Sarah Sunday

(Up a bit late, because my mom is in town and I spent most of Sunday with family.)

Reading: The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin – I’m having a little trouble sinking into it because there’s a lot of new words and world-building stuff happening (and I’m reading it digitally, so can’t just go flipping to the Glossary easily) but I’m 10% in so I think I’ll stick with it. I read the first chapters of like three other books but I guess I just didn’t really know what I feel like reading.

Oh, and I’m reading the Jessica Jones: Alias series and it is fantastic so far. I’m on volume 3.


Watching: A crap ton of Cougar Town, because it’s so fluffy and great.

Listening: Hamilton. The Tony Awards performances were just fantastic. I loved that they performed without the muskets, and Miranda’s acceptance speech sonnet…

Eating: I had the most awesome soft-serve vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and it was SO TASTY.

Blogging: I have some posts to work on. I finished Being Mortal by Atul Gawande last week, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to review it. My feelings about my grandma’s death are too tied up in it. But just so you know – it was great.

Thinking: About the horrible massacre at the gay club in Orlando, and about how our country needs to deal with its gun problem, but also its hatred problem. I am so sick of hearing about a man deciding to up and murder women, black citizens, gay citizens, Muslim citizens, trans citizens, poor citizens, and on and on and on. Hatred should not have the right to exist. To the LGBTQ community – you have my ongoing love and support. 

Anticipating: The honeyman will be home from drill this week and I cannot wait.




  1. My heart breaks for all those families. I just can’t wrap my head around how people can be so hateful.

    I have a serious ice cream problem. I think I ate it every night last week. It’s like summer hits and I have to have ALL THE ICE CREAM. Ugh.


    1. I simultaneously have all and no words.

      I’ve been SUPER digging the M&M ice cream sandwiches. OMG they’re so good. We went to some place by my sister’s house last night and their soft-serve vanilla is probably the best I’ve had.

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  2. I almost wish nobody was reporting the stuff we’re learning about the shooter. I get that everyone wants to make sense of what happened, but I don’t think there’s any sense to be made. I wish we would talk just about the people who were killed, what their lives were like, even though those reports reliably make me cry. They are far more worth remembering.

    Cougar Town IS excellent! How are you watching it? Is it streaming somewhere that I don’t know about? Cause it’s been kind of a while since I saw it, and I am overdue for a rewatch. Busy Phillipps rocks.


    1. Yeah, I hate seeing his picture all over the place. But I have seen some great articles and twitter feeds about who the victims were and it is legit heartbreaking to read. Heartbreaking but so important.

      I hadn’t the first 3 seasons in DVD and the last 3 on Amazon Video (I bought the episodes each week as they came on b/c I didn’t have cable.) I’m on season 4 now 🙂


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