1. I’ve been getting burned by hype too often lately. I hope The Queen of Tearling ends up being a good one! And I’ve heard the Rhimes book is fantastic – enjoy!


  2. Oooh, ooooooh, I’d forgotten about Dewey! I didn’t have a bad reading month in March, and I enjoyed everything I DID read which was nice, but I still look forward to each new month anyway. Especially when reading outside might actually be a viable thing at some point. WITH ALCOHOL. Possibly. 😛

    I definitely want to read Northanger Abbey this month. And one of my Asperger’s-related books, since it’s Autism Awareness Month and all, and I haven’t read one for a while despite my assessment date slowly drifting closer. And My Family and Other Animals, because it’s coming on telly again in a week or two. And Mockingjay, because I REALLY need to finish the trilogy and watch the last two movies. And… oh bloody nora, I WANT TO READ EVERYTHING OKAY? EVERYTHING. Thanks heavens for Dewey, really!

    Also, Dietland sounds awesome, might preorder that one. 🙂


    1. Yes, reading outside with alcohol! I want that.

      Northanger Abbey is one of my favorite Austen novels. She’s gets kind of goofy, you can tell she’s playing around with the idea of novel writing, it’s fun.


  3. I just got Queen of the Tearling out from the library. Apparently the main character is a super angry woman and I think I’m in the mood to read about an angry woman kicking ass. I’ve heard the same about Dietland, actually. I have The Year of Yes sitting in a stack too – maybe April is the right time for that one. I think you have some goodies picked out, hope something strikes your fancy!


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