#READATHON update for Hour 8!


Appropriate readathon wear, readathon buddy, readathon snack, and readathon book.

Just popping in here for a quick update!

  • Popcorn, tiny sweet peppers, and gummy bears consumed
  • 40 pgs of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics read
  • 36% read of Relativity by Antonia Hayes

I’m thinking of pausing in Relativity now to read some comics, or maybe to color while I listen to the #Hamiltome audiobook.

Are you hanging in there? What’s the best thing you’ve read so far?




  1. I’M AWAKE! And you’re doing so awesommmmmme. (Okay, maybe not QUITE awake yet.) I read Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell and it was so fun, and NOW I’m drinking juice (not a great idea post-sleep, it tastes gross) and going back to my book even though I could probably sleep for another five hours, but NO! IT IS READATHON DAY!


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