It’s Friday!

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Happy Friday! Finally! This has been the slowest week ever.

This is actually an update to let you know things will probably be silent around here until around Labor Day (not that I’ve been super active, but ya know).We get our keys to our new place today so there will be lots of moving and unpacking and working and eating takeout. Plus, I’m hanging with my niece and nephew this weekend while my sister goes on a trip, and I have work still, and yeah. All the things!

So here’s what you’ll hopefully have to look forward to after my brief little hiatus:

  • my September TBR
  • a mini-review recap of August
  • pictures of my bookshelves once they’re all set up
  • a review or post about The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead
  • a review of Playing Dead by Elizabeth Greenwood
  • possible reviews or thoughts on some e-galleys I got approved for and have kind of started but not really finished yet
  • musings on getting ready to go to Book Riot Live in November

I’ll still be active on Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat  (SarahSaysRead on all three) so you can see all my moving shenanigans and chat with me there 🙂

Hope y’all are doing lovely!!



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