New Books On My Radar

#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks is something I feel like I’m failing at, which is just pathetic. I own so many books you guys, books that are probably fantabulous. And yet… there are a bunch of books that just came out or are about to come out that I’m dying to get my little hands on.

The Everything Box by Richard Kadrey – I really like Kadrey’s Sandman Slim series (though I’m ridiculously behind on it). And now he has a new book coming out next week (4/19) and I WANT.

Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter – This Hamilton book finally came out yesterday. I’m going shopping tonight (for a friend’s birthday) and I cannot promise myself that I won’t splurge and grab this. What is self-control, even?

I Know What I’m Doing and Other Lies I Tell Myself by Jen Kirkman – I read Jen’s last book about her desire not to have kids (I Can Barely Take Care of Myself) and it was hilarious and insightful. I also really enjoy watching her slay anti-feminist assholes on Twitter. So yeah, I’m here for this. Just came out yesterday, and I’m hoping my library has it in stock already.


The Regional Office is Under Attack! by Manuel Gonzales – I have been hearing constant buzz about this one, and it finally came out yesterday. I actually broke my rule about not spending more than $10 bucks on an e-book because I wanted to read it so bad. I’m about 30% through it and so far- good choice, Sarah. Even if it means failing at both the book-buying ban and the read-your-own-books thing. Oy. There’s probably a post about thatΒ coming.

And that’s just a few! There are a bunch more coming out in the May – September range. I’m so screwed… but also really psyched about all these great-looking new books? Yes.




  1. HAMILTOME! I have inoculated myself against impulse-buying it by getting it for my mother for her birthday, and luckily she is very generous about sharing her books. So I can read it now and then ask for it for Christmas, and I won’t feel guilty about spending money. It looks so goooooood so full of good thiiiiiiiiiiiiiings.


    1. So apparently the Audible version comes with a PDF of the song lyrics with Lin’s notes, and I am highly enjoying that. I mean I need the hardcover, but it’s a good way to get my fix for now. (Plus, audiobook is great so far. Honestly I probably wouldn’t have actually read the hardcover, just flipped and looked at the all the pretty pictures, so this works really well for me πŸ™‚



    (and now that I’ve written that I realize that Jenny started her comment the same way. Excellent)

    I have not read any of Jen Kirkman’s books BUT I do super heart her episodes of Drunk History so yeah. Gonna need to try one of her books


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