Sarah Sunday

Sunday morning! Already! Weekends are too short.

Reading: The Fireman by Joe Hill (still). I finished Being Mortal yesterday, and sat and read a ton of comics, so I’m focusing on The Fireman today. Hoping to finish it today or tomorrow?

Watching: Not a damn thing. I think the last thing I watched was Archer with the honeyman on Wednesday night. He’s at drill now (for two weeks, ugh) so I haven’t really had the TV on. Although I think I’m getting sick, so maybe I’ll put a movie on or something tonight.

Listening: Beyonce.

Eating: I bought a cantaloupe for the first time in years, because it weirded me out that the store had signs up for “orange melon” instead of cantaloupe. What the hell was done to them that they couldn’t be called cantaloupes? Anyways, the signs now say what the fruit actually is and they were on sale, so yeah. Cut that up this morning.

Blogging: I’ll have a Being Mortal review up sometime this week, and I’m trying to think of some good non-review posts… I need some inspiration.

Thinking: About how fun Habitica is. Book Riot did a post on using it to gamify your reading life, so I downloaded it. I like it a lot so far – you have a little avatar person that gains gold and experience when you check off a good habit, a daily must-do, or a general to-do. And if you skip something on your daily must-do, your person loses health. It’s awesome motivation to do stuff that I might skip sometimes, like flossing, and it’s getting me to drink more water. Because apparently I don’t give a shit about drinking water for my health, but I’ll drink it to level up my avatar and earn food for my avatar’s pet lion.


Anticipating: Getting through another week with no honeyman at home :-/ Hoping that I can knock several books out. And I got the Jessica Jones Alias comics from the library, so that’s pretty exciting.

How has your weekend been? Anything exciting coming this week?




  1. Enjoy Alias! I still haven’t gotten all the way through it — I’m sort of dreading the arrival of the Kilgrave character, so I’ve been reluctant to move forward with reading it. But what I’ve read so far, I like a lot.


  2. “Because apparently I don’t give a shit about drinking water for my health, but I’ll drink it to level up my avatar and earn food for my avatar’s pet lion.” This is hilarious and also something I could totally get behind and is making me think perhaps I should try Habitica


    1. It seems so silly and ridiculous, but Habitica is totally working for me. I’ve actually consistently been drinking 3-4 bottles of water a day. I NEVER drink that much water. I don’t know why it works for me but it does.


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