It’s almost April and I’ve practically read nothing this year

Alright, that’s not true. I’ve read 7 books, 8 if I finish The Lowland tonight (which I totally plan to). But damn, that’s not many for being three months into the year. I miss the good old days of having the free time to read 10+ books a month.

I’ve been a terrible blogger this year. (Clearly, since I haven’t posted since March 1st.) With the exception of the #HamAlong posts (which were the BEST), I’ve pretty much been absent from my blog. That’s sad, because I love my blog. It’s my space, and it’s pretty, and I enjoy it. Maybe I need a better laptop at home to get excited about posting again?

Anyways, in an attempt to kind of catch myself up, here’s a quarterly wrap-up of sorts. Let’s start with the books I’ve read:

  • Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon – Yup, re-reading the series again. I finished Outlander within a week (on my honeymoon, actually) but for some reason I slogged through DiA.
  • Midnight Taxi Tango by Daniel Jose Older – This is the second book in the Bone Street Rumba series, which is a hella fun series. Older is now one of my auto-buy authors.
  • The Fishermen by Chigozi Obioma – After hearing lots of positive, glowing things about this on Book Riot – I was kind of disappointed. I remember liking the writing, and it was an okay book, but probably one I could have walked away from at some point and wouldn’t have cared to pick up again.
  • Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow – My favorite read of the year so far. No, seriously. And not just because of the readalong, though that was a blast. I think Chernow, being the Hamilton fanboy that he is, wrote a really compelling and interesting biography and that Hamilton was way more crazy and intriguing than you would think possible.
  • Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi – I was liking this book, until the end. This is my second Oyeyemi and I liked it a hell of a lot more than Mr. Fox. I’m looking forward to picking up What is Not Yours Is Not Yours, her new short story collection.
  • The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie – SO glad I finally read this! It was sad and hopeful and wonderful. My oldest nephew is 10, and I’m very excited that this should show up on some reading lists for him within the next few years. And if it doesn’t, I’ll be putting it in his hands anyways.

Alright, and then the books I’ve started but haven’t finished…

  • Headstrong by Rachel Swaby – 52 awesome women in science. The format of that is pretty cut and dry, which might be why I’ve only read the first few so far. I had a goal of trying to read one in the mornings at work before I start my day, which is why it’s sitting next to my printer at work, but that hasn’t panned out like I thought.
  • The Notorious RBG by Irin Carmon – I started listening to this on Scribd, which was probably a mistake. I need a nice hard copy for myself, because I feel like I’m missing something on audio. Also, my car’s exhaust was broken until just last weekend so it was REALLY loud and not conducive to audiobook listening on my commute.
  • An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir – I heard some pretty great things about this on the interwebs, so I bought it with one of my birthday gift cards. I got about 40 % into it and realized I still didn’t really care about what was happening. I flipped to the end, read pretty much how things turn out, and decided I didn’t need to read the middle of the book to get there. This will probably go in the donation pile at home.
  • Lafayette in the Somewhat United States by Sarah Vowell – I haven’t given up on this one. I started reading it in early March, but set it down for something else and just haven’t come back to it yet. But my love for Lafayette in the Hamilton musical still has me motivated to finish it, at some point.

Don’t even get me started on my comics reading. I’m SO BEHIND. I probably need to cull my pull list a little bit. I am really enjoying SO many of the current Marvel comics, so it’ll be hard to do. I love the All-New All-Different Avengers (except for that wordy title), The Ultimates is a blast, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is ridiculously cute.

I’m working my way through the Fables series, and I still really like it. I’m on volume 10 now, so almost halfway. Some of the plots I’m not a huge fan of because they happened a bit too quickly, but I still always look forward to the next volume.

I tried out the first volume of a manga called Magical Girl Apocalypse. Treland read the first half or so in the bookstore once and said it was about this girl who walks around looking like a Gothic doll, who explodes people’s heads and says “Magical” and it sounded kind of mysterious and fun and weird. I talked him into buying the first three volumes since he was interested in it and he NEVER buys comics or books, and I decided to try it out too. Ummmm yeah. So there was barely a plot in that first book, it was a vaguely zombie-like situation. But I really, really didn’t appreciate the random boob and panty shots of the female characters. Apparently this is called “fan service”, and it’s basically just thrown in there to appeal to horny teenage boys. Not a fan of this, especially when the female characters are HS students and I’m just not a fan of such blatant things put there to appeal to the male gaze. So, won’t be continuing on with that one.

And because this is basically a recap post anyways, here are my stats for the first quarter of 2016:


Books read: 8 (really, I’m almost done with The Lowland so it’ll count for March)

#Readmyowndamnbooks: 6 (75%) RIGHT ON TRACK!

Female authors: 4 (50 %)

Non-white authors: 5 (63%)

Format breakdown: 8, although some of these I did read both print and Kindle versions, thanks to Overdrive. Reading in bed is really important to me!


Issues read: 33

Female authors/illustrators: 8

Non-white author/illustrators: 8

Format breakdown: All print. I’ve really slowed done on my Scribd reading for comics.

I’m really going to try to get back into a groove here, hopefully by posting a review of The Lowland soon. It’s like I don’t even know how to review books anymore, it’s pathetic. But here’s to trying, right?




  1. Ugh, I feel for you. It sucks when something you love isn’t working for you. Sounds to me like the issue is that what you’ve been reading has just been so-so for you. I think you need to find something that you know you are going to love to dig you out of this reading rut.


    1. You’re right – with the exception of some of the nonfiction I’ve been reading, I haven’t read a real fabulous knock-out novel in a long time. I need something fun and snarky, maybe sci-fi. Time to hunt down some book recs.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I keep feeling like this year has been a mess, too. WHAT IS IT? I’d definitely try to grab RBG in print, if you can. It’s a super beautiful book with great pictures and drawings and images, so the audio is probably a little lacking.


  3. I have ALSO been bad about reading and posting (except Hamilton, obv). Something about the year, clearly. Good luck getting back into the swing and def read the Vowell Lafayette book. Very fun and I mean, it got me to finally listen to Hamilton so it has a special place in my heart.


  4. My first quarter featured a LOT of middleish reads, all three stars three stars three stars, and it does get to be a bummer. Luckily I’ve read two books this month that I really loved — Stephanie Saulter’s sci-fi novel Gemsigns and Tanita Davis’s middle-grade Peas and Carrots — so I’m feeling a bit more optimistic about the reading future. PLUS I am reading a really fun book about the aftermath of a magical war, so that’s nice as well.

    I agree with you about The Fisherman, btw! It did nothing for me. (Sigh.)


  5. What a GREAT list! We’re reading twinners! YES on the Oyeyemi – BOY, SNOW, BIRD is the only book by her I truly love. Everything else just seems sloggy. I hope you’re loving the NOTORIOUS RBG as much as I did! She’s *almost* as fascinating as Hamilton, if in a slightly less corrupt way. 😉


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