I’m asking for your help y’all.

As most of you know, I usually don’t accept books for review. Every now and then I’ll get an email from an author, and I often ignore them because they don’t catch my interest. I signed up for NetGalley in 2014 out of curiosity more than anything, but I didn’t do much with it. Last year was really hectic and I slowed way down on posting, but I’m trying to get my blog active and interesting again and part of my goal is to do some NetGalley and ARC reviews. I wanna get back in the game!

I requested a few books on NetGalley and I’ve already been approved (yay!) for a couple. So the thing I need help with is… what is the proper etiquette you guys use for NetGalley? Do you read and review ALL the books you receive? Do you DNF? If you DNF, do you still post about it? Do you post about them on particular sites (blog, twitter, NetGalley itself, etc)? How much do you interact with the publishers or authors? What are your tips?

Share your wisdom with me. Pretty please?




  1. Some people work really hard to keep their reviewer % as close to 100 as possible. The higher your % rating, the more books you’ll get approved for. I’m the opposite, and kinda terrible about it. I request books, but only review maybe half of them. I will go in and give ratings and feedback on Netgalley – but I do it all at once and play catch up, because I forget to go in and do it right after I finish reading the book. I post my reviews on Netgalley, Goodreads, my blog, and Amazon. I am very honest and if I don’t like a book, I rate it accordingly and give my feedback. It has never hindered my approval rating. I get approved for about 95% of the books I request.

    I just get in way over my head. I request and get approved for books and then I can’t keep up. Not enough time!!


    1. Yeah, I’m at 0% because when I signed up in 2014 I received some things I never got around to reading or giving feedback on 😦 So this time I tried to be pretty selective about the ones I requested. I really need to get better about posting reviews in multiple places, but it can get so tedious!


  2. I try to read and review all the books I read on Netgalley, but if that doesn’t work, I at least try to keep my review percentage above eighty (like they want you to). If I end up DNFing a book, I’ll still send feedback through Netflix, just to say that I didn’t finish it and why. Does that help?


  3. haaahaha I have books that expired years ago – I am in awe of the people who have a 100% feedback ratio. Over the past few years I’ve been trying to bump mine up, which means a LOT of library grabs (audiobooks are excellent for this!) and when I DNF I do provide a few sentences as to why. With DNFs on my blog, usually at the end of each month I’ll post an ‘unreview in ___’ post which includes all the books I didn’t talk about, DNFs and books I did finish.

    I tend to get approved for the books I request: since October I’ve requested 20 books and have been approved for all but 2, and my feedback ratio is definitely not the 80% they suggest!

    As for where I post, I do a full review on my blog (which I also post on NG) and then a paragraph on goodreads with a link back to the blog post and I’ll cross-post it to twitter.

    I haven’t used NG to communicate with publishers, though I do know there’s an option. Over the years I’ve managed to get to know a good number of publicists by reaching out so any communication is simply done through e-mail. Some I know way better than others and by that, I mean I feel comfortable using !!!!! and smiley faces, the whole works – with others I tend to be a bit more reserved and ‘professional.’


    1. I’m thinking I have to get better about throwing reviews up on Goodreads. I’ll definitely post on my blog, at least about the books I finish, and leave reviews/comments on everything on NG itself.

      Do you usually reach out to publishers to ask questions, like when they would like a review or anything to go up? I was planning on just posting the review whenever I finish it, but I know there’s varying opinions or preferences on that.


      1. I know they like reviews to go up no earlier than a month in advance, so if I happened to be SUPER excited about a book and read it early, I’ll schedule a review. I prefer to post them on the pub date or as close to it as possible (in a case where a few books have the same release date, one will go live that day and I’ll scatter the rest through that week or the weeks before and after.)

        If I have a particular contact for a book I’ll e-mail them with a link once the review goes live, but other than that I haven’t e-mailed for any reason other than requesting ARCs.


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