I’m still feeling very anti-people. It’s kind of a bummer because it’s a fun time of year to hang out with people and get coffee and be social, but bleh.

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