My tiny #boutofbooks to-read list

So, Bout of Books 17 starts next Monday – I signed up, even though I suspect my reading will be prettttyyyy darn limited since I’m moving soon. But I’m hoping to do the Twitter chat on Monday night, and maybe this will motivate me to make sure I don’t skip lunches at work, and maybe read instead of playing the crap out of Borderlands in my down time.

(Also, I’ll be posting on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat for Bout of Books – SarahSaysRead on all three if you wanna socialize during the readathon!)

So, here’s what I’m currently reading – if I get a chance to finish these before Monday that’d be great, but it’s not likely, so they’ll be part of my focus for BoB:

Seven Skeletons by Lydia Pyne – I’m reading an e-galley of this that kind of got approved at the last minute (it came out this Tuesday). It’s about the 7 most famous fossils and while it IS interesting, I’ve only read it in 10-minute little scraps before bedtime so far.

Playing Dead Audiobook

Playing Dead by Elizabeth Greenwood – This book about death fraud is SURPRISINGLY interesting, and the audiobook is really great so far. Makes for a really fascinating, morbid commute but I’m kind of loving it.

And here’s a couple potential reads for BoB – not currently reading, but I might pick them up for funsies:

Saga: Volume 6 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples – Would be great to sit down and blast through. I kept a stack of single-issue comics and a couple of trades unpacked in the hopes I’d squeeze them in.

The Rise of Io by Wesley Chu – You had NO idea how psyched I was when this NetGalley request got approved. I love the author’s Tao series and this is an offshoot of that. Yessssss.

Alright – let’s be realistic and just call that my complete “pile” (downside of having books packed and reading a lot e-galleys – no pretty pictures of book stacks). What’s your to-read list looking like for Bout of Books?



  1. I’m going to be limited on time next week as well, but I’m definitely going to try my best to participate! Probably stick with posting on Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat, too, because I’m not going to have as much time to blog. Still, any excuse to read – I’ll take it! I don’t even know what I’m going to read at this point. Just planning on winging it.


  2. That is a very respectable TBR! Mine’s only huge because I’m so indecisive. I have a couple I really would like to get to, books I’ve been meaning to read for years, but knowing me I’ll probably end up going back to my shelves for something different within the first couple of days. Also, most of the books I’ve picked are kind of miserable, but the book I’m reading NOW is SUPER miserable, so I miiight need to pick something lighter to kick things off. If that makes sense. (I just had a REALLY big cup of sugary coffee, so I think my brain’s going faster than I’m typing!) Anyway, I’m readathonning via Instagram too, so I’ll stalk you over there as usual. HAPPY READING DUUUUUDE!


  3. Playing Dead just looks sooooo interesting — plus, when I was searching my library catalog for it (they have it!), I discovered this other book that looks really interesting called Death by Video Game, which is about the way that video games TAKE OVER OUR LIVES sometimes. This is relevant to my interests — the reason I’ve never taken up gaming is because I am quite confident it would TAKE OVER MY LIFE, so I’d be interested to hear how that plays out in the lives of others.


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