The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes


This is my first experience with anything Shonda Rhimes. I know she has a crazy ton of TV shows cause she’s an awesomely badass TV show writer, but I’ve never watched any of them cause dramas aren’t really my cup of tea – I’m MUCH more of a sitcom girl. Anyways, I have been hearing all the buzz about Rhimes lately and heard great things about her book, so hello Scribd audiobook selection.

The Year of Yes is specifically about how Shonda Rhimes had always been a very private person and generally avoided doing anything social or that might put her in the spotlight. But one day her sister mutters “you never say yes to anything” and Shonda realizes how terribly true that is. So she decides that for one year, she will say yes to the opportunities and invites that come her way.

Shonda’s story has some pretty funny moments, and it was nice to hear how much she really grew into herself and made her life better by saying “yes” to things. Listening to her talk about how she had been saying yes to being fat for so long and that she had to learn instead to say yes to taking care of her body struck a particular chord as well, and may have given me the kick in the ass I needed to get back in the gym. Having her read the audiobook was great, because it sounded natural and there are even portions that are directly from speeches she’s given.


By the time I got about 70% through it, I had grown bored. I also started to realize how much she repeats herself, sometimes in the same sentence. That might be her writing style, but I noticed it so much that eventually I started to wonder if she was purposely repeating herself to meet the required word count for the book. And almost every time she said yes to a thing she would normally say no to – like giving a speech or being on a talk show – it was scary, but ultimately she did fantastic and everyone loved her even more and everything was sunshine and roses. Which is lovely and obviously she’s an incredibly hard-working woman who deserves much awesomeness in her life – but it just made for a boring 7-hour long listen.

I feel bad about it, but this ended up not being my jam.

Sarah Says: 2 stars



  1. You did pretty well with this book. I read the first chapter or two and DNF-ed it. Some of the things she said were interesting, but the book seemed to be missing something.



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