Hamilton: The Revolution (#hamiltome is awesome as it you think it is)


I know a review for the #Hamiltome probably isn’t even necessary because we all know it’s fantastic – but I figured since I have the hard copy and the audio version, why the hell not.

I got the audio version first, through Audible. It came with a PDF of the lyrics pages only, the pages that have Lin’s notations on them, which is pretty cool. I was on my couch for like an hour one night just scrolling through that on my phone. The audiobook is arranged so that the narrator, Mariska Hargitay, reads straight through the actual full chapters that tell the story of the musical’s creation. It skips the lyrics, for obvious reasons. I have to admit – this is probably the only way in which I was going to actually read the #hamiltome. I wanted a hard copy desperately, but I know myself – I would have flipped through it for the gorgeousness of it and for the lyric annotations, but I probably definitely wouldn’t have sat there and read through it.

Would not have been me.

Hargitay does a good job – apparently she’s someone from Law & Order? I don’t know, I avoid that show and it’s million of spin-offs like the plague, but I guess she’s well-known so it’s no surprise that she narrated well. And you know, it’s not a super-long audiobook, which is important to me. Listening to the #hamiltome (they really should’ve just titled it #hamiltome, I’m not typing out “Hamilton: The Revolution… except just now) got me through my commute, some walks, and some time on the arc trainer at the gym.

The last hour of the audiobook is just Lin reading his annotations to the lyrics. On the one hand, this is kind of awkward – you’re hearing these comments about lyrics but not hearing the lyrics they match to. On the other hand – you can look through the PDF ahead of time like I did and if you want to just listen to Lin say the words then go for it. (Or, look at the PDF while he’s reading it.) I mean, the audio is probably worth it just for that alone – hearing Lin read, if only for an hour or so.

I finally got my hands on the hard copy and it was totally worth the $28 bucks I paid at Barnes and Noble. (And by the way, they had a ton, the stores don’t seem to be sold out like online stores are.) It’s so freaking pretty and lovely. The pages are nice and thick with deckled edges and the photos are gorgeous. Who knows when I’ll ever actually get to see Hamilton in person, so I suppose this is the next best thing – right?




  1. I love deckled edges! They make me feel classy. And I loved reading LMM’s annotations, as well. He made the exactly correct number of Harry Potter/Disney movie references, and I was delighted to learn that Hugh Laurie had a hand in inspiring the King George song. How fitting!


  2. MY COPY COMES SOON! I was thinking of getting the Audible version as well but decided I don’t need multiple copies. AT least not right now.

    I forget the title of the book isn’t Hamiltome.


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