Radio Silence by Alyssa Cole


Post-apocalyptic romance! That’s a thing! What a world we live in.

Arden and her BFF and roommate John are trekking through the snow in NY to reach his family’s cabin – somewhere to hide out and be safe until this crisis seems to be over. The power and electricity are gone, and after a few weeks people are starting to lose their shit – it got too dangerous to stay in their dorm. They finally make it to the cabin, where Arden meets John’s overbearing older brother Gabriel and his younger sister, Maggie. Arden is finding it awkward staying in the cabin with John and his siblings, who are all worried that their parents have been missing for days. But she’s also finding it awkward because Gabriel, while being a bit uptight, stressed, and controlling, is also hot and she’s having trouble ignoring that fact. It’s really not the time and the place for romance… or is it? DUN DUN DUNNNN.

So you know, as far as the romance goes it’s fine. Girl meets guy, they’re hot for each other but then get to know each other a bit and it turns into true love, etc. etc. The sexy times were well done. I’m not so much for the commanding guy presence in romance novels that tells the girl what to do in bed and she just goes nuts for it, but besides that it was pretty good. 

What I REALLY enjoyed about this are the things that made it feel so different. I sometimes feel like historical romance dominates the romance genre, so it was awesome to have something set in present day, in my little area of the world, with a science fiction-ish element to it. (Actually, you never find out why the power goes out in this novel, but it turns out this is a series so I think that’ll come up in the next books.) Anyways, the other fantastic thing is the make-up of the characters – Arden is black, Gabriel and his family are Asian-American, her roommate John is gay, and Maggie is in an online relationship. So all of the things that make this romance novel feel different from the genre are the things that actually make it feel like the world we truly live in – where people are diverse, bad things happen, and technology plays such an important role in our lives.  

I’m already looking forward to reading more from Alyssa Cole.  

Sarah Says: 3.5 stars



  1. I saw Jenny recommending this and I think I have it downloaded in my Kindle. I agree, historical romances definitely dominate the genre. I’ve found a few contemporary romances that hit the spot and I’ve read a (terrible) disaster romance, but not a dystopian one.


    1. It’s been really hard for me to find contemporary romances that I like. I love a lot of Jennifer Crusie ones, but outside of that… not much. I’m SO psyched to find an author who does it well!


      1. I recently enjoyed two contemporary romances by Jill Sorenson called Caught in the Act and The Edge of Night. The characters are diverse. Issues like immigration and drug abuse are handled with a certain level of complexity (relative to the genre). I can’t guarantee that you’ll like them because I don’t know your taste in romance well enough but read the synopsis and see if it piques your interest. On the other hand – that terrible disaster romance I alluded to in my first comment was also written by Jill Sorenson (though it still kept a nice diversity in the cast).

        I also have liked but not loved Shannon Stacey’s recent Boston firefighter series. (But the covers are what ebooks were made for.) I especially liked the most recent one, Fully Ignited, which featured a female protagonist who is a fairly high ranking firefighter.


  2. Yay, I like this series! My library keeps not having the second one available, John’s book, but I read the third one, Maggie’s book, and reeeeally liked it. That one’s less about the immediate aftermath of what happens and far more about the world trying to rebuild itself, which I of course love. I think Alyssa Cole’s great.


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