#HamAlong – Post Four (and oops it’s so late)

FINALLY. I don’t know how I got so behind… but here’s my post for CH. 15-19. It’s going to be on the short side so I can go right back to reading and maybe have a hope of posting on time for tomorrow.

  • “The whole statistical basis of government took shape under his command.”

  • I love that Hamilton basically looked at all of the things that Britain did and wanted to steal those methods for America. His point that when it came to needed guns/ammo/supplies to fight a war, we relied heavily on foreigner manufacturers was a VERY VALID POINT, SO SHUT UP JEFFERSON.
  • Found the part about whether people would get money if they were issued IOU’s during wartime but sold themΒ super interesting. And yeah, I agree with Hamilton’s decision there.
  • Ham proposes the nation’s first real luxury taxes.
  • Sad that it’s Madison vs. Hamilton time.
  • Hamilton writes a report on basically every subject and I love this. I love that he takes an issue and just dissects the crap out of it.

write write write

  • I wonder how our country would have turned out if Hamilton and others in the 1700’s hadn’t agreed to conveniently “shelve the slavery issue”. I’d love to see that alternate universe.
  • Jefferson sounds like a wang with no sense of self-awareness. Good job, Lin-Manuel Miranda – spot on portrayal.

  • Cabinet Battle #1 and The Room Where It Happens happen. Fun stuff.
  • The part on paper money led to a very long, weird discussion between the honeyman and I about having a financial system that is/is not backed by precious metals (the gold standard).
  • Getting really sick of Chernow’s shitty way that he talks about women. (check the #HamAlong on twitter)
  • The section on Maria Reynolds wasn’t nearly as exciting as I was expecting it to be. Say No To This does a good job of that, I suppose. Since Chernow can’t seem to make up his mind and probably no one really knows, I’m going to think of her as a smooth con woman who was working with her husband to screw Hamilton over. I don’t think she saw Hamilton as “godlike”. (MAJOR SIDE-EYE, CHERNOW. MAJOR SIDE-EYE.)
  • Aaaand then the rest of this seems to be how Hamilton has a knack for steadying the market and how he gets REALLY into manufacturing.

Okay, back to the book!




  1. Yes who will explain Maria Reynolds to me in a manner that satisfies me! I cannot depend on Ron Chernow for this! I was glad though in the section for this upcoming week that he had a few nice things to say about Eliza and her penchant for philanthropy. My girl Eliza is not getting sufficient praise in this book, week over week, I HAVE NOTICED.


  2. I cannot stop picturing Daveed Diggs as Jefferson while reading and man, LMM really nailed his character. Or at least his character as Chernow has presented him. BUT STILL

    Also Chernow’s view on Maria *major side-eye*


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