#HamAlong – Post Six

We’re almost done! And I’m both happy and sad about that. Just two little sections left.

  • Admittedly, this section seemed less exciting than previous ones. Lots of John Adams being pissed off about various things.
  • Hamilton is b-r-o-k-e after being Secretary of Treasury, so he goes back to lawyering.
  • The treaty that John Jay orchestrated has everyone’s undies in a twist and Hamilton jumps into the fray, because of course he does. Adorably, Washington is very nice about asking Hamilton for his assistance pretty please.
  • Hamilton inserts himself into a heated political discussion and declares “that if the parties were to contend in a personal way, he was ready, that he would fight the whole party one by one.”

  • Luckily, that one didn’t go down like that. Though I’m sure it would’ve been hilarious.
  • Hamilton of course defends the Jay Treaty with his written words. And THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING:

“Hamilton was not content to write as Camillus alone. Two days after his second essay appeared, he began to publish, in the same paper, a parallel series as ‘Philo Camillus.’ For several weeks, Philo Camillus indulged in extravagant praise of Camillus and kept up a running attack on their Republican adversaries. The prolific Hamilton was now writing pseudonymous commentaries on his own pseudonymous essays.”

savor it


  • Jefferson is slandering Washington. Dicks are being dicks. Like everyone said last week, politics has not changed a bit in the last couple hundred years.
  • Baby Lafayette! chills with the Hamiltons for 6 months. Aww. And Chernow goes to great lengths to point out that Hamilton said the word “love” to Lafayette three times in one letter. Three, you guys, omg.
  • Washington steps down. In his future correspondence with Hamilton, including them working on his final address, you can totally feel the admiration they have for each other and it gives me a little feels.
  • Hamilton does what he can to avoid the risk of Jefferson becoming president, but that kind of pisses off Adams because it really looks like he was screwing him over. Hamilton is not great at learning his lesson. But Adams is a dick for always jumping right to Hamilton’s foreignness whenever he wants to talk shit about him.
  • Hamilton tears into Jefferson for many reasons, but including his absolutely bullshit views on slavery and race. I very much enjoyed that part. GTFO, Jefferson.

  • The Reynolds Pamphlet… I mean, what is there even to say.

Most of the last three chapters is just about how shitty Adams is. I have no idea if this is true, because I know as much about Adams as I did about Hamilton before the musical (nothing). Maybe one day I’ll get around to reading that McCullough biography… I think I have it. Maybe. I don’t feel like getting up to check. But my point is, I don’t know much about Adams but it does seem like kind of an ass. I’m aware that’s probably because Chernow is the least objective ever when it comes to anyone who disagreed with Hamilton, but still.




  1. There is just no middle ground with Hamilton, is there? Either you love him and think he is a beautiful genius or you hate his stinking guts and will do everything possible to ruin him. Man, the whiplash would make me hide in my bed…


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