Sarah Sunday

Hey kittens! This weekend turned out to be a LOT more laid back than I thought it was going to be, which is awesome because I needed it. How bout you?

Reading: Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake by Sarah MacLean. And also The Fire This Time (anthology put together by Jesmyn Ward), which I’ve been dipping in and out of for a while now, and technically The Fifth Season which I started but stopped around 12% because I was distracted by other things. Not sure if I’m going to pick that back up or save it for a future day.

Watching: A lot of Archer. I think want to start watching Jane the Virgin soon – has any one seen it? Is it good?

Listening: I listened to that “Wobble” song earlier in the car. Technically, that’s the first dance the honeyman and I have ever danced to, and it was at our wedding reception. LOL.

Eating: I have chicken marinating in rosemary balsamic stuff to make soon. YUM. Also on Habitica, “eat one vegetable” and “eat one fruit” are on my dailies list and I realized I eat a LOT less fruit than I would’ve thought. I win at vegetables though.

Blogging: I have to write reviews for In the Country We Love, and Homegoing. No clue how I’m even going to attempt Homegoing, I could basically just write “it was so great, just shut up and go read it” and that about sums it  up. Also, if you enjoy tote bags, go leave a comment on this post by Wednesday to win a Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children one. You can write on it!

Thinking: About how damn busy it was at work last week. I’m hoping it’ll be a bit more calm this week, cause damn.


Anticipating: Playing more Borderlands. We finally have a PS4 so we can play again (PS3 stopped reading discs a while ago).  Also, we’re not moving to NYC this year but our lease on this apartment is up in two months, so we’re gonna move to a better one in the area and I’m really excited to start looking. We’ve been in our current place for about 3 years and I’ve kinda sorta grown to hate it. It’s small, I hate being on the bottom floor, and I miss having enough hot water to take baths.

Any one have anything exciting coming up?




  1. I’ve got NO idea how to review Homegoing. It was excellent, but I don’t remotely know what I can say about it. So many good parts to it.

    Meanwhile: I have indeed seen Jane the Virgin, and it’s an absolute goddamn delight. You will not be sorry you decided to watch it. It’s soapy, but it’s meant to be, and the emotional beats are absolutely spot-on every time.


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