Sarah Sunday


I almost forgot to do a Sarah Sunday post. Whoops. I mean, not like that’s a big deal except I JUST started doing them again last week and way to forget that quick, Sarah.

Reading: I just read a bunch of comics that had piled up (Spider-Man, A-Force, The Ultimates, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur) and I’m currently reading a post-apocalyptic romance novel called Radio Silence by Alyssa Cole.

Watching: We watched Spy last night, a Melissa McCarthy movie that I had never heard of until I saw it a few months ago on a list of “awesome feminist movies” of some sort. I’m really, really bummed that it didn’t get more buzz because it was hilarious and Melissa McCarthy is absolutely fantastic in it. My favorite part:

Listening: YOU GUYS. I used my Audible credit on the #HAMILTOME and so far it’s really really great. And I think Lin reads his own annotations, which I am so ready for. AND it came with a PDF of the song lyric / annotation parts of the book, which has been fun to look through. I’m going to get the paper copy whenever Amazon has it back in stock, but for now the audio is pretty fabulous.

Eating: At the moment, mini sweet peppers which I’ve never tried before and they’re pretty good. Glad I bought a giant bag to snack on all week.

Blogging: Keeping up with myself pretty well so far. I have to get reviews up for The Year of Yes and The Regional Office is Under Attack! – though I don’t know if I can review TROIUA because all of my favorite parts would be very spoilery.

Thinking: This was a pretty decent week. I worked out 3 days, which is the most days so far this year. Pathetic, I know, but I’m excited to get back into it. I’m not worried about counting calories or anything at the moment – I just miss feeling in shape and able to run a few miles.


Anticipating: Wearing one of my awesome new maxi skirts to work this week. Also – READATHON IS IN LESS THAN A WEEK, YESSSSS!

How was your week?




  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve only seen one Melissa McCarthy movie which is a TRAVESTY because I see gifs like the one above and realize I need more of her in my life.

    I am waiting for my copy of Hamiltome to be delivered and your posts about the audiobook are making me want to buy that too but I am going to resist. At least for now.

    Also I love these Sunday posts and may steal this idea.


    1. I really liked Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids and that cop movie with Sandra Bullock, but this is definitely my favorite now.

      Do the Sunday posts!! They’re fun, and I’m liking this “currently” survey format right now better than the long rambling posts I used to do. So easy-peasy.


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