The Regional Office is Under Attack! by Manuel Gonzales


I have been hearing about this book for AGES. And all I heard was that it’s about female assassins who work for something called The Regional Office, and The Regional Office is now being attacked. And that’s basically the gist of the book.

See, The Regional Office was founded by some mysterious folks named Oyemi and Mr. Niles, and over the years they’ve recruited women. Some of the women became creepy Oracles who prophesize future events, and some of them become Operatives, the badass ladies who go out on missions and save the world.  And one of them is Sarah, who became more of an administrative employee for TRO, and who may or may not (but totally does) have a cool mechanical arm.

Like this, except nothing like this.

Someone at TRO has gone rogue and launched an offensive against TRO itself, and Sarah is on the defending team. (I love her. And her arm. Sarah represent!)

Throughout the book, you get the backstory of Sarah, of one of the rogues named Rose, and of The Regional Office itself – sadly, you don’t get too learn a whole lot else about the other badass ladies or the world-saving missions they usually go on.

One part of me hates the lack of detail there – I was so excited to hear and grow to love all these lady assassins! But another part of me thinks that might be the genius of the book, because I was hooked. I wanted to keep reading and get all the little gleaming globs of detail that I could. You get the feeling that there is so much more to this place and these people just around the corner. It’s bonkers, but it works, and maybe Manuel Gonzales has other stories about The Regional Office in store for us someday? Let’s hope so.

I always love a fun action-packed novel full of ladies kicking ass, and I definitely recommend this as a perfect book to read this summer. I probably wouldn’t recommend spending the $14 on the e-book, like I did – but damn, I was just so excited to read it that I had to get my hands on it the day it came out.

Sarah Says: 3.5 stars



  1. SO cannot wait to read this book. I’m going to the library tomorrow after what feels like a really, really long time of not going to the library (actually it has only been two weeks, which is the regular amount of time that passes between my library visits, but, whatever, it feels long), and I’m hoping I can pick this up while I’m there. Lady assassins!


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