Another Late Sarah Sunday

Yeah Sunday was a blur and mostly spent driving home, so I’m working on this while laying in bed this morning.

NYC trip was short, but fun. We went to a spa, got SOAKED in the rain getting to the Staten Island ferry, and spent Saturday walking around Manhattan. Also I got a Claptrap Yahtzee for only $10 because it was on clearance at the Think Geek store, and I am SO excited to play it. And of course we went to The Strand and I bought things, because that how I do.


Reading: I started Another Brooklyn by Jacqueline Woodson while in NYC and read like 26% while waiting for my pedicure, which was awesome. It’s a great start, should finish it soon. I also started Something New by Lucy Knisley which I really need to finish ASAP because man I am racking up the library fines.

Watching: LOL nothing. Hopefully Ghostbusters soon!

Listening: I listened to a lot of Hamilton on the drive to and from NYC (thanks Heather for letting that happen!)

Strand loot, sisters, and me in the pretty spa bathroom.

Eating: Probably going to The Melting Pot tonight. It’s our 9 Year Anniversary and we’re not doing anything major this year since ya know, we got married in January, but I’m super excited to hang out with the honeyman tonight and eat fondue.

Blogging: YES. I am behind in some things, but I’ll hopefully have a review up for The Fire This Time soon.

Thinking: About how I really need to start going through stuff to get rid of and start packing since we’re moving at the end of August. (We finally found a place, super close to our gym, a 2 bedroom townhouse which I am SO excited about.) My sister is planning on a garage sale soon so I’m going to get together a bunch of stuff to bring over for that.

Anticipating: MOVING! Seriously, so psyched. I’m also really looking forward to the #24in48 readathon next weekend. I feel like that will be my last nice big chunk of reading time before the end of the month, and probably for the summer.

How was your weekend??




  1. I saw most of your pics on IG from the weekend and it looked like you had a blast. No wonder you are exhausted though!

    Moving is exciting! Especially when you have all this time to plan where you want to put things and how you are going to set up your new nest. Fun!

    Have a great week!


  2. Blast, I thought I’d left a comment on your earlier post making NYC bookstore recommendations, but I guess I didn’t. I’m glad y’all had a good time! I’m looking forward to hearing your verdict on the Woodson book — she seems wonderful.


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