Click, click (Tech/Media/Comics edition)

(I don’t know why most of the links I’ve saved on Tweetdeck have had such a media/tech/comics bent, but here we are.)

Susan Sarandon wants to direct porn when she retires and I am so for it. I’m all about ladies taking more control in that industry and catering more to the female audience.

Tess Fowler removed from Rat Queens, might be because of a return of domestic abuser Roc Upchurch, and I just can’t anymore. Even if Upchurch isn’t returning, I think I’m done with RQ. Tess was doing a GREAT job and either way it sounds like some shady shit went down.

Twitter announced some changes, most of which I think are a good thing – especially not counting handles, links, gifs, or pics in the 140-character limit. Currently, trying to have Twitter convos with maybe 3-6 people is damn near impossible because the handles take up the whole character limit, so yeah. Cool.

The List App, which I have been annoyed forever that it was only available on Apple, is finally freaking available on Android. Except it’s now “” and as far as I can tell everyone stopped using it already so I missed the fun  😦 I still love the concept so I might keep playing with it (SarahSaysRead of course, if you’re on there) And now I’m still waiting for Litsy to come to Android. This is getting ridiculous.

Comixology Unlimited is a thing that’s being called the “Netflix for Comics”, except it’s not. Or it is, but only if Netflix only let you watch the first season of all the shows and you still had to buy the following seasons.

Captain America was a Hydra agent all along. Marvel has lost its damn mind. Bad Marvel. Bad. Go sit in the corner.

Happy Friday y’all!



P.S. And please come play with me on if you’re on there, mmmkay? Or if you’re already there, give me tips on how to use it?



  1. I agree with Bad Marvel. Horrible Marvel. Shame on Marvel for catering to a quick buck rather than maintaining the integrity of one of their most popular superheros. It will be interesting to see how successful this ploy is for them.


  2. I’m so disappointed in Marvel and Image this week. I guess it’s slightly premature to be mad at Image for bringing Roc Upchurch back, since he is not currently back, but as you say, it sounds like whatever went down with Tess Fowler was sketchy as hell. Just like — there was a dumb part of me that thought Marvel and Image weren’t the same as DC and wouldn’t do stupid shit at quite the DC level. SO WRONG. FOOLISH JENNY.


    1. Yeah, I’m not sure whether or not Roc is actually coming back… but either way I’m really not happy that Tess Fowler was kicked off, I liked her art and it sounds like she was told she would be on it for a while and then suddenly it changed. I’m sure creative teams really need to work well together, but it seems like everything had been going okay and then this popped up out of no where? Argh. And even though I love Rat Queens, it seems to go on hiatus every few months… it’s just ridiculous. I think Wiebe needs to get his act together.

      It does make me wonder how creator-owned series through Image work… like if Wiebe DID try to bring Roc back, could Image say no? I’m not sure how much control they have there, vs the Big Two.


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