Sarah Sunday

Last week was THE WORST, a bunch of people were on vacation so work was crazyΒ busy. I’m really bummed that it’s already Sunday.

Reading: Playing Dead by Elizabeth Greenwood (audio), Seven Skeletons by Lydia Pyne (e-galley), and Signal Boost by Alyssa Cole (e-book).

Watching: Scrubs and basically nothing else. Not a lot of TV-watching happening over here because we’ve been diving into Borderlands a LOT. I’m working on my Maya character.

Listening: Playing Dead, and sometimes some In the Heights or Hamilton to mix it up. My niece and nephew finally discovered how awesome Hamilton is so I’m extra looking forward to watching them all next weekend.

Eating: I had a breakfast empanada at the public market yesterday and it was SO GOOD and dammit why don’t we have more empanada places in this town?

Blogging: I really need to wrote reviews for The Underground Railroad and Labyrinth Lost, it just hasn’t happened yet.

Thinking: About working out, which probably won’t happen today because I got up late and I’m doing laundry and already showered… but I have new workout clothes that I’m really excited to wear, so soon.

Anticipating: Getting the keys to our new apartment on Friday! Woohoooooo!!!

How has your week been?




  1. Long work weeks because everyone else is on vacation are the worst. I think it is because of the resentment that you are there and they are somewhere else. I hope this week is better for you!

    Yay for new apartments! I hope your move is smooth and quick!


  2. Looking forward to your Underground Railroad & Labyrinth Lost reviews — those are two books I’m really excited to read already. I hope you liked them!

    Empanadas are magical. Any kind of meat pie really. What a brilliant invention.


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