Things I’m Looking Forward to This Fall

August is a big old mess. We’re moving at the end of the month to a bigger apartment and I am excited about that, but that means that my focus and time for reading are super limited and I’m busy and just ahhhh I can’t wait for the month to be over. 

I know I’m going to miss the summer once it’s gone, but here’s what I’m looking forward to in the fall…


New apartment – Well duh. A two-bedroom townhouse with a basement and everything. GONNA HAVE TO MUCH MORE ROOM YESSSSSS. And we’ll be getting a washer and dryer, like adults dammit!

Reading outside – Our new place has a deck right off of the kitchen. I am so looking forward to reading on the deck, even if it means being bundled up in sweaters and a blanket and drinking coffee or tea.

Non-fiction November – I ALWAYS forget about this, but not this year! I have an Amazon wishlist going of non-fiction books to choose from for November and I am so excited about it.

Rebecca Schinsky of Book Riot. I hope she doesn’t mind me using this.

Book Riot Live – One of my goals for this year was to go to Book Riot Live and I’m about 90% sure that I’ll be buying tickets soon. So if you are going, PLEASE TELL ME SO WE CAN SAY HI!

Book Riot Live reading – I also made an Amazon wishlist to keep track of the authors that will be there and their books, so I can attempt to read some before going. Very excited about the line-up so far.

The election being over – I am terrified that Trump will win, but at the very, very least the anticipation and worrying about the results will be over.

Chicken pot pie – I only make chicken pot pie from September to March/April. Also looking forward to chili, stews, etc. COMFORT FOOD!

Decorating for Christmas – Since we’ll be in a bigger place, I can bring my really big Christmas tree back out again. It’s been 3 years. Last year I didn’t even put up the little tree because it seemed like too much work for such a small space. 

Luke Cage – September 30th, baby! Gonna binge watch the crap out of it.

And I’m sure there’s more, but this is a pretty fantastic list right here. What are you looking forward to once fall hits?




  1. SO MANY GOOD THINGS! That deck sounds AMAZING, I always think how easy it would be to go outside with a cuppa if the perfect space was RIGHT THERE. Like when we went narrowboating and you could literally go up two little steps to a seat, all wrapped up and in the fresh air, so there was no reason NOT to. Perfection. Yay Non-Fic Nov, which I always forget about but maybe I won’t this year if you’ve got a handle on it for both of us, haha. AND COMFORT FOOD AND MATILDA AND LUKE CAGE WHICH I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WAS A THING BUT YASSSSS. All of these things, basically. Bring on autumn!


  2. I’m basically waiting for August to be over too. Ha. Fall is my absolute favorite so I really don’t mind summer ending at all!

    Ooh, you have a deck at the new place! That’s so awesome! We want to get a concrete patio poured next summer in our yard so we can set up some chairs and hang around out there.


  3. Yay for moving into a new place!! And that it has a deck!! I miss that about my old house so much. My next house will have a deck/porch or something so I can enjoy reading on it, damn it!
    So does that mean Bout of Books is out of the question for you this month?
    I just told my husband last night that I’m looking forward to fall/winter just for all the soups I love making in the crockpot. 🙂


  4. That’s a wonderful list! More than anything, I can’t wait for the election to be over. It feels like we’ve been doing election stuff

    I’m also REALLY looking forward to the new Jim Kay illustrated edition of Chamber of Secrets. The first book was sooooo gorgeous and dreamy, and I’ve been not reading Harry Potter all this year and all last year, so Chamber of Secrets this fall will be my first Harry Potter experience since last October. (so weird)


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