Click, Click – upsetting, interesting, awesome

The upsetting

We all feel anger and loathing at the Orlando murderer, but don’t forget to remember the victims. You’ll probably need some tissues.

Lousiana has spent 1 million dollars trying to avoid putting inΒ A/C on death row – installing A/C would’ve cost about a quarter of that.

The interesting

Self-driving cars seem like they’ll be in common use someday, but how will they handle ethical decisions? If a self-driving car isΒ forced to choose between two paths – one which would lead to one death, one which would lead to give – how does it decide? Should engineers even be able to program that into them?

The awesome

Hamilton wins 11 Tony Awards, surprising no one.

Some Winter Solider cosplayers got engaged in front of Sebastian Stan and his expression is hilarious.

This is quite old, but I just saw it for the first time – Key & Peele’s Pirate Chantey video. Respectful pirates who understand consent, right to abortion, and ingrained gender biases for the win!

Happy Thursday people.





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