Sarah Sunday

Good morning, early birds (if you count 8 AM on a Sunday early, which I kinda do.)

Reading: Keeping on with re-reading Voyager for my Outlander re-reads. I’m like 40% in, hoping I can finish this week before I go to NYC for the weekend. Man I love this series. And I have The Gene on audio to start… but likewise, I’m wondering if I really want to start this before I go to NYC next weekend, when I know I won’t have any time to listen to it. My sister damn sure isn’t going to listen to it while driving.

Watching: I haven’t had time to watch a damn thing this week, except for a couple episodes of The Boondocks with the honeyman the other night.

Listening: Not a thing. It’s quiet right now, and after having my mom and nephew over most of the week, it’s kinda nice.

Eating: I’m hard-boiling some eggs right now because they expire tomorrow… we really gotta go grocery shopping today.

Blogging: Between my family being in town, work being busy because some people were on vacation, and apartment-hunting – I’m honestly kind of impressed I managed to get three posts up. I’m hoping to use this morning to get some reviews scheduled so I’ll be back on track for that, but things will probably be a little slow during the next couple weeks since I’m re-reading Voyager. But that’s okay. It’s summer, it’s the perfect lazy time of year to be relaxed about those things.

Thinking: About how I really do want to get some reviews written, but Borderlands 2 is calling my name.

Anticipating: Going to see my sister next weekend! My big sister and I are driving to NYC to see my little sister, and there will be NO KIDS. I am so looking forward to this.

How has your weekend been?




  1. My weekend was super busy and frantic, so I’m looking forward to a slightly quieter time for the rest of this week and hopefully a weekend completely devoid of social interactions. Have an amazing time in the city with your sister!!


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