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I know, I said this probably won’t be a regular feature and it probably won’t be! But I heard about some of these things and couldn’t resist. And I felt like doing a post, but I don’t have any finished books to review at the moment, so there.

The cool stuff

NY state is getting rid of the tampon tax, because as we ladies know, tampons and pads are NOT luxury items. Catch up, other states.

The Clean Slate Act was introduced in PA this week – this is a step in the direction when it comes to employers not being able to discriminate against people with criminal records. I think 10 years is too long for misdemeanors, and they don’t address felonies at all – but it’s a step. Much better than the half-measure “ban the box” movements.

The bullshit

The Brennan Center praises West Virginia for being the third state to embrace automatic voter registration – except it’s not. The “automatic voter registration” takes place when you get or renew a license, which excludes anyone without a state license or ID. It’s nice, but this is not true automatic voter registration.

Bill O’Reilly says more racist things – which is not news-worthy at all, I guess, except that some people think he “out-racist-ed” Trump. I wish the US had some sort of hate speech laws to get this shit off the air.


I’m very glad it’s almost Friday. How’s your week been?




  1. The cool stuff has me all like, ‘hell yeah!!’ And then there’s the bullshit – but seriously, why is that stuff even allowed on the air?! There should be a law or ban on that. ridiculous,


    1. Yeah, I’m thinking now that I have this implant birth control thing tampons might not be an issue for me either, but still. Hooray for all the other ladies! And this really should be a national thing, I’m pretty sure there are other states still taxing lady period products.


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