Sarah Sunday

(Not actually posted on Sunday, because I ended up pretty busy do aunt things.) Happy Fourth of July! Raise a glass to freedom at some point today. Or just listen to Hamilton, because why not.

Reading: Voyager – continuing on with my Outlander series re-read. And I’m almost done listening to Being Jazz,  a memoir by a transgender teen who is apparently quite famous but who I haven’t heard of before stumbling upon her book.

Watching: I went with my sister and all the niece/nephews to see Finding Dory yesterday. Baby Dory is pretty cute but otherwise – meh.

Listening: To The Emperor’s New Groove (niece and nephew slept over last night, they’re watching that now.)

Eating: Ugh, I feel like I’ve eaten nothing but crap over the past several days. I could really go for a big salad.

Blogging: I have a June recap to finish and get up this week, and a couple reviews to write. My review of Heroine Complex went up this week and I’m excited about that, because it was such a great book. It comes out tomorrow.

Thinking: About how if I was a mom, I would totally hide from my kid. I would be Ellie Torres.

I’m plotting how I  can squeeze an hour alone to myself somewhere in today. My nephew has been here since Saturday morning and I love him, but I need Sarah time with zero people or kids around.

Anticipating: Hopefully relaxing this week. Playing Borderlands (my gunzerker is a level 72 now, woohoo), starting Preacher, reading. Work is going to be annoyingly busy, so hopefully the nights will be chill.

How was your weekend?




  1. Good to know that you felt meh about Finding Dory! I was going to go see it this Wednesday and then my plans got canceled, and I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. In general I am positive about canceling plans (cause then, free time! introvert time!), but I do also tend to like Pixar movies. So. Meh. Good.


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