Sarah Sunday

Man, this weekend went way too fast. Any way we can bribe Monday not to come? Also the honeyman got home from drill in the middle of this week, but I feel like we’ve been so busy we still haven’t got to hang out much. Blerg.

Reading: I finished Learning to Swear in America by Katie Kennedy yesterday. Now I’ve started Homegoing by Β Yaa Gyasi, and it’s really great so far.Β I also finished reading all four volumes of Jessica Jones: Alias and it was so fantastic and now I want to re-watch the show again.

Watching: We went to see Central Intelligence this morning and it was pretty damn funny.

Listening: No Scrubs by TLC. I made a 90’s fun music playlist on Amazon Prime πŸ™‚

Eating: We went grocery shopping and bought pretty much nothing but vegetables, fruit, and chicken because the honeyman wants to eat less processed stuff. Cooking this week will be interesting.


Blogging: I have a review to work on, but it’s for a book not out until July so my posts for this week might be a bit sparse, at least until I finish Homegoing.

Thinking: I spent about 6 hours outside on Saturday, watching my niece and nephew’s baseball games (while I read, of course). And again, I didn’t do a good job on the sunscreen and now my back and the back of my arms and shoulders are burnt to hell and it hurts. So I’m a bit cranky.

Anticipating: A much more mature and relaxedΒ work environment than we’ve had in a long time, and I’m really looking forward to it. Also, I’m looking forward to playing around with cross stitch a bit more. I pinned like a million patterns on Pinterest.

How is your weekend going?




  1. Love the cross-stitch! I find cross-stitch so, so soothing — it’s a perfect activity to do while I’m watching TV that helps me not feel guilty for watching TV rather than being productive. I can’t wait to see the further fruits of your labors!

    My hold on Homegoing JUST got in at the library, and I’m very very excited to read it. The blogosphere can’t say enough good things about it.


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