Click, click (Hamilton-ish edition)

I haven’t been paying too much to the news in general, mostly because a lot of my Twitter time was dedicated to the readathon last week. And the links I have here are all kinda sorta Hamilton related. I don’t know how that happened. Enjoy!

Lin-Manuel Miranda raps to bring attention to the plight of Puerto Rico while on the John Oliver show.


Harriet Tubman is going to be on the front of the $20, Hamilton is staying on the front of the $10. I know there are a lot of differing opinions on Tubman being on the $20, and a lot that have many valid points, but I am SO here for it. And I confess, I’m one of the suckers that is glad Hamilton is staying on the $10, thought I think they SHOULD add Eliza to it. It can be a portrait of them both on the front, it’d be adorable.

This isn’t even news or anything, but someone made a video about Hamilton tickets being way more exciting than having a baby and clearly that is perfectly in my wheelhouse.

UPDATE: I saw this tonight and had to add it – #HAMILTODD. I already love Sweeney Todd so this is just blowing my mind. Sarah brains all over the place.

Happy Wednesday!




  1. I definitely can believe the furor over Tubman being on the $20 both because of her gender and her race. The US has a lot of work to do on acceptance. I do think it’s a not good contrast to have someone who authorized the (basically) mass genocide of a people and someone who owned slaves on the reverse side of someone who was an abolitionist and former slave. Seems weird. Hamilton, although imperfect, does make sense on money…seeing as he made money.


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