(A Late) Sarah Sunday

This is going to be a long ramble, because my family was in town all at once and it was super exciting. My mom, little sister, and nephew (Devil Baby) have been living in NYC for almost a year, and my little brother moved to California in February – but the stars aligned and they were all able to come back home this past weekend for the birthday part for my other niece and nephew Β πŸ™‚

It was a crazy weekend – everyone stayed in my tiny apartment in the living room. Friday was the most relaxed, since I had to work from home during the day andΒ the family wanted to go visit friends and whatnot. Saturday was mostly spent shopping, since I still had to buy my niece and nephew birthday presents. I got them each a comic and a Marvel Funko-Pop, which I was probably more excited about then they were. (I take that back, Emma was SUPER psyched about Squirrel Girl.) Sunday was the big birthday party! Big sister really knows how to throw something awesome together – there was a bounce house, cotton-candy machine, and a popcorn machine – plus a nacho bar, hot dogs and burgers, and plenty of drinks and cupcakes.



After the birthday party, we headed to Lasertron, which has surprisingly awesome food. We filled up on quesadillas and drinks, and then I got talked into laser tag. It was more expensive than I’d prefer, but damn that was fun. It was a free-for-all mode, but I never came in last, so good enough. And then we played some arcade games, because of course. And they have a really fun alien shooter game.


Big sis Heather, Little sis’s boyfriend, Little sis Amanda, Little brother EJ, the honeyman, and me


The donut wrapping paper I used for the kids’ birthday presents is just fantastic.

And then, sadly, Monday came. The last day. We have been planning to get matching tattoos for at least the last month. Somehow arrows is the only thing we all agreed on – I lobbied HARD for an artichoke (or something that looks even a little bit like an artichoke) to be on the end of it, but that never panned out. For the record, an artichoke would have been PERFECT for a family tattoo, but whatever. The arrows are neat though – since everyone is so scattered and there’s a strong chance of me moving at some point within the next year or so as well, the directional thing works. So we all got the same arrows, though in different locations. And me brother and I went all-black. I never put colors in my tattoos.

imageMine is the bottom left, on my wrist. And I added Harry Potter stars while I was at it. I have them on the right wrist, I should’ve got them on the left wrist at the same time but didn’t. So now those are complete finally, yay.

Anyways, so the tattoos happened and one last big dinner out, and then people started heading home. Everyone but EJ left around 12:30 AM, and I had to take EJ to the airport for his 6:45 AM flight yesterdayΒ morning, so it was a looooong day. I came home yesterday and slept for 12 hours straight.

Love my family, can’t wait to see them all again. And for now I’m REALLY looking forward to a quiet Memorial Day weekend. I’m going to read as much as humanly possible, outside if I can. And possibly go see the new X-Men movie.

Phew! How was your weekend? Plans for the upcoming?




  1. How fun, Sarah! Sounds like a really wonderful weekend with your family. And those tattoos are awesome!! I never get color on mine either. That way I can avoid fading and having to have them touched up. πŸ˜‰
    I’m looking forward to a low key Memorial Day weekend, too. We’re having family over for a cookout on Monday evening, and Monday morning I’m running a local 5k. But beyond that, the rest of the weekend I just want to be outside (going to be 80’s, yay!), and read too! Maybe even go out on the boat Sunday evening since Sunnie is having a sleepover at my parents. Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Yeah, I feel like colors get messier as time goes on. And it annoys me just how much black tattoos kind of fade to a light-black/dark grey, so yeah colors would drive me nuts with that.

      You are kicking so much ass in these runs Brandie! I hope you have fun, and that your family cookout is a blast!! And boat time with no kiddo sounds awesome πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Steph, it’s SO FUN. The food is like insanely good, it’s fun to go there to eat and just play a couple games even. I’m kind of self-conscious so laser tag was not a thing I was looking forward to, but that was a blast too πŸ™‚


  2. Wow, matching tattoos! That’s awesome! My Memorial Day weekend is the regular length, unfortunately, so I haven’t made any especially thrilling plans for Monday. We’re having a baby shower slash crawfish boil for my sister on Saturday, which I am VERY excited for, and then I will just be recovering all day Sunday from the high-impact socializing. :p

    Squirrel Girl is an excellent choice btw. I am planning to get that for my big sister for Christmas, if she doesn’t buy it for herself before then. (She won’t, she doesn’t know about it.) (I don’t think.)


    1. Crawfish boil sounds super interesting, yum!

      Squirrel Girl is SO AWESOME. My niece read the first couple of issues already, so I figured she might like starting to collect the trades πŸ˜‰


  3. I love the idea of family tattoos! My husband and I got matching tattoos on our ring fingers for our 11th anniversary. I think it is my favorite one to this day.


    1. I plan to talk my husband into some sort of matching tattoo, maybe for our like 30th wedding anniversary. It’ll probably take that long to convince him, he really dislikes tattoos :-p


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