Sarah Sunday

Happy Mother’s Day! If that’s a thing that you’re into!

Reading: Grunt by Mary Roach, and some comics.

Watching: We saw Captain America: Civil War last night! It was pretty good, but the more I see or read of Captain America the less I like him. #TeamIronMan

Listening: To Friends playing in the background.

Eating: I just had the biggest lunch at Los Gallos and it was SO GOOD but I think I’m probably good for the rest of the day.

Blogging: I have a review to write but it won’t be up till next week probably, and I think I have a Top Ten Tuesday post to get up. But yeah, yay, still doing the thing!

Thinking: About how my family will be in town in a week and a half! And how we’re all going to get matching tattoos and it should totally be an artichoke (ahem, HEATHER).

Anticipating: BOUT OF BOOKS starts tomorrow! I gotta work on my pile still. Yayyyyy!


Bathroom ceiling finally fixed!

How’s your weekend going?




  1. Aw! I still like Captain America, even though I was strongly Team Iron Man for this movie. I think there was a better version of Steve’s argument to be made that Steve didn’t really get a chance to make because he got called away to be a pallbearer and then, you know, disrupt an ongoing UN terrorism investigation. :p


    1. Definitely, because both sides have good points. Like I can’t even say which side I firmly would fall on. I hate that the whole Bucky storyline took away from the Civil War storyline. It became less about the question of should heroes be held accountable and more about just protecting his BFF.


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